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Found 10 results

  1. Aquariums hold many more living things than fish. What is in your tank? I caught this grass shrimp last week in a ditch while collecting banana plants.
  2. My brittle star is curling up and secreting a film..... do i need to pull him from the tank or is that what happens in a new tank its my first brittle star 😫
  3. Is aquarium salt safe for crustaceans? I am dosing a 10 gallon with 2 tbs of salt and I want to make sure it’s safe for the dwarf Mexican crayfish I have in there.
  4. Help with hydra? I have a 35 gallon tank with 2 angelfish , live plants and a Chinese algae eater. Noticed a few hydra today. Any recommendations on fish added to my aquarium that may eat the hydra or is chemicals the only route? Since I am not breeding them is it really a big concern? Newbie here 😐
  5. What is considered to be a good ppm of calcium for shrimp, crayfish, and snails?
  6. Pknsmasher


    I was looking at articles about the quarantine trio, and intend to purchase for new fish. I also deal with large quantities of shrimp. Are these quarantine meds recommended for them as well? Many shrimp are imported and it makes me uneasy adding them to established colonies.
  7. Hello all, I am getting a betta for my shrimp tank but i don't want to quarintine him because my qt tank is a 10gallon, and his permanant tank is 5 gallons. And I don't really like the idea of downsizing him, especially if its a betta that probably hasn't been with other fish, meaning it probably won't have any parasites or deseases. Will invertibrates spead deseases to fish or vis versa?
  8. I have always assumed mulm was some sort of combination of living and dead bacteria. I was always happy to see it because I assumed the mulm is processing fish waste from something more toxic to something less toxic. But that is a least 2 assumptions so far. I haven't googled this yet so I am throwing the question out to the forum. What is mulm?
  9. Anyone else have Mexicain dwarf crayfish? They are so full of personality. Here is the dad (Henri II) with his daughter (born August first). And a picture of her when she was few days old. 🥰
  10. I am not sure if hydra qualifies as general discussion or a disease? I found a small population of water hydra in my guppy fry tank. For a while I was taking them out on the rock they were attached to and seeing if the pea puffer was interested (no). From observing, I never saw a fry get caught or close to caught by one. The fry eat floating detritus worms and they sniff at any floating hydra but then go ew and swim away. I know they’re a sign of over feeding, but I’m worried about balancing that against accidentally starving fry. Are they something to be legit worried about or do I just run some mollies through the tank once the fry are out or what?
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