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Found 12 results

  1. Soooo someone offered to trade some of my Otocinclus for fry of these. I was just going to give him the Otos because he has a good home for them. The only place I'd have to put these in are my not yet fully stocked 20gallon tall the only inhabitants are 10 black neon tetras, and snails. I was planning on a Borneo Loach or 3 sooner or later, and maybe adding some of my home bred Otos. Wondering what my fishy friends think of the fish, and my potential home for them.
  2. I stopped by a small old school fish store today. It’s small but the owner is delightful and he had juvenile Blue Parrots from fish that breed in the shop. Check these guys out! The shop is half Asian import gifts and half fish shop.
  3. Hello! I'm newish to fishkeeping/tanks. My parents have a 55 gallon fresh water tank with a couple of Sweet Heart Parrot Fish... They didnt know the awfulness of what happens to those fish when they got them... But they are loved. One of them, however, has been basically laying at the bottom of the tank on her side bouncing around. She can swim when she wants to, but doesn't seem to want to often. She eats the blood worms, peas, food...but just lays there seemingly gasping for air. I've done a water test and the PH/Nitrite/Ammonia/Nitrates are fine... we've treated her with Maracyn Two, Ich-X, & Paragard. NOTHING seems to be helping her. I have her in a hospital tank right now while I try and figure this out. She doesn't seem to be getting any better. Any ideas? I don't have pictures right now, as they are at my parents house (the second one is perfectly fine, by the way)...but I can get some later. 🙂 Thanks for any help!
  4. I have had this parrot Cichlid for a few years and in the last few weeks she has developed a large lump on her rear left side. She currently lives in a 75 gallon tank where the PH is 8.4, Ammonia 0.0, Nitrites 0.0, Nitrates 05. I have put her in a epsom salt bath twice and it doesn’t seem to help. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help her?
  5. My platinum and polar blue just had eggs hatch, well hatched 2 days ago. Can just make out eyes, tail. Still have a little sack on. Is it best to move them out, have a unused 10 gal tank, or use breeding net, in tank. I've read about instances with the breeding net being compromised and babies sucked out, or tiny fry swimming out through holes in netting. I'm thinking keeping them in same water is less stress, but having a whole tank, free from threats is another option, but there is the issue of new tank syndrome. Should they even be moved at all yet.They are being protected by mom now, but not swimming out yet. I'd move a sponge filter from current tank, swap 25% water from old tank to new, add stability daily. Temp will be same, ill get ph same. Think it be safe to move them ?What is best to feed them. Been putting vita-chem in their current water with food soak. Thank you for the help. Really great fish, hope I can raise them all up.
  6. Hi, I know Blood parrot males are supposed to be sterile, but they did it. I have wigglers, I saw the tail coming out of the egg... because the mother Severum was trying to eat eggs ( probably the white ones) and the Parrot dad and her were locking lips I had to the the out of the tank (before they hatched) . I have the rock with the wigglers in a 5 Gallon with heater and airstone. What's the best practice from here? Should I move the Parrot dad in with the wigglers? Thanks!
  7. I’m thinking of getting a couple of parrot fish for my 75 gallon. The tank is well planted, my question is will they eat my plants?
  8. I got two new blood parrots about 3 days ago and put them in a cycled and appropriately suited 40 breeder. At the store they would follow my finger and seemed so excited and full of personality. Since i got them they are out and about in the tank until i get near and they hide until i leave again. They will eat but only if i drop food in then leave, any advice?
  9. I have a young blood parrot what type of fish should i put with him
  10. Tiger barbs and parrot chichlid and clown loaches in a 40 gallon tank how many should i put in
  11. Want can i put in with a blood parrot in a 42 gallon until its two years old doing water changes every couple of days
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