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  1. Good morning. Recentlu my wife suggested we add a master bath onto our bedroom. I said can I put a fish tank in it? She said yes. So my plan is to add 2’ to the end wall and build either a 125 or a 180 gallon planted tank into the wall. My plan is to surround the tank with cabinetry which would work as both storage for linens as well as storage for tank components. Any thoughts? Any reasons why it’s a bad idea? Any ideas on what the tank and plants could cost? An I crazy for thinking I could do it for under $2000? Thanks jeff
  2. This project has been in the works for months and I'm so excited to share it with everyone! I've done a lot of research on stand building and my husband took a one-on-one class from a master furniture maker in the area. So hopefully between those two things, this stand will turn out looking decent. First things first--the plan. I used SketchUp to render the plan in 3D. This was *immensely* helpful and I highly recommend anyone do this who's thinking of building a stand. You can get a 30 day free trial, which is plenty of time to do what you need. Front view: Back view: (No don't worry it won't be these colors--I'll explain the colors later.) My goal was for this stand to hold a 75 gallon on top and some 10 gallons length-wise on the bottom (with room above them to do maintenance), have a storage cabinet big enough for a 5 gallon bucket, and a middle shelf for storage. I also wanted it to look vaguely like a piece of furniture. Here's a sketch-up with a 55 on top and two 10 gallons and one 5 gallon on the bottom. There will be a door on the cabinet eventually, but that's something I can add later. I followed the basic strategy that the King of DIY outlines in his youtube videos. The weight of the aquariums must be supported directly on the stand's legs. So each of the six legs has two parts--an outer, solid piece that directly supports the weight of the top, and inner pieces that stack around the middle shelf, directly supporting the weight of the top frame. The top and bottom shelf have a frame underneath (edges in pink) with joists (brown) running front-to-back. The different colors represent different sizes of wood. We (read: my husband) used our neighbor's planer to plane 2x4's down in order to get rid of the rounded edge. We're hoping it makes the piece look more legit. Fuchsia is 3.5" by 1.125" Green is 2.75" by 1.5" Brown is a regular 2x4 (3.5" by 1.5") White is flat board--3/4" thick on the shelves, and 1/4" thick on the sides of the cabinet One reason we planed 2x4s instead of buying nicer wood without the curved edges is that we already had a ton of 2x4s lying around. Plus wood is really expensive right now! So using what we had made sense in a lot of ways. Today was a beautiful day so I cut all the pieces I'll need. I've never done all my cuts before starting assembly before, and there's no way I would have done it without the SketchUp plans. But I cut the pieces for the frame and then realized I didn't have the right screws, so I decided to keep cutting while I had energy and everything was set up. My work station: My work buddies: (In the background you can see the project that led to us having a ton of 2x4s: the chicken coop!) Here's all the wood that's going to go into the stand. It's a lot. This thing is going to be soooooo heavy.
  3. Have you ever wanted to build a tank in the 150 gallon range from glass or acrylic? Have you done it? Where could one find design plans for that and for custom wooden stands?
  4. Edit: Read to bottom for start of 75 gallon false bottom tank So I’ve had a 29 gallon tank setup for about a year now that’s happily producing a slowly expanding colony of otocinclus and habrosus corydoras. Breeding both has been a goal for a while, so that’s been fun. Due to the year being what it is, the tank has been pretty, ugly, and pretty ugly at times. The water is always clean, but I haven’t always kept up with the plant maintenance. The hard scape got removed to be cleaned after it got covered in algae, and once the crypts grew in I just never put it back.
  5. I love the minimalist style the Coop's racks. So I set out to do a similar setup, and it's coming together well. I planned on doing a couple 55 gallon tanks mixed with 20 gallon ones since they are the same width. Now that the $1 sale has started, I looked at my local Petco, and they have no 55s right now, but there were 75s. So now I'm thinking about the added width/weight. Cory has said the weight with glass tanks are carried on the corners. I think if I use thicker or two bolts at each corner it'd be alright. An alternative would be to double up the vertical 2x4s. Thoughts?
  6. I would like to build a small aquarium stand like the one in this video from The King of DIY. I have a few questions, as I'm pretty new to any carpentry. First, you have to pick out straight boards from the hardware store. Will this be easier if I go to a lumber store/yard instead of a big box hardware store? I expect there would be an associated increased cost, but if it saves me a significant amount of time, I'd be ok with that. (Within reason.) My other concern is making straight cuts. I think there aren't many ways to cut corners on this (lol.) I'm trying to find a friend that can do the job for me, or maybe someone on taskrabbit or Craigslist. I just KNOW it is super easy for SOMEONE out there! I am extremely limited on space (3rd floor apartment, the only area I can work in is a small balcony. It's enough space to put the rack together, but I can't buy a table saw or the like.) Any other tips for building this, or recommendations for building stuff in tiny spaces? I'm planning to have it hold two 10gal tanks, so it will be smaller than the one in the video. I've done my share of DIY and crafty stuff, but this one... this one needs to be RIGHT or there will be a disaster! Lol
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