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Found 16 results

  1. I am considering getting a few sparkling gouramis. My questions are. Are they hardy? Are they super sensitive? Do they need to eat special food? Are they easy to feed?
  2. I recently got a trio of sparkling gouramis and it appears I got two females and a male and I am newer to the hobby and I am interested in breeding these guys for a fun project. What would be the ideal set up for a new 5 gal tank I would start to move the trio to.
  3. I’m debating between getting one scarlet badis or a sparkling gourami for the centerpiece fish for my 5 gal heavily planted tank. There are 8 chili rasboras and rcs in there currently. Currently my nitrates never get above 10 ppm and I’m willing to do water changes two or three times a week if need be. As this is my only tank so I am able to and willing to dedicate a lot of time into upkeep. Any thoughts?
  4. Just a PSA in the hopes that someone learns from my unfortunate afternoon. I had seven sparkling gouramis in quarantine. Today I went to transition them to their main tank and could only find 3. I lifted the Easy Planter I had put in there and found four of them dead, stuck in the hollow underside of the planter. So it appears smaller fish can and will hide in there, get stuck and die. I really want to cry. I got them as practically fry, and super underfed, from my LFS. I fed them frozen brine shrimp every 5 hours for like a week to put some weight on them before even doing meds. I eventually bought the Ziss hatchery off the co-op website and was so excited to feed them live baby brine shrimp. Instead I had to bury them in the yard. Buyer beware 😕
  5. I have 5 of them in my 15 gal (not sure of genders, I'm consciously keeping an eye out for aggression and find damage) and I absolutely love them. They very learly and deliberately hunt for microfauna and when they catch the light it's spectacular
  6. Took me a while to get these shots but here are photos comparing female vs. male sparkling gouramis. It helps to have some sort of light source shining through them (similar effect as shining a light through a chicken egg to check for an embryo). They’re quick, shy fish so this can be tricky unless they’re in a specimen container or you’re patient😂 The key is to check the area below the grey line on their bodies. Females will have a triangular shape behind their gut area (their ovaries). The shape may turn slightly orange the closer they get to breeding time. Males will just have a fully transparent space behind their gut area. It can be difficult to tell if they’re too young though. I should note that in this photo, the female appears to have less grey spots than the male but I think this is just my particular female. Usually you can’t tell males and females apart based on external characteristics.
  7. I am looking to add one of these to my 55g community tank. It has guppies, CPDs, ricefish, neon tetras, and ember tetras. There are lots of snails and adult shrimps. Will any of the fish in my title that I am looking to add go after the adult shrimp? I'm leaning towards sparkling gouramis at this point.
  8. Planning on getting 3 sparkling gourami soon, and ideally will breed them, wondering if anyone had any feedback on this aquascape for them. I also have corydoras and CPD's so I wanted some open space but also a dense well shadowed part, but if anyone has any suggestions for making the sparklers more comfortable I'd love to hear them.
  9. Does anyone have Sparkling Gourami in their community tanks? I'm considering moving mine from the 5-gallon Marineland Portrait tank to my 55-gallon. I just can't get the 5-gallon to cycle...or to stay cycled. I don't know. It may be the glass beads I used. It's got tons of plants, but I'm still spiking ammonia of 2.5+ just about every other week. It's very frustrating. So, I'm thinking of adding them to the community tank. It has the following inhabitants: 3 Siamese Algae Eaters 2-3 Dwarf Chain Loaches (I can never see them all at once in order to count them!) Assorted guppies 6 Honey gourami 13 Albino cherry barbs Nerite, mystery, ramshorn and pond snails Various neocaridina shrimp How do you think 10 sparklers would do in this set up? They are still quite young, none are making bubble nests or courting yet. The 55-gallon is a very peaceful tank. The only chasing is male guppies chasing female guppies. I'd love to hear if you have a similar set up and how it's worked out for you. Thank you so much, Alesha
  10. I noticed hatchlings this morning in my 10g community tank (the recent thread on full moon breeding got me looking closer...🤔) Pretty sure they are from a pair of sparkling gouramis, as I noticed a small bubble nest recently. This is the third time they have bred, but the fry didn’t survive. What can i do to help them this time? Total noob at breeding here! Sorry for poor photo, phone won’t focus on an object this small. TIA!
  11. Hello! I have a 10g blackwater with a king betta and 4 neon tetras. In my 75g, I have dwarf gourami's and a sorority of female bettas. I was wondering, can I add a few sparkling gouramis to my 10g blackwater? If I needed to I would put the tetras into my 75g. Thanks!
  12. A little sparkle for your New Year!!!
  13. New fish arrived today. The Honey Gourami and the Sparkling Gourami made the trip from Washington State to Florida with no problem at all. Unfortunately, the Cherry Barbs were not as successful. Only one arrived alive. He's in the QT with the Honeys. We're hoping like crazy that he makes it! The Sparklers are in their own tank but will be quarantined as well. There is a weird film on that tank as it's cycling, so apologies for the dark pics. To say we're excited is an understatement. So thrilled with our purchases! And Aqua Huna had refunded our money as well as part of the shipping costs within an hour of my emailing them about the Cherry Barbs. Impeccable customer service! I'll be updating with better pics as I get them and stories too, I'm sure. 😁 Alesha
  14. Dads doing a good job keeping them safe 🙂
  15. I always have a lot of hydras in my aquariums and sometimes they can try my patience as you will see here. I am trying to feed the baby sparkling gouramis but the hydras can seemingly eat their weight in baby brine shrimp or baby Daphnia. But I have never seen one injure even the smallest fry and they are fascinating denizens in their own right. I seem to have at least 3 species of hydra in the tank. Green ones, black ones, and pale orange ones. Or maybe they are just morphs of the same species?
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