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  1. Hi guys, I'm sure there are lot of beginners that often see a fish in a youtube video that catches their eye, but unfortunately you don't know the name. I would like to start this thread (I think there's none?) so people can come and post a screenshot of a fish and have it identified by the more knowledgeable people, that way we can keep these requests in one single thread? If an admin thinks this is sticky worthy, cool! I'll start, I saw this tetra in one of cory's videos, anyone knows which one is it?
  2. Fish delivery day! I finally got the diamond tetras I've dreamed of since I first saw them months ago. So sparkly! Since I hear they prefer groups of 6 or more, and prefer odd numbers, strangely enough, I got two packs of 6 from Aqua Huna just in case some didn't make it. If they all made it, I figured I'd split them up into odd-number groups in different tanks or give some to a fish store. So they're still settling in and coloring up. But one of these things is not like the others...this one is smaller, not sparkly, but has a slightly metallic blue sheen along his top and a reddish tail fin. Poor lil fella also seems to be missing a chunk from his top fin: It's larger than any neon or cardinal I've seen. I thought it might be a congo tetra, which would need very different water than these S American fish, but the site shows them as being paler than this. I wrote to them to ask what they think it is and what I should do with it, but while I'm waiting for a response, what do you think? Should I keep it in this tank with the others, put it with different fish, or bring it to a pet store once it's done with quarantine?
  3. Happened to go to petco to get a lid for a tank and saw these guys. Look like pygmy suns a bit but I like them regardless. Any ideas?
  4. Hello Fellow Fish Enthusiasts, I have a 2+ month cycling 10 gal which I am slowing making a shrimp tank. As of right now, I have only 2 blue velvets in there about a 1/2 inch big. I was doing a water change today and noticed A LOT of little things floating in my water. Then looked at my rock and it was covered in these little guys. Everywhere in the tank basically. Below is picture. Any help in identifying and managing would be greatly appreciated. What I have heard is that they are a positive sign of a well functioning aquatic ecosystem. 🙂 But there are a lot, so I am entertaining the idea of adding some of fish from another tank, to get the population in check. Options are as follows: - Corydoras (possibly my two males that keep over breeding with my female) - Cory fry about 1+ month old. - Male guppies - Rainbows from my nano tank - Golden Mystery Snails
  5. Hey everyone I’m new here. Not really new to the hobby but I’m trying to get in to more difficult fish. Got these pelcos from a friend but he doesn’t remember what L number they are can someone help me? They are on my Pinterest didn’t know how else to show. https://pin.it/OBTq4ZT
  6. Saw a black fish with white spots and a square patch on its nose. What is it. It was in one of Cory's videos. Not a pleco. Can't find video again.
  7. I know what this was sold to me as, but it looks pretty dis-similar to others of that species I have. I don't mean color, but body shape and fin shape. Ive had him about 3 months, and he's roughly the size of an adult male Platy, maybe 2 inches. That's a pretty giant moss ball in the pic, hopefully that doesn't skew the scale. Not mentioning the species it was sold to me as for now, just to try to avoid an up front yes/no answer, but I can certainly say.
  8. I bought these five fish from a big box store. They were in a mixed peacock tank. Could you please ID them for me? They are all about 1.5”. For size comparison the blue one is next to a cherry barb. The albino has a lot of red dots that didn’t show in the picture.
  9. Yesterday I bought 5 random fish from a “peacock “ tank. But none of them were named by species. I need some help. I bought them as showpiece fish for my barb tank, because the barbs almost killed my big angelfish and did kill a blood parrot.
  10. I bought three of these from the LFS about 6 weeks ago labeled "Hillstream Loach". They look like a some variety of Borneo Loach to me but I can't find any pictures with this pattern. Their color changes a lot and very quickly to match whatever they are sitting on or how they feel. They are super active and great fun to watch. Any ideas on specific type?
  11. Hi Guys! I consider myself a newbie. I was given this catfish for my 55g and I do not know anything about it. The guy told me it will do well being the only one. He said it was a albino catfish. Can’t seem to find one that looks the same on the web.
  12. Petco told my wife these were scissortail rasboras but colorwise, they dont look like scissortails i see on google
  13. Got a stow away in a planter from my LFS. Its a breeding project he has had going on. Can anyone ID this guppy if possible. I'm not very fluent in guppy
  14. Good evening all, Anyone able to help me identify the type of pleco in the attached photo? In case it's helpful, what I know about the fish is that it's 3 - 5 years old and is currently 6 inches long. It enjoys algae wafers and veggies and is also happy to clean up pellets, flakes and frozen foods that make it to the bottom. Additionally it very much enjoys chewing on the driftwood and leaf litter in the tank. The fish was sold to someone else at a small town fish/pet store (that has since closed) as an algae eater for a 10 gal tank. It now lives in my 29 gallon planted tank with 18 neon tetras and a bunch of cherry shrimp. I am curious to know what type it is but my main interest is to know whether I can assume it's full grown. I know there are some plecos that get huge and obviously if this one gets any bigger it won't be comfortable in my tank. It's been with me for a little over 2 years and has roughly doubled in size. Based on the information I've found on the internet I think I understand that a common pleco would have grown very quickly and would already be bigger than this (fingers crossed that's true). However, I see that there are other types that might end up being 10 or 12 inches long and I haven't been able to find definite information as to how quickly they grow. Most of the time I feel confident that this one has finished growing but I'd feel better if I knew for sure. Anyway, I'd appreciate any input you folks might have for me. Thank you!
  15. Hello I Was wondering if anyone is well versed enough to help me with these fish. They were sold to me as apistogramma agassizii tefe the seller seemed to think they might be tefe blue. It was sold as a w/c pair. https://youtube.com/shorts/c-kbRFohGuc
  16. 😉 For the professional ,what is the species of this pleco ? And the L-Number!
  17. I learned today that what was sold to me as a female golden wonder killi is not a golden wonder killi at all. @Colu was kind enough to suggest it was actually a species of aphyosemion. Best I can tell it was rather drab compared to the pics that I see online so I think may still be female. They also appear to be named killi fish but originate from Africa where as the golden wonder killi come from Sri Lanka. My particular fish does not necessarily favor the top of the tank and is found throughout the water column and has plenty of attitude. Saw it square off with one of my Bolivian rams earlier today. Can anyone give me more info about this fish? Thanks
  18. Just wanted to double check that this is a juvenile Hillstream loach? Any specifics from those who have worked with different variations are appreciated.
  19. So, I did an experiment and tried to get some of my turquoise rainbows to breed, and they did! I noticed about a dozen fry swimming around, so I extracted the parents from the breeding tank, which I previously had been using for quarantine. Right away I noticed that one of the fry was quite a bit larger than the others. I thought that was strange but I figured maybe he hatched first, was a fast grower, or something like that. Now that my fry have grown bigger they just don't look like the fish that used to be larger than them. I'm thinking maybe the fish I had in quarantine, two adult giant danios, may have been spawning without me noticing? These are the rainbow fry. Looking very rainbowish to me (forgive my bad pics): And here's the weird guy: Could these be the same kind of fish?
  20. Can someone help me to identify these freshwater gobies that I got yesterday? I have been getting conflicting opinions. I think they are Barcheek Goby (Rhinogobius giurinus), but I am not sure...
  21. Can anyone identify this fish for me? It is a shell dweller and the seller is claiming it is Neolampralogus Signatus but I am not sure. The body shape is much closer to the shape of a multi or a similis. Or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about haha. The seller is a couple hours from me so want to be sure before I go. I have been looking to start up a shell dweller tank for a while and unfortunately finding them around here and even online is proving tricky these days. Thanks a ton for the help!
  22. Please help us identify: We got them a month or so ago from one of our regular LFS and the guy referred to them as "rainbows", but I tried googling that and they do not look similar. Anyone know what these cuties are? Let me know about the picture quality, I might be able to load a better picture. They're quick.
  23. I picked up 4 of these little guys at a big-box store, and they did not know what they were. Then, at Petco, I found just 1 of them. They too did not know! I've ruled out Bleeding Heart Tetras. Any ideas? Note the block spots on the top fin on some, but not others. They are a great fish. Lot's of fun. Thanks!
  24. I asked the local pet store to give me 4 cherry barbs. I think maybe I got 3 and something else?
  25. Anyone I'd this fish. https://youtu.be/ZGIgF5R4ByE
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