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  1. Thanks, @Emika_B! Yep, we love the buckets...they are SO handy! This is probably about 1/3 of what we hope to eventually have going. Waiting on some seedlings to grow big enough to transplant and for some seeds to arrive. Believe it or not, there are so many people buying seeds right now that the company I use has a backlog. We put in some bare root strawberries yesterday! Can't wait to see how they do.
  2. I though of that... just glad I didn't have to drill tanks! 😆
  3. Doug and I both have bad backs, from hauling our kiddo around all these years. (Isaac's 21 years old, non-mobile and weighs in around 100 pounds. I quit lifting him about 30 pounds ago, but Doug still lifts him daily. 🏋️‍♂️🏆) When we talked about trying a garden this year, Doug mentioned Cory's aquarium stands. I thought it was brilliant! We are doing 5-gallon bucket gardening, as well as some crates and various pots, and we're placing them on the stands. We did decide on just 2 2x4s since our bucket of soil are not nearly as heavy as a filled tank and that saved us a bit of money. They are very sturdy, even here in our sandy, grassy yard and they bring the buckets up high enough that harvesting is going to be a breeze. (Please notice, if you will, the drip irrigation lines. I've never done anything like this, but treated it all like a big puzzle of t-barbs, elbows, emitters and tubing, and put it all together. I was SO STINKING PROUD when we connected it to the spigot and EVERY nozzle had water and there were NO leaks or popped lines. It was incredibly satisfying, let me tell you!!!)☺️ So, thanks for the idea, @Cory! Our tired backs are grateful for your creative solutions that work inside the fish room and OUTside too! Alesha
  4. You guys came up with some great names! 😄😄😄 I like Gnerms, but I really, really like PLerms, @JamesB!!!
  5. Excellent question, @TheDukeAnumber1 and I have a little bit of an answer. From what I've read just recently, there are a few plants that DO NOT NEED additional NITROGEN. If they have too much nitrogen, all of their growth will be leaves and branches, and not flowers. Of course, if you want veggies and fruits, you need those flowers. So, on a few plants I've researched, they recommend do not fertilize with nitrogen, or at least not too often. So, to my way of thinking, I also would NOT use my fish water for those plants. Because, at least with my tanks, when I do water changes, I am trying to get rid of excess nitrates, which would correspond with nitrogen, I believe. Now...if there's someone who knows better than I do, PLEASE let us know! My logic may not be right on this and I'd love to know if I don't have it correct. 👍
  6. Whew! Oh my word! They are keeping you on your toes lately. That was a smart idea to move Dinky back to the QT. I would've probably left him in the tank, but your moving him is the best option, I agree, to just be SURE he is not injured and that he doesn't become a snack. And poor Dragon...he just wanted a leetle taste!!! 😉
  7. I'm not a drinker, so I wouldn't know, but IF it does...ewwwwwwww!!!😝😆😂🤪
  8. The struggle is real...but also entertaining:
  9. Reading this book as we begin our gardening season here in FL. I came across this & thought, "Hey! that's what Nerms do at their aquariums! " So... what should Garden nerds be called? Because, I think I might be one of those too!
  10. I'm SO sorry, H.K.! I know how much you delight in your special wet pets, so this must be quite a blow. I'm hoping the other 2 perk up, as time moves them away from the loss, and that you're able to feel gratitude that despite her health issues, she had a wonderful, happy life in your tanks. ❤️
  11. Whoo...he got really ticked at you at one point...whirled around & gave you his back! He does not lack personality! 😍😍😍
  12. I'll have to do a smell taste when my cilantro sprouts in the garden this spring!!! Not gonna taste it, though. I'm just not that inquisitive. 😉
  13. @Streetwise - very interesting read. I doubt that I'm a supertaster, as I don't have problems with about half the list they mentioned. There are things that I can taste that my husband can't. For example: if a restaurant has food cases or pantries where they keep their baking ingredients built of wood - particularly strong-smelling wood like cedar - I can't eat the food there. It tastes like wood to me. There's a well-known deli in Orlando that is known for the their fantastic carrot cake. To me, it tastes like lumber. It's very frustrating. But it keeps me on my diet plan!!!
  14. ... that duckweed smells like cilantro? Either that, or maybe I have some serious allergy/sinus issues going on. 😆😆😆
  15. Hi @Donna! So glad you've joined the forum! And this is a great question! A couple of things you can try: Stop feeding the snails. They reproduce according to the food supply. When it drops off, they will slow down. Get another aquatic creature that eats snails. You can try pygmy chain loaches or maybe assassin snails. The assassin snails reproduce muuuuuch more slowly than the rams horns. Take some to your local fish store. Especially is they have nice shells, with no pitting and a lovely color. It could be that your LFS would be willing to take some off your hands. Personally, I would do ALL THREE things at the same time. Just a heads up - as snails die off, they reeeeeally stink. You'll want to remove any that die during this process. I sure hope that helps you a little, Alesha
  16. Ooooooo...now that IS an interesting idea, @darkG! Suspended moss...hmmmm. Might have to study on that a while. And yeah...but we're going to try to tame the beast any way. 😁
  17. Thank you so much for the explanation, @tolstoy21. I have been fully convinced by all the responses that trimming is the way to go! I'll be attaching moss to river rocks this weekend. I appreciate your input! 🙂
  18. Shy maybe, but not too scared to eat! That's good!! He's a cutie. Will he get much bigger? Are blood parrots peaceful fish? I don't know much about them.
  19. See...I hadn't even thought of that! But all my Terrestrial Plants like a good trim. It only makes sense that an Aquatic one would too! Thanks for the tip, @MAC!
  20. Thanks, @gardenman. I don't have a spray bar, but I did try wedging it behind a large rock. It just wouldn't stay put. I also suspect my giant Siamese Algae Eater was zipping behind there and dislodging it! LoL! 😁
  21. Hmmm...I didn't think about it doing better WITH a pruning! But that makes sense, since most plants are that way. I'll give it a try. And yeah, shaking it out during water changes will make me a happier camper. For a while, I had to really watch that I didn't get Black Beard Algae in the moss. I'd have to prune it just to remove the fuzzy strands. But since I moved my sponge filter - and the blob has been moving around the FLOOR of the tank - I haven't had that problem. The air and light seem to be the magic combo for BBA in my tank. I'll have to watch where I put the moss-wrapped rocks so I don't have a repeat problem.
  22. @H.K.Luterman - yeahhhhhh, I know. I have been liking it too...when I had TWO blob monsters. But I can't get the one (that separated from the river rock I had it glued to) to settle in one spot. It's always migrating along with floor of the aquarium and that drives me nuts. I like to SEE the bottom, to keep track of all the little critters down there. So...I combined both blobs and now I find it's overwhelms the tank...just too big! So, I'll likely try to tie some of it to a few rocks...see if that will tame it a bit. 😉 I like my monsters...just want them to behave themselves! 😂
  23. Wow, @Wes L. - It looks really tidy that way! And the way it grows out is great! I love that you can move it around the tank. I'd done this in the beginning (well...I glued it down to the rock), but it eventually separated from it. I was afraid to re-do the glue INside the tank. Your way with thread/fishing line is a safer choice, I think. Thanks so much for sharing! Yeah, I'd suspected the potassium insufficiency after reading the blog where @Irene included the different pics of leaves and their needed nutrients. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/plant-nutrient-deficiencies?_pos=1&_sid=0fd082582&_ss=r I just haven't researched the supplements to see what to get. I do use Easy Green, but very sporadically. This tank lost its cycle when I had to treat with Levamisole and I've struggled with Nitrites since then. I didn't want to add the Easy Green during the time of re-establishing the cycle. I think it's completed now. We just did our first water change since late November and it's only slightly clouded, so I think my various algae/bacterial blooms are almost over. I should be safe to start regularly dosing with Easy Green. If the leaves don't start growing in better in a few months, I'll look into other supplements. Thanks so much for the info. It just confirmed what I was thinking. I appreciate the input.
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