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  1. Hello! I'm newish to fishkeeping/tanks. My parents have a 55 gallon fresh water tank with a couple of Sweet Heart Parrot Fish... They didnt know the awfulness of what happens to those fish when they got them... But they are loved. One of them, however, has been basically laying at the bottom of the tank on her side bouncing around. She can swim when she wants to, but doesn't seem to want to often. She eats the blood worms, peas, food...but just lays there seemingly gasping for air. I've done a water test and the PH/Nitrite/Ammonia/Nitrates are fine... we've treated her with Maracyn Two, Ich-X, & Paragard. NOTHING seems to be helping her. I have her in a hospital tank right now while I try and figure this out. She doesn't seem to be getting any better. Any ideas? I don't have pictures right now, as they are at my parents house (the second one is perfectly fine, by the way)...but I can get some later. 🙂 Thanks for any help!
  2. I'm still cycling my 20G H aquarium since 3 week ago. I'm in my 4th week. I used fritz zyme 7 beneficial bacteria, and put fish flake to help start the cycle and I haven't gotten no reading of ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate. so what am I doing wrong? the tank is starting to get cover of white sluff I don't know what that is. should I do a partial or what to do about no readings. any suggestions.
  3. I’m 73 years old and very new to fishkeeping. For years I bred and showed mini wire haired dachshunds, conformation, obedience, rally, field trials and agility, Had the privilege of one of my girls going best in show. I was responsible for every puppy it’s entire life. As they can live 16-18 years I had to stop as at my age they could out live me and I can’t get around as before. So, a new hobby - fish keeping. Found AquariumCoop and You Cory. I am learning so much. Currently have a 10 gal with some mollies and Mickey Mouse platys were sold to me as mollies. One little fry that’s doing well. Tank is about four months old now, have added a number of live plants and sponge filter and have not changed water in three weeks although I did add a pitcher full yesterday to replace condensation. Test strips show all ok. I am now a believer in live plants. Thanks so much for the expert advice and encouragement I’m learning so much. I had a void when I had to stop showing my dogs but enjoying my fish so much. I sit on the floor for long periods of time and just watch them. They,re just great. I’m looking around for a larger tank for them. Thank you again Cory for all you do. Mary
  4. Hi All! My Mom finally got back into aquariums again after years of going without. As kids, we always had what I thought was a giant aquarium - 30 whole gallons with an UG filter and fancy goldfish, and It's her influence that got both my sister and I big into the hobby as adults - but I think we've intimidated her with our enthusiasm. One day out of the blue, she said "Hey lets go look at fish tanks." I was so excited! We settled on this 5 gallon Top Fin "Engage" aquarium. it has a really big compartment in the back that we stuffed with sponges and used Seachem Bio-Media. It even has an easy way to change water. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this tank, what do they like about it, does the pump last, etc.. Some reviewers put an air stone in the compartment and I'm wondering if I should advise her to do the same. She has agreed to only keep a betta in there so I am especially happy about that - I want her to feel successful, and it's a big responsibility to teach someone from scratch about this hobby - there are so many variables! Thanks so much! EDIT: It's the Engage aquarium not Imagine
  5. Howdy, Pretty new to the hobby, please be gentle. I have a Betta that we got from the pet store about 3-4 months ago. He would generally sit on the suction cup holding up the heater when nobody's around, but as soon as you went anywhere near the tank he would follow you around. Would play with you with a ping pong ball. About a week and a half ago I picked up 3 neon tetra to give him some company (only a 5 gallon tank so I didn't want to add too much), and the guy at the store sold me some wisteria that had already been growing in water. Waited a few days to see if they were doing fine in the small 3 gallon quarantine tank I had and then moved them in. Everything seemed fine until yesterday. I noticed part of one of his fins almost looked like it folded/rolled into a straight line. The tetras seem unaffected. Did about a 40-50% water change and gave it the night. Today that fin and another are exhibiting the same symptoms and much worse than the day before. He's spending almost all of his time laying on the bottom and is hiding in his cave a lot, which generally he would never do. He's coming up to the top occasionally but his swimming does appear labored. We were using API test strips previously but ran out, went out and picked up an API master test kit today and checked the water we pulled out yesterday and the water that's in there currently. Both are pretty close: Yesterday (using the master test kit) 7.6 ph .25 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm Nitrite 5-10 ppm Nitrate (although it looked much higher on the test strip yesterday) Today 7.6 ph 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 20-30 ppm Nitrate (strange that today's is showing more nitrate than when I tested last night's water. It had been about a week since our last 25% water change). The master kit doesn't appear to test alkalinity, but the last time we tested with one of the strips it was about 80 KH ppm. I'm setting up the quarantine tank again after giving it a good rinse. Using all fresh water with some Microbe-lift XTreme to condition the water. We're on a well, no chlorine has ever shown up on one of our test strips. I'm not really sure what else to do. I have a small heater I'm going to put in that tank as well to keep it warm. I'm in Canada, so access to fish meds is limited. This is actually my 2nd Betta. I had one about a year ago that passed as well after a few months. I was given melafix and primafix, also bettafix. I didn't use the betafix with the other two. I have not used anything on him yet as I think it was how I used them last time that may have made my previous betta worse. I also have aquarium salt, but am not really sure how to properly treat him with that either. I remember when I was trying to figure it out last time I was reading conflicting information and ended up not using it because I didn't feel comfortable without knowing what I was doing. Was pretty bummed after spending so much effort trying to save the last one, I didn't look at fish for about a year. Watching the poor thing suffer just killed me. Thinking I probably shouldn't have bothered trying again. I can't seem to keep them healthy. Any help with saving this poor soul would be appreciated.
  6. I put together and started my aquarium on the 27th of March. I added Fritz complete, plus the fritz zyme 7 for starting the good bacteria. my My water reading GH 240 - No3 0. No2 0- CL2 0. KH 40 to 80 now is 120. PH 7.2. So now I have real cloudy water is that normal, I started worrying, is it part of the cycle? Or do I need to add fish please help 🤯
  7. Hello folks, first time poster here. I'm a first time fish keeper with a 3.5 week old tank (wow, I thought it had been more like 5 weeks!). We started with 20 gallon and microbe lift special blend and some live plants from local big brand pet store and added 10 neon tetras, 3 Cory Doras and a snail 1 week in. (The associates at one local big brand pet store have thrown some shade at the other big brand for letting me take home more than 3 fish at once, oops.) We shortly lost 1 neon tetra to the filter I had installed incorrectly missing the pipe/guard thing. Added some mail order aquarium coop plants at about 2 weeks. Also installed an aquarium co-op sponge filter, I'm just leaving the other filter in for now, so tank has 2 filters. The original grass seems to be growing but the 2 original anubias didn't make it. The aquarium co-op plants seem to be doing okay, I think I'm seeing the little sprouts on the ferns but also some brown growth of some sort and no growth on the other Co-op plants. I had what I think was an ammonia spike (nitrites also high) about 1 week ago. Did 50% water change but still high. Per local pet store added salt and zirconia crystals and went from 2 or 3 times per day feeding to once per day. I also changed the filter bag thing and hanging filter sponge at this time. Ammonia has since dropped to ideal/safe levels but nitrite has been off the chart since Saturday. I got some Seachem Prime and added 3ml on Sunday. Levels have not gone down. Added 9ml more on Weds. Threw in the last 20ml of microbe lift today (it's usually added on the weekend) after some internet research, nitrite levels a few hours later still at or above highest readable level. Help please!
  8. Hi I'm JP and I'm pretty new to all of this! I want to set up a tank for my young kids (4 and 6), so I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly! Looking forward to reading up on everything you all have to say!
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new here and also generally to freshwater. Feeling reinvigorated to do things right again and was hoping for some discussion. In my living room I have a standard 4x2x2 120g aquarium. Currently running 2x aquafilter 110s with sponge and ceramic media, an airstone, and a Fluval 3.0 light. I believe the substrate is fluval stratum and some inert gravel but I don't recall exactly. Some large spider wood makes up the majority of the aquascape. It has been setup for a little over 2 years now. When I first got the tank cycled I bought a ton of plants from the coop, basically 1 or more of everything they had in stock. We then placed assorted fancy guppies, sterbai corys and a golden ram cichlid in the tank which I ran in the low 80s for temp. Initially the guppies bred like crazy and I was getting worried about the numbers but then they all started dying despite my efforts at the time and I lost the entire colony over an approx. 2 month time frame. I did everything I could think of at the time, even bought an electric meter to test for stray current. The ram died during this time as well. I spent a lot on meds to treat the 120g during all of this as my hospital tank didn't seem large enough for so many fish. It should be said that no visible diseases were apparent to me. Having lost a bit of my steam the tank languished a bit during this time, most of the plants died aside from the crypts, anubias and 2 lily bulbs. But the corys actually bred, about doubling their number and this brought some excitement back to the tank for us. The tank is now stocked with 16 sterbai corys, 12 pencilfish, 30 neons, 20 cherry barbs and 3 honey gourami. Populations are relatively stable with no notable losses or apparent distress. Having maintained the fish now for quite a while I grew tired of growing mostly algae. The plants were growing very slowly and each leaf would be covered with algae not long after developing. Everything looked ugly. I bought and started running a co2 system for the tank last week. I dose easy carbon everyday and easy green sparingly to keep nitrates in check. I placed a few new plants and it's still too early to see if they'll prosper but the algae situation seems to have improved. I would like to be successful with the plants before considering adding any new livestock. I finally bought a decent set of water tests and tested out everything today. I have also learned that my heaters keep the water 81 to 82 degrees no matter what I set them at so have purchased a temperature controller that arrives tomorrow. I intend to slowly reduce temp to 76-78. Values: KH dKH API test is <1 GH ppm API is 3 drops = 53.7ppm PH API, no change, 6.0 or less TDS Digital Meter 67ppm Nitrate 10-20 ppm Co op Test Strips Generally in agreement. Anyways, I have an idea why I lost the guppies now. I also suspect temp as the main culprit for my difficulty with plants? I was considering adding a small amount of crushed coral to my filter just to get the PH to at least register at over 6.0? Trying to learn and do my best here, this hobby hasn't been economical so far! The tank is in my living room and I quite enjoy the fish and would like an attractive plant scape. I know I don't have a lot of questions and I wrote quite an essay but I just wanted to introduce myself and be involved. Again, thank you. I've included some photos for interest. I didn't do any particular maintenance so you could see a typical state. A 50% water change was performed approx. 24 hours ago.
  10. Hello! Just wanted to ask, anyone else go a little nuts when they were first starting out? I'm wondering because a couple months ago I had zero fish, and now I have 5 fish tanks and 15 fish 🤣 so am I the only one who's gone a little fish crazy or.... Where my people at? Let's be friends ☺️
  11. Hi all, I am new (probably how most these start right?) any way this is my second tank the first tank I had was like a 10 gallon, then I moved to a 20 gallon thinking it would be easier to maintain since the original tank I had was taken over by mass algae or something. So this is like the third set of plants I have bought for this tank and the first time they died to like a blueish algae, second time was probably from me trying to clean the algae off the plants via a mention in an article and also using some erythromycin (I bought some tabs from here) to dose the tank. So now this is the third set and I started with a fresh water change and no algae that I could see... also a filter change, so this is 2 weeks in with the new plants and I think I am done lol, I don't know what to do to fix these please see pics and really I just want an easy tank so if it means just fake plants I guess I can do that I am just not sure how to have a tank that is easy to maintain (This is my fault for thinking it would be easy its just fish right?) ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated good or bad comments 🤣
  12. Hello from Fingerlakes New York. I started this crazy hobby at xmas 2020 with a ten gallon. I now have a 3 gallon with a scarlet badis and snails. A 29 with 5 kilifish that im breeding, A fat molly, and 5 albino Cory cats. And my 10 gallon has 1 female half moon betta named Mimi. Accompanied by 8 ember tetra and 2 zebra loaches. My most recent tank is a 20 long that i just set up a betta sorority with 7 vieltail females. The bettas are fighting a bit but its been less than 24 hours. I'll watch close but I might be taking two back to the store. So that's it. 4 tanks and 30 fish later here I am. Hooked.
  13. H18


    My question Is how would you know what type of Disease is your fish suffering from. I'm new so go easy on me Lips fins have white spots they have no color they are grey
  14. Hello all! My name is Teddy I have recently started a new Betta tank (my first aquarium!). I set everything up. Hard scaped with Spectrastone gravel, WonderStone, Granite, and Malaysian Driftwood. I then added plants, filled it up, and added Aqueon water conditioner. I let this tank cycle for a day and then added Multi-purpose StartSmart Complete to start a bacteria culture, Seachem Flourish, and Seachem Flourish Iron. I then added my Betta and tested the water with the API water testing kit. Everything was normal and in a good range except for ammonia. I'm already up at 1ppm and I'm wondering if this is dangerous. If so should I do a water change or buy some ammo lock? Or should I wait a day to see what happens? I should also mention that I tested my tap water that I used and it came up as 0ppm. Thank you!
  15. Hello Everyone and Thank you for taking the time to help me understand what is going on. I am new to this hobby and I unfortunately was given some bad advice from the Bix Box Pet stores. My kids wanted to get a fish tank. I love animals so I was all for it. We went to the Bix Box pet store and purchased a 25 gallon bow front tank kit. I asked the worker what I needed to get the tank started and they sold me some API quick start and API stresszyme for water conditioning. the worker said come back tomorrow and you can get your fish. not knowing much about the hobby I read the bottle of quick start and it said instantly add fish so I believed what I was told. After putting the fish in(5 mollies and 3 Zebra Danios) I started doing some research on fish keeping(probably should have done that before diving in to this hobby) I quickly learned about the nitrogen cycle and how important it is. Over the past week I have been religiously reading everything I can to try and do the right things to keep my fish healthy. Now to the issue. Once I learned how the process happens I started testing my water twice a day(am and pm). I also purchased Seachem Prime based on some forums and youtube videos I have watched to help detoxify the ammonia and let the Beneficial Bacteria start to grow. I am dosing that every 24 hours. 2 days ago my ammonia jumped up to 1ppm in the morning. I called my Local Fish store and asked if they had any used filter media that I could put in my HOB. They gave me two decent size pieces and a I bought a Bio Ball and jammed all that in the filter. I know any amount of ammonia is toxic to fish and can do serious harm even death. This morning I measured my ammonia and it was still at what looks like 1ppm. the fish were happy and swimming fine and eating very well. Also this morning I dosed the tank again with quick start in hopes that if there are any bacteria in that bottle that are alive they will process the ammonia. Questions I have How long should it take for that used filter that may or may not have BB on it it start multiplying to be able to handle the load of the tank? Am I putting my fish at risk with the 1ppm ammonia level even thought the Prime seems to be Detoxing the ammonia? I also have plans on Hot Rodding my HOB based on a video i watched last night that Cory did and was wondering when I should do that, should I let the tank get established with what media I have in the filter then slowly change over to a coarse sponge and bio media?
  16. Hello all, My son (6yo) has become really interested in keeping fish, so I've been researching a lot/watching youtube videos, etc. I'm new to the hobby too, aside from the research I've done. I've purchased a 20 gallon high tank to go in his bedroom, and was hoping I could get some feedback on what I've tentatively come up with. Already got a sponge filter and air pump. I'm planning on having a co-worker run it in their tank for a few weeks to get some bacteria started in it so I can hopefully jump start my tank cycling. First of all, this does not conform to the 1 inch per gallon rule... It is more congested than that, which has me a bit worried about it possibly requiring more periodic maintenance than desired. I'm hoping to get away with water changes/etc once weekly or less once the tank is fully established. I wanted the tank to be kind of exciting/interesting for my son, so I'm thinking a community fish tank with a "centerpiece" fish. 6 x neon tetra 6 x zebra danio 1 x honey gourami (male) 5 x pygmy corydora 3 x amano shrimp 2 x nerite snails Does this sound reasonable, or should I take some things out to reduce the bioload? I'm thinking about putting some plants in too, although I don't have those selected yet. When looking at the different inhabitants required water parameters, I came up with using this spreadsheet I threw together. The pH window seems kind of tight. I'm not sure how hard it is to regulate pH. Any insight you could provide on this would be helpful. I haven't tested my tap water yet... I ordered some master test kits for that last week that haven't come in yet. Temp Min (F) Temp Max (F) KH Min KH Max pH Min pH Max Water Parameters 72 77 6 8 7 7.5 Originally, I was thinking about getting silvertip tetras instead of the neon tetras and zebra danios due to their neat behavior where they will kind of swarm to your fingers when you put them on the glass, but I was deterred by what I was reading about possible nipping/aggressiveness. For substrate, I'm thinking about sand due to the corydoras. I guess I would need to supplement that with root tabs when I start planting. Thoughts and opinions are appreciated!
  17. New to the hobby! I just added a pair of mountain minnows two weeks ago. I am lucky enough to be local to aquarium co-op... Brought them home and could easily see that the female had a very full belly, but thought nothing of it. Well, I got lil ones all over. About 15! That's all good but I think maybe I ought to get the breeding pair separated. Thoughts from the community on this? Rehoming one or the other etc.
  18. Hello all. Brand spanking new here. Hope to learn slot and meet some great people. I haven't been fish keeping long...maybe a year or so but have got caught up in the hobby. I have 8 tanks as of this post but I'm always looking.
  19. Hello All, I am new to fishkeeping and the forum here. Currently have one 10 gallon I started earlier this year for my young girls. Artificial tank with 4 Crystal danios, 1 zebra danio and a guppy with a few Nerite snails. I also have a Fluval Spec V that I have just set up and cycled with plants and am looking at stocking options. I would love to stock it with 2 or 3 scarlet badis, some dwarf pencilfish and a couple assassin snails (to eat the leftovers from the scarlet badis). Looking forward to learning lots, CyclonEngineer
  20. Thank you guys so much for the help and advice! My first tank is up and running! Fingers crossed! If things go well, I'll have some shrimp, a couple of nerites, and a small school of tetras in a couple weeks.
  21. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the hobby. About a year ago I set up my first planted tank - it's a 37 gallon which is 24" tall, I'm running it on a canister filter. Now that's it's filing out the plants are getting crowded and 'm finding it way too tall to maintain. I would like to swap it out for a 40 gallon breeder. My question is this: do I need to cycle the tank again if I move all the plants, hardscape, and filter to the new tank? The only thing that will be new is the tank & substrate. Thank you!
  22. Hello I'm Steve and new here and to fish keeping.
  23. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Two months ago I had never even thought of having an aquarium. After randomly watching a youtube video, and then another, and another, and discovered Cory and Aquarium Co-Op, and Dean, and another, and another.....I now have three aquariums. I am only using 1 so far, because I could realize I was rushing into things haha, but I have plans for the others. Excited to be a part of this Forum and I will add pictures as I get it all up and rolling. I hope to chat with you all!
  24. Hello all from The Lake District UK! Loving the YouTube content and always learning more and more listening in on Cory's podcasts/Live streams. It's fantastic what the Aquarium Coop team are doing to promote the hobby as well as keeping a business going. As a relatively new fish keeper (around 8 months or so now). Am finding that one way or another I'm accumulating more tanks 1 at a time and always wanting to try something different. My largest setup at the moment is my 180L (47 US Gallon Bowfront) community tank that I rarely need to change water in, if at all. Plants like the guppy grass and hornwort grow for fun as well as the Broadleaf stem plants (of which I can't remember the name of 😬). I've always got plenty of platy and molly fry on the go in there, and have to take around 30 into the LFS at a time to keep numbers down, and considering I don't really have hard water, they still seem to thrive. My question is, what would make a nice centre piece fish with the rest of the community, or even a few larger fish that would stand out again the usual smaller community fish?? I know Cory has answered this a few times in past videos, but I wondered what the community thought and could suggest, as well as a bit of an intro to the rest of the NERMS out there 👌 Thanks! Aaron
  25. Hello , im Jeffrey from the Netherlands. I Just started keeping fish. Watched many vids from aquarium Coop for advies. Had some issues with my small tank 60L (dont know gallons). But the vids helped me verry mutch. Now its time tot enjoy!
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