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    Hi @Ric B. It's a beautiful guppy! Unfortunately, the angle makes it a little difficult to tell whether it's female. Maybe you could get a couple of other shots of it and we'll take another look.
  2. I've had 13 green tiger barbs since October. I realize that's not very long - lol. After quarantine, I moved them into a 20 gallon long. They have grown a lot during that time and definitely have much more rambunctious personalities than say, guppies. But they are all still alive, so far. They don't fight alllll the time. They do short chases and little tussles, I'd call them. But over all, they are very fun to watch and have been easy to keep. Hope that helps.
  3. @H.K.Luterman I'd love to know what you're doing to get those good looking shells. I'm doing the Tums right now and I can definitely see a difference in some of them.
  4. The kids seemed a bit restless tonight, so I took them out for a little walk:
  5. Just today, one of my male honeys has built a bubble nest!! Does that mean he has already spawned, or just that he's ready to?
  6. I've also heard Cory say to feed very lightly. I usually do that after the first water change, for the same reason. But I feel better giving them food. 😉
  7. I know, right??? It was just a tiny sprinkling of it before the holidays, then BOOM: "I'm in control. Resistance is futile." 😆😆😆
  8. The air coming up one sponge filter lift tube could not even clear the surface due to the duckweed. I have no doubt it was effecting the oxygen level in the tank. The fish were all hovering around the one filter that had a bit of space still left around it at the surface. I had no idea until I removed the lid from the back of the tank. The moral of this story: A little duckweed goes a long way. Slow and steady wins the race to cover the water surface. A duckweed in the hand is worth a million in the tank. Necessity is the mother of a hair pick for tank upkeep. Duckweed goes before destruction. Duckweed of a feather flock together. Every man (or woman) should be content to mind his own duckweed. Don't count your duckweed until it's... Well, good gracious! Don't try to count it at all. Just keep it under control! 😆😆😆
  9. Your posts are very interesting, as I just added 6 honeys to our community tank. I believe they are still juveniles & I think 4 or 5 may be males. So I haven't seen any of the breeding or nesting behavior yet I'm wondering about surface agitation. How much would it take to discourage the nest building? Is that a possible solution to slowing things down? Adding an air stone or bubbler might hinder the male a bit. What do you think?
  10. Well, grrrrrosssss!!! 😆 It DOES give me nightmares. Blech! I think I have another one of these critters, too, in my 20 long. I tried unsuccessfully to capture it, then haven't spotted it for a while. This is the tank with the red-tail botia, so I'm hoping maybe Peek-a-Boo ate the creepy thing! And really it wouldn't be so disgusting if I hadn't read that they actually breathe through their butt. Now, c'mon, that's just revolting! 😝
  11. Aw, well, pooh! 😒 Sorry your experiment wasn't successful. But you learned important information, so it *was* successful in that sense! Let us know what you choose to try next. And keep us up to date with those Oto babies!!!
  12. Welcome, @AdeenaT! Sounds like you are off to an awesome start with your aquariums! Your kiddos must be thrilled that you're taking them on this awesome adventure! I've not kept goldfish, so I can't answer your question, but if you hit the Aquarium Co-op Youtube page on your computer, there's a handy "Search" bar to the top right. You should be able to type "goldfish" in the box and pull up every video from Cory about them. And I have no doubt your questions will be answered! (Just a heads up, though, the search bar isn't available on the mobile youtube app on your phone. Didn't want you to get frustrated looking for it.)
  13. Welcome, @Joesneed! Be sure to post again with some info about yourself and your tanks. We'd love to hear about your fish. If you have any questions about how to post on the forum, you can get some helpful hints by clicking below:
  14. Welcome to the forum, @ErinV! And LOL at your PS! We've all had those "doh!" moments with forgetting to plug things back in or walking away from the python hose and "watering" the floor. It's to be expected, I guess, to some extent. We are but human. 😉 As to the cat tower - yikes!!! Glad you didn't have any "cat"astrophic losses when that happened. Your tank looks beautiful! Congrats on your successful plant and fish rehoming. It looks like the plants are doing well! And yeah, isn't Cory great about explaining how to help our plants thrive?! I've learned so, so much from the Aquarium Co-op videos.
  15. Happy to have you here, @Gage. Welcome to the forum. I think you'll find it a welcome change from other forums. The folks here are very friendly and super helpful.
  16. Good advice from @lefty o! Welcome to the forum!
  17. Great capture, @Lynze! Your sparkling gourami are getting some nice size on them! Mine must be very young...they are not nearly as close to the honey gourami's size as yours is. They still look so tiny to me. Hoping yours all do well together. I can see them sticking to their own with their behaviors. Good call on that.
  18. I have honey gourami mixed with endlers, guppies, white clouds, SAEs, dwarf chain loaches, various snails & shrimp. There are no aggressive behaviors. They all get along very well. I would hesitate to add another kind of gourami, as they tend to be more aggressive. Ultimately, it's up to you! Do what you like & see how it goes. 😃
  19. A little sparkle for your New Year!!!
  20. It was planted down in the easy planter, with lots of beautiful roots going down into the substrate. Then, all of a sudden, pop! Up it comes! I'm so sad! I really hope I can get it planted & happy again.
  21. HA! Oh, yeah, we have LOTS of assassins. Good thing, huh? No, that's not what I'm talking about. 😉
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