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  1. This seems to be the only algae I struggle with In my 55, I trim most leaves that get a large buildup. The Bacopa has been the biggest struggle since putting into the tank. Just switched to a plamted plus 48" but had the same issue before with the t5 fixture. 9 hour light cycle and the new light maxes out at 50% Parameters. Ammonia. 0-0.5 Nitrates. 5 ppm Nitrites . 0 Ph. 7.4 Any help or recommendations appreciate. Thanks
  2. Soooo setting up a new 30 gallon soon. Want it to be heavily planted and not do my normal mbuna or larger cichlids. I really like apistos and pelvichromis or Kribs, but don't know a whole lit about them. Any advice , pros and cons , or other recommendations for smaller species I could stock this tank with???? Thanks everyone
  3. Sweeeeeet. Thanks for the info , and digging your gym and fishroom setup!
  4. Love the videos! My 5 year old daughter is my water testing buddy lol. I'd love to have some breed specific stuff going , maybe in the future when I get more tanks
  5. Mom is a yellow lab and dad is a orange/red zebra . Only breeders I've seen in my tank . but there's also red top cobalt, blue dolphin, and yellow tail acei
  6. Yep since he or she was rice sized it had black down its back. Mom is a yellow lab and dad is an orange zebra so there's a few oddball colors in the batch of babies
  7. My runt of the litter has a black Mohawk, think he'll be an ob or just going to have a black back on him??
  8. My runt of the litter has a black Mohawk, think he'll be an ob or just going to have a black back on him??
  9. That's awesome!! And that female really put out some fry for her first batch! I got 10 from my first and she had more in the main tank while I was out of town, have only found 4 or so hiding amongst the other cichlids
  10. Just a quick update from the last time. Have been dealing with out of town work and then a broken hand so feel like I'm neglecting the tanks but the fish are happy and growing
  11. I'll look into staghorn fixes , I've never seen the big blackbeard blooms though like I've seen in pictures and videos. Like I said when a leaf gets bad it'll black it out almost and it's just a slimy dark green or black layer across the leaf
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