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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've got a sad and frustrating problem on my hands. The short story is I had a pair of yoyo loaches in my tropical community tanks for over 4 years, and this tank has been running in perfect balance and harmony for over a year. I have a giant male plakat betta, various platies and guppies, synodontis petricola catfish and a few mismatched species that were combined from old community tanks and their schools not replaced (I'm trying to let them die out naturally) such as chili rasboras, hasbrosas pygmy corydoras, and a salt and pepper cory, and of course now only 1 yoyo loach. You can check out the thread here for context on how I got the 2 yoyos and lost the 1, and you can check out my thread here for context on my dilemma with my remaining yoyo loach. Moving on to last night, during feeding I noticed my betta's face seemed swollen, and upon further investigation I discovered that the left side of his face had been injured, with a couple of red open wounds and the scales on that side of his face pineconing. I was shocked and so scared, because this tank has been in perfect harmony and everyone has always gotten along. I treated the tank with Melafix, Fritz Indian Almond Leaf extract, and aquarium salt. I then put my betta in a net near the surface of the water in the tank and that was held in place by the lid overnight. I had treated a bad case of dropsy like this before and forcing the betta to rest in the net worked wonders. I fed him fluval bug bites and he ate normally. He was also acting normally so I am hoping he pulls through. I also wanted to put him in the net to protect him possibly from the culprit. Here are the videos I took of the injuries: I'm 99% sure that it was my remaining yoyo loach that did it, I can't think of any other fish in there that would. I have barely seen my loach since his counterpart died (he's hiding a lot), and his behavior is now very different. I believe that he is upset at being the only loach now, and has either turned semi-aggressive or was trying to interact with my betta because he is now lonely, and got too enthusiastic and ended up hurting him. I am really worried about my community tank, and have committed myself to this loach and really don't want to get rid of him. The only thing that has changed in this tank is that my other yoyo died and now there is only 1. I will be moving my betta to a spare 5 gallon if he takes a turn for the worse or is injured further. Does anyone agree with my hunch that he is upset at being the only loach? Do you think adding more loaches would restore balance? I was really leaning towards dwarf chain loaches because I can get more for the size of my tank, but am also open to 2 more yoyos or 2 zebra loaches. Thank you all for any input.
  2. Hi everyone! Hoping someone that has owned dwarf chain loaches can chime in and help me out. Recently I lost one of my yoyo loaches and only have 1 left in my community tank, and am wanting to figure out a solution to his social needs now that his companion is gone. You can check out my thread here for more context. Basically, I have a tank that is pretty stocked and smaller than I would feel comfortable to have 3-4 yoyo loaches in it. But I don't want my remaining yoyo to be alone for the remainder of his life. I was wondering if he would school with and interact with dwarf chain loaches? I would be much more comfortable having a higher number of these in the tank with him, instead of just 1 or 2 more yoyos. Any input would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. So a while back I set up a 75 gallon for our 7 year old who is autistic. He wanted glofish gravel with castles and dragons. He loves loaches and decided he wanted only yoyo loaches in the tank. So we got 6 yoyo loaches and that has been the only thing in the tank since it cycled. So, for about the past 3 weeks he has been telling me that there is a baby in the tank. I took this with a grain of salt because when he talks to the fish he says "hi babies". Thinking to myself that is impossible because they don't breed in captivity. Then to my extreme surprise as I was cleaning the tank today lo and behold there is a freaking baby yoyo loach. I've only found the one. I do 50% water changes on this tank once a week and have not seen the baby until today. I want to be 100% clear that this was not an intentional spawning. All I can tell you is the parameters that I know. The temp is 80 with water changes of about 74 degrees. PH 6.8, Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10. There is duckweed on the surface with some java moss in the tank. They are fed exclusively on bladder snails, repashy Igapo Explorer and hikari sinking wafers with some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp every couple weeks. You can see how small he still is by the size of the gravel. You can see he's not a whole lot bigger than a piece of gravel. I have no clue how or when this happened but it is pretty amazing. If it ever happens again I'll keep everyone updated.
  4. Jcdli

    Yoyo Loach

    Hi my yolo loach to seem to have swim bladder they are sinking when they swwimng any help ideas
  5. Would hate to do this but what do you guys think. Either 1 or 2 assassin snails or a couple of yoyo loaches for a healthy balance of snails in a 29gal tank. I have right now over 50 snails of all sizes. I feel bad wanting to kill them but the bladder and ram horns are multiplying pretty fast. Only one I wanted were my trumpet snails lol. I am feeding a little more than usual but that's because of the new fries in the tank. All I want is a balance not completely eliminate them since they do have a purpose.
  6. Any suggestions on how to lure a yoyo loach to the top of a planted and decorated tank, so I can net him and relocate to another tank, he is all alone and nipping at the fins of my angels
  7. So i have a 200 gallon aquarium and i wanna set it up as a big community tank, i was thinking about putting in silver dollars khuli loaches, yoyo loaches, rubber lip plecos and blue dream neocaridina. Going to be heavily planted in one end, have a bit of a rock structure in the middle and a bunch of drift wood off of that, sand for the substrate Does anyone see any problems with this selection of fish or have any suggestions, i know khuli loaches aren't necessarily the greatest idea because water parameter requirements
  8. How big do YoYo Loaches actually get? I have seen anywhere from two inches to five inches. I'm guessing (being that it is a loach and some get quite large) that it is around the four inch range? Mine are in a 55 so I have plenty of space if they reach the five inch mark (and I kinda hope they do!) but I was just wondering if anyone had a firm answer. Thanks!
  9. I have two Yo Yo Loaches in my 55 that I adore and they are not shy at all. Whenever I'm doing any housekeeping or even changing the water, as soon as I put my hand in the tank they come right up and start nibbling to see if they can find any tidbits. I've had other fish that will nip a fingertip when expecting food, but none so relaxed about my entire hand. Anyone else have this expereince?
  10. Hello, from Iowa, I have been keeping yo-yo loaches for about a year now along with kulhi loaches, and over the time I have learned alot about yo-yo and kulhi loaches. And wanted to teach people what I have learned, from tank mates to food. #1 If you are getting yo-yo loaches and kulhi loaches keep them in a 40 gallon long or normall, most people say minium of 20 gallons I agree and disagree with that I keeped my loaches in a 20 long for about a year, and noticed they were getting a bit big for the tank so I moved them to a 40 gallon long and all of my loaches and tetras had major growth spurts. So I would recomend a 40 gallon long or normall for loaches. #2 Alot of people say you shouldnt keep your yo-yo loaches with shrimp and snails, but what I have found is that some shrimp and or snails but I have a single bamboo shrimp and my yo-yo loaches have not bothered him at all, for snails though I dont know if the loaches will bother them or not I havnt had any snails yet but I am hopefully gonna buy some snails. I am going to get some hillstream loaches soon what kind you recomend for my tank set up and how many I should get?
  11. Got a lot of SWEET bettas in this week. Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Red Spot) Mystery Snails (Black and Blue) Bettas (all betta splendens male unless noted) Halfmoon Halfmoon Dragon Scale Super Delta Dragon Scale Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Plakat Alien Green 👽 Plakat Alien Steel Blue 👽 Plakat Black Avatar Plakat Galaxy Candy Plakat Galaxy Koi Gouramis and other Labyrinth Fish Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami Female Sunset Honey Gourami Sparkling Gourami Cichlids Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Assorted Discus (Blue Diamond) Bolivian Ram Corydoras and other Catfish Bronze Cory Polka Dot Cory Pygmy Cory Orange Laser Cory False Julii Cory Panda Cory Dwarf Petricola Catfish (Locally Bred) Plecos L329 Peru Orange Longtail L444 Rubberlip Pleco Long Fin Green Dragon (Locally Bred) Orange Spot Pleco (Locally Bred) Common Colombian Otocinclus Loaches Black Kuhli Loach Kuhli Loach Yo-Yo Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Lemon Tetra Neon Tetra Red & Blue Columbian Tetra Rummy Nose (Tank Raised) Marble Hatchet Fish (Wild) Rasboras Chili Rasbora aka Brigittae Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barb Panda Garra (Wild) Danios and other Minnows Celestial Pearl Danio Burmese Hikari Danio (Very Cool Species) Zebra Danio Ricefish Orange Japanese Meddaka Ricefish (Dean Bred) Livebearers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Red and Flamingo) Brazil Green Moscow Guppy Pairs (Locally Bred) Marigold Swordtail Gold Sailfin Molly Killifish P82 Gardneri Killifish Pair Oddballs Burmese Zebra Eel Blue Neon Goby Centipede Knife (Pretty Dang Cool Looking)
  12. My LFS is keeping a adult yo-yo loach by himself and in a small tank due to him being returned twice because of aggression . I kinda want to get him and put him in my 40gal with 1 adult male kribensis and 9 full grown tiger barbs who are pretty good at holding their ground and not being overly annoying to other fish. I know loaches in general love to be in groups however I don’t know anywhere that sells them at the same big size. I feel I could take better care of him than the LFS. Thoughts on the combination? all thoughts and experiences would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. I have yo-yos and American cichlids (blood parrot, severum, some cichlid parrots) in a 75 g. Snails don’t last very long. But I really like snails in a tank. Are there any snails with a higher potential survival rate? I have MTS I could put in, and I could obtain nerites - those are the two I’ve thought of so far.
  14. Hi all. Glad to have found this forum. I recently added YoYo loaches to help with a trumpet snail explosion. The day I got them home, they were very active, all over the place. It’s been 3 days now and they are all hiding/resting with little activity. Is this normal with new YoYo’s? Could they have eaten themselves into a stupor? Water parameters are all good. 78 degrees. Zero on all, 5 on nitrates. PH is a bit higher than they may like maybe? but it’s been a Betta tank and has been pretty consistent at 7.8-8. Thank you for any input!
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