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  1. Hey o/ I hope yall are doing good and are healthy! The past couple of months were realy hectic for me and besides feeding I had no time to care for my shrimp tank. I finally have some spare time to do so but now I'm stuck with my plants being covered in algae and I'm not quiet sure what the best course of action is from here on. For now I reduced the Timer of my light to a 8h (4h on, 3h off, 4h on) scheddule with which I can still enjoy the tank and also intend to dose my fertiliser on a more regular and controled manner. After trimming my plants I noticed that because of the rapid groth and neglegtion on trimming the plants the lower parts of the plants had suffered quite a bit because of lack of light. I'm not quite sure if I can just replant my cuttings because there is heavy algae groth on them and bide my time for the algae to hopefully go away or If I can treat the cuttings in some manner to kill the algae on them but not the actuall plant? Or should I just throw the cuttings on the compost and hope that the remaining stemmplants recover over time and replant them afterwards? I included some pictures of one of the cuttings with the most algae on it, the cutting is about 15cm/6-ish inches. On another note... I would like to add a few nerite snails to the tank but for some reason I can't manage to find a rule of thumb on how many snails to add to x amount of gallons or planted tank of x size. What are your thoughts on this? Many thanks beforehand for your advice!
  2. On my way home I picked up some hazelnut leaves from my garden and I was wondering if I can use them like for example indian almond leaves for my Shrimp tank? The leaves fell of the bush naturally. We had some frost the last couple days tho, idk if this matters... Do I have to treat the leaves in some way like boiling and re-dry them if I can even use them? Cheers Flavio
  3. I recently set up my first tank. With the plants I used there came a few hitch hikers with them. Can someone tell me what kind of snail these are and if it's a good idea to keep a few of them in the tank? I intended to add some rams or narite snails anyway but since I got some "free" snails... Just want to be sure that these aren't some kind of massive hassle down the ro ad.
  4. I set up my first aquarium 5 days ago and now I notice some algae starting to grow. ATM I'm cicling my planted tank (no fish or Shrimp so far) with the addition of liquid starter bacteria and co2. I seem to recall it to be normal for algae to grow during the time a tank is established and that the algae will "stop" growing once the cicling is done. Is that more or less correct or should I start to clean up the algae in addition to the water changes? Sorry if my englisch is wierd it's not my first language...
  5. Thanks 🙂 that's a great idea! I was thinking about buying a few ramshorn snails or so but maybe I got some nice free snails already.
  6. First water change of my new tank (my first tank ever) and identified some snail eggs (with the help of this forum) that apparently came with some of the lilaeopsis mauritiana I planted.
  7. Should I let them be even If I don't know what type of snail it is or would it be better to remove the eggs?
  8. Hey yall o/ I just bought my first tank and set it up two days ago. I'm very pleased with it and can't wait until I can add some fish and shrimps. Today I noticed two spots on the lilaeopsis that have some sort of eggs on them. Can someone help me to identify the critters? Just in case I should remove them before they hatch...
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