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  1. I'm a big fan of 2x4 tank stands and rack systems. They are very strong if done right. If you use treated lumber and marine grade plywood you won't have a problem if it floods. It's not cheap but you can build it how you want and not have to stick to a pre determined size from the manufacturer of the shelves. For me it's worth it. Just make sure you don't get any splinters from the treated lumber.
  2. Mines shell is definitely darker but the foot is white. I know it's hard to tell by the picture. I'll try to get another if I see him again.
  3. First and foremost sorry for the pic. I chased this snail all over the tank trying to get a pic beside a dark one. Bladder snails move surprisingly fast when you want a picture. Anyhow. I think I ended up with an albino bladder snail. I feed these out of all my tanks to my loaches and have never seen one this color. Do you think this is an albino?
  4. I had great success putting platys with my male betta. I just kept them at 7.2 and 76 degrees. Never saw any agression issues. The betta would clean out the fry in a few hours though. So it's not an option if you want to breed platy fish or have a hard time about the babies getting eaten.
  5. It's just a planted 20 with a ton of floating plants. That is a stripe below the eye. Funny thing about that is I can only see that stripe on the female fish. The males are just sliver with black speckles in the fins.
  6. Wild caught gambusia holbrooki. Before anyone yells at me it is completely legal to collect non game species where I live. I took 6 of them. Got 2 males and 4 females. They have been very fun to observe so far. They took right to flake food immediately with no issues. I've had them for about a week now. I've been treating them with prazipro and Fritz maracyn oxy just to be sure and get rid of any parasites.
  7. I do all the time. I've taken it straight for the lake out back to my aquarium. That's how I ended up with an insane amount of bladder snails. I've also taken some from the woods. I usually boil it if I get it from the woods. I wouldn't use any pine or it's cousins though. I've never had fish die using it from the lake out back, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. Besides the bladder snails it's given me a cool collection of microorganisms that I enjoy watching under a macro lense scope.
  8. The rainbow shiners are great. The darters are good if you can get them to eat good. In my experience they usually will but you'll get some that wont take anything but live food or little chunks of fresh worms, but a lot of them are good. I never kept a blue spot but banded sunfish were awesome. Very personable once they got settled in. The south American stuff I dont really know.
  9. I've had my golden wonder killi fish for a few weeks now and they have started breeding up a storm. Unfortunately I keep losing the eggs to fungus. Would maracyn oxy work like methylene blue to help prevent this? I ask because I have Fritz maracyn oxy on hand but no methylene blue; or should I just order some of the blue stuff? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Edit: I am pulling the eggs from the mop and transferring them to a breeder box.
  10. Not anything I haven't seen loaches do normally. Chasing each other and being goofballs. All of them trying to get in the same cave because they are crazy and leave the other 10 caves in the tank alone. I really think this was just a one off thing. I didn't try to breed them. I just hit the fish breeding lottery I guess lol.
  11. Unfortunately I do not know those parameters. I really was not even attempting to breed them. I was just doing my best to keep them happy and healthy. I really believe this has to be a one off fluke situation. I'm not sure why they did or why only one baby popped up. Maybe there was a bunch of eggs but I never noticed them. They do have a lot of caves to hide in though.
  12. I don't know why these are not more popular than they are. I have fallen in love with golden wonder killi fish. They are super colorful and fun to watch.
  13. They are about 4 to 4.5 inches with the exception of 2 that are around the 5 to 5.5 mark. The 2 larger ones were returns to the store because the people thought they were too aggressive. I've never seen them be aggressive though. Edit: sorry I missed the part about the age of the tank. This tank has been running for roughly 6 months in its current state. No changes other than water have been made since the addition of the loaches.
  14. So a while back I set up a 75 gallon for our 7 year old who is autistic. He wanted glofish gravel with castles and dragons. He loves loaches and decided he wanted only yoyo loaches in the tank. So we got 6 yoyo loaches and that has been the only thing in the tank since it cycled. So, for about the past 3 weeks he has been telling me that there is a baby in the tank. I took this with a grain of salt because when he talks to the fish he says "hi babies". Thinking to myself that is impossible because they don't breed in captivity. Then to my extreme surprise as I was cleaning the tank today lo and behold there is a freaking baby yoyo loach. I've only found the one. I do 50% water changes on this tank once a week and have not seen the baby until today. I want to be 100% clear that this was not an intentional spawning. All I can tell you is the parameters that I know. The temp is 80 with water changes of about 74 degrees. PH 6.8, Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10. There is duckweed on the surface with some java moss in the tank. They are fed exclusively on bladder snails, repashy Igapo Explorer and hikari sinking wafers with some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp every couple weeks. You can see how small he still is by the size of the gravel. You can see he's not a whole lot bigger than a piece of gravel. I have no clue how or when this happened but it is pretty amazing. If it ever happens again I'll keep everyone updated.
  15. Like @Colu what are your exact readings? What test kit are you using? How long has this tank been set up and are you sure it's not doing another mini cycle? What is your exact stocking list? I see you mentioned Odessa barbs, a gourami, other tetra and Cory cats. It might be over stocked. Are there any live plants in the tank? The red gills does sound like ammonia burn but I couldn't guarentee that.
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