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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I was planning on setting up a planted community tank and my initial thought was a school of Odessa Barbs and a school of Cory's, now I'm having my doubts. I started out and brought in the Odessa Barbs, and I'm second guessing the Cory pick. Cory's are universally known as the cleanup crew, but from the looks of it, these beautiful Odessa barbs have that area covered in spades, they're always scanning the bottom for food. I'm concerned it's going to be a never ending battle trying to get food to the Cory's. So now I'm thinking of changing it up to adding an upper mid level schooling fish that are fast enough to compete with the Odessa's. I'm thinking Silver Tip Tetras, Rummy Nose Tetras, or Pork Chop Rasboras. Am I off base in moving away from the Cory's, and if not, which of the above mentioned fish would make a good addition to the tank? Thanks for your help.
  2. Is there anything that would be compatible with a convict chiclid who is very aggressive that would also eat algae she has killed plecos before or should I just keep cleaning it myself
  3. Hello, Im new here and am recently returning to the hobby. In the past, I only had cichlid tanks. I am now a father and would like to have a peaceful community tank. I did some research and set a 55 gallon tank up. My first fish were Long Fin Zebra Danios and Neon Tetras. From the research I did and the advice from the pet store, I thought the Danios would be peaceful. The Danios seemed to be very aggressive and constantly chased and nipped at the Tetras and eachother. Is this normal behavior? There were 10 of each so I thought that would be enough for them to have the schooling behavior they needed. If there is nothing I can do to settle them down, I will either have to set up a new tank or give them to someone who can have them in a tank to themselves. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!!
  4. Hello all, Recently my Three Bristlenose have turned into absolute nightmares and bullying any fish that go near them plus they are constantly ripping up my plants. My tank stock that is Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Bolivian Rans and my catfish has always been great and friendly plus my tanks parameters are always spot on - Ph - 7.5 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 20ppm KH - 6dkh Gh - 5 drops 89.5ppm (soft water) The only thing that has changed within the last 4 weeks is frozen blood worms that I have included with their varied diet. Could the blood worms be making them aggressive? My other fish are all normal...ish Any suggestions would be appreciated 👌
  5. Hello, I added 3 honey gourami to my first tank almost exactly 1 month ago with 2 females and 1 male. From the beginning I noticed that 1 female was more dominant and would chase and sometimes nip at the other female and male for a bit, but this was primarily during feeding and the other fish did not seem stressed or bothered by the small amount of chasing because she would leave them alone after a few seconds. Then on Christmas the dominant female and male spawned and laid eggs into a tiny bubblenest. I scooped the eggs into a small mesh fry box and they hatched on the 27th 36 hours later. The gouramis seemed to go back to normal after I removed the eggs/nest. Then I noticed 3 days ago that overnight the male had made a massive bubble nest over the middle half of the tank and was fiercely chasing and nipping at both the females, but I did not see any spawning happening. Nevertheless, the next day I saw the females furiously gobbling fry and the male attacking them. Yesterday I removed the bubble nest, which I thought was empty because I had seen the now free swimming fry being eaten the day before, into a small tubberware to try to eliminate the male's guarding behavior. I moved around some of the scape to try to break up the tank more and I moved all floating plants into one end of the tank for whatever remaining fry may have survived. This afternoon I found that the bubblenest and eggs I had thought were empty in the tupperware have developed into fry balls and the male rebuilt the bubblenest and more new baby fry balls in addition to newly hatched fry in his corner despite the females eating them. The male goes out of his way to chases the females (but the less dominant one especially) all around the tank and nips at them. The dominant female also chases and nips at the other female. Today I noticed that her tail has bites in it for the first time. I reduced temperatures again and yesterday and today I fed them less. I have not even bothered trying to save the endless supply of newly hatching fry. I do not know why they have decided my tank is the place to spawn infinite babies, but it is a warzone and it's driving me mad. I purposely researched and got honey gouramis because they were supposedly peaceful, gentle interesting little fish, but I am so stressed at how much they are constantly fighting. Before there were any eggs and fry it was not nearly so bad so I assume that it was that that is making them so so aggressive, but I do not know how to make them stop their apparent continuous and constant breeding even with the lowered temp from 80 to 75 and decreased food frequency. I have been putting stress guard in daily to try to help the poor female that's both constantly getting chased and nipped. Has anyone had this problem? How do I stop the breeding? Are honey gouramis always such prolific breeders (it seriously has been like 3-4 batches of hatching fry since the first batch on Christmas)? How do I stop the fighting? Would adding a third female gourami or other community fish help? I eventually want to get CPDs, otos, and pygmy cory cats as well as snails and shrimp, but my tank is so new that I wanted to get my gouramis and plants established first before starting to add others, plus even if I get others quarantining them will take another 1-2 months before I could add them to the tank anyways, right? I did not anticipate the fish would breed so quickly as I only got them just under a month ago and this is my first time having an aquarium since I was a kid, nor did I realize the extent and duration of this aggressive behavior and the at first exciting, soon dreadful infinite baby-making. I only have 1 tank for the 3 fish, it is a 20 long with wood and rock hardscape, half gravel/half sand, newly planted plants, 2 large fake plants and 2 fake floating grass so I can't place the fish into a separate tank.
  6. I have a 29 gallon planted tank that has a betta in it. I recently bought a dozen neon tetras and ever since i got them, my betta has been chasing them around and they usually hang around in opposite ends of the tank. Is this normal? Pkz help
  7. On another forum, someone is claiming that Tiger Barbs have been breed into little terrorist which will kill each other until only one is left. Did Aquarium Co-op have any long term issue with the large Tiger Barb tank you guys setup? Thanks, Mark
  8. Hey guys, I have 2 striped angelfish that originally i thought were about to breed as they had the same behavior as my last pair of angels, but now it just seems as if one is a bully. They have been spinning in circles most over the past few days nipping at eachother and now one of them is hiding in a log and the other keeps going in the log and nipping at him/her. Is there anyway to get them to chill out? I have had them for 6 months and they have always been fine up until the last week. Would hate to have to return one as they are amazing looking fish.
  9. Let's See them Flowerhorns! I love hybrids, some hate them. Let's see those unique genetic monsters that IMO have the best personalities!
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