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About Me

  1. Hey everyone! My therapist’s office has a fish tank and I’m curious about these two fish. I thought this was a Molly, but it’s hardly grown in four weeks so I’m second guessing myself. Then there’s this little fella! He’s super happy and zipping around all the time!
  2. Anyone ID this Krib, given to me by someone who had to many
  3. Bought this from my LFS but both were the same price so I picked one I like. Is it a Leopard Frog Pleco or a King Tiger pleco?
  4. Hello! I’m new to this forum but have kept fish for a couple years now. I recently got this guy at my LFS. The owner had no idea what type of goby this was. He came in a shipment with some kuhli loaches. I can’t find anything online that looks like it. I’m currently keeping him in a 20 long. Does anyone have any idea what kind of fish this is?
  5. Found in my medaka pond. Forgot I had some shrimp in there too and they are hugeeeee Anyway, this single guy is the only one out of place
  6. I got a better look at my new mystery loach in the quarantine tank and I think it is possibly Gastromyzon ctenocephalus. It matches the description and photos on this site https://www.loaches.com/species-index/gastromyzon-ctenocephalus I may be way off because I'm a Noob Nerm, but all signs seem to be pointing to this being the one. Any thoughts? Story of how I got him/her is in my other post : https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/15305-frustrating-experience-ordering-fish-online/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-126781 He is really small slightly over an inch, so I am guessing he is young.
  7. I don’t know what this is and someone gave me 6 of them, I don’t know anything about them
  8. Not the best pics I know but this cat is hard to get pics of. I just got him moved over to the 55 gallon. When I bought this cat the guy at the LFS said he would get around 8 inches long, any help on the ID of this cat would be awesome
  9. Could y’all help me ID this native West Virginia native fish? Our towns visitor center has set up a native tank with these and crayfish. They’re asking me what the fish is and I have no clue about natives. Thanks so much
  10. Hi guys can anyone confirm the identity of the striped fish in picture not the gourami
  11. So on one of @Irene's videos on YouTube, specifically "5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Growing Rooted Aquarium Plants" there's a little fish that's pretty much centre screen around the 0:50 mark, and I wondered what it is? It's so cute, not even sure if maybe it's a juvenile of something I would recognise or something completely new to me! Sorry about the awful blurry picture, it's taken on my phone of the screen on my tablet as I couldn't figure out an easy way to get a good pic of it. Any help appreciated!
  12. Hey Guys! Can someone help me identify? He's hard to get a side picture of. If I could pet him he'd probably like it. lol Got it from a friend who is moving and he didn't know. He or her is REALLY really aggressive to my other fish which I put in another tank. Thinking other fish might not be a good idea. Curious if there are some cool shrimp or snails... etc that I might be able to put in the tank. If not I'll just let him have his own 75 gallon tank as I really enjoy his charisma. Named him Marshall!
  13. I took my 7 year old daughter to our LFS to sell her Mutt Guppies and mystery snails this weekend and she got this little guy as partial payment. I do not keep Cichlids other than angels so I have no clue what variety of Flowerhorn it is. She’s completely obsessed with him already and named him Pete. Once out of quarantine he’ll go to a 29 gallon grow out then a 75 in the living room. An ID of what variety and any Flowerhorn pro tips would be much appreciated!
  14. hi bought these guys from a online seller as Colombian tetras when they came they where tiny are they Colombians or something else ?
  15. I need help identifying this fish that I have. It is very small. Less than an inch fully grown. It’s green/yellow with black spots. Any help is much appreciated.
  16. Hi all. Few days ago I have spotted something being chased, then it has gone. Today I have seen it again and managed to get a photo. I have a suspicion that it is xxx but won't say as not to influence anyone. What do you think? Thanks
  17. Can anyone identify my hillstream loach? Was sold to me as a sewellia lineolata but pretty sure it's not. I was thinking maybe gastromyzon ocellatus? Not sure though, any help would be appreciated! Hope everyone's having a nice day!
  18. Hello, My wife and kids brought home an “assorted African Cichlid”. I know there are MANY types. I am looking for any direction into what this guy may be. Thank you for any help!
  19. I have 2 of these and I can not remember what the LFS told me they are. I love them! they are funny active curious small and just fun to watch. Thank you
  20. Sold to me as Australian Rainbows. The yellow was super vivid when I picked up. In Quarantine right now but just curious if these are actually rainbows?
  21. My pond has ricefish and white clouds. I recently found a bunch of fry, but don't really know which fish they're from though I suspect its the white clouds since the ricefish have had a rough start in the tub pond. The fry are all the size of mature mosquito larvae right now but some of them are surface dwelling and whiter and some are swimming lower and darker, though the dark ones do come to the surface sometimes. Do youall think this is an age difference thing or do I have both species of fry? I didn't manage to photograph any of the darker fry since they're deeper and dark on a dark background.
  22. Hi everyone. Newbie here. From CR, BC Canada. Ive kept fish in the past but started keeping fish again when I purchased a fish bowl (1/2 gal) with four guppies and three mysterious fry unknowingly in it (🙄😡) beginning of May - I’ve now got four small tanks. 3.5, 5, 10, 15. I hope to get a 30 in the near future. I’ve spent hours trying to identify this fish that was sold along with the latest used tank I purchased. I look forward to learning from this group. Have been binge watching Cory for weeks now. cheers
  23. Hi guys, I'm sure there are lot of beginners that often see a fish in a youtube video that catches their eye, but unfortunately you don't know the name. I would like to start this thread (I think there's none?) so people can come and post a screenshot of a fish and have it identified by the more knowledgeable people, that way we can keep these requests in one single thread? If an admin thinks this is sticky worthy, cool! I'll start, I saw this tetra in one of cory's videos, anyone knows which one is it?
  24. I saw this guy alone in a tank of cherry shrimp. I thought he was a Siamese algae eater but he has no barbels. Some research shows they’re supposed to have them while others do not. I’m confused. He’s peaceful but super fast to catch in net… LPS didn’t know what it was and gave him to me for free. He is trying to school with the black neon tetras. Didn’t eat any of the micro pellets… not eating any algae so far. Any ideas? Thankssss 🐟
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