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  1. Hello, I have been in the hobby just shy of a year. I've had ups and downs but I attribute a lot of my success to watching copious amounts of YouTube and of course 75% I'm sure have been Aquarium Coop. I am not much of a social media person, but I figured if I am going to continue this hobby, I might as well try to get in the loop and on occasion, interact with humans. My youtube addiction followed shortly with Multiple Tank Sydrome and collector-itis. I currently have 7 tanks with fish: 55 gallon 20 gallon 29 gallon x2 10 gal x2 5 gallon Stocking in my tanks : Black emperor tetras Black phantom tetras Rummynose tetras Boesmani rainbows Albino corydoras Panda corys Pygmy corys Brochis Emerald green corys Japanese trap door snails Amano shrimp Honey gouramis 1 female apistogramma panduro Otocinclus Panda garras Myers hillstream loaches Adf's Gray kuhli loaches OG single Petco Guppy OG single teacup platy A few glo danios for my son's tank Miscellaneous uninvited snails My 5 gallon was my QT, but I ended up with some Taiwanese green and orange swordtail guppies and several of their fry, so they are in there for now. They are impossible to photograph, they're so fast! My honey gouramis laid eggs but only 2 fry survived. I tried to photograph them. They were born months ago but are still very small. Plans for the future... 1. My 20 gallon used to look a lot better but it kind of got destroyed when the honey gouramis forced me to break it up and try my best at a nursery (the one with the pyramid) I plan to re-do it and make it into a cool cherry shrimp abode, now that it should be well seasoned. 2. Relocate the Taiwanese guppies out of QT 3. New desired tank setups: single betta tank and single pea puffer tank. Anyway, please excuse the messy tanks and algae on the glass, but here are some pics. I'm excited to be here and "meet" everyone. 😊
  2. Hello all, Long time coop fan and fishtube watcher. Been a wall flower for a while from live streams to video comment sections. Im only a couple years into the hobby and am currently building out my fish room and learning how to breed various fish from guppies to apistos. Just started breeding angel fish and really loving that. Honestly i am not sure what all to put in here 🤔. I am extremely interested in finding nerms around me in Central Oregon. Its not a big area but i really wish there was a club. I am curently at 13 tanks and looking to expand. The wife just approved me expanding the fishroom!
  3. I received my first aquarium as a Christmas gift when I was 10 years old. My first fish was a Gourami. I've had many fish and many tanks and just love watching my fish. I currently am breeding Salt and Pepper Corydora's that I purchased about 3 or 4 years ago from The Wet Spot. These were wild caught fish and have done very well in my 80 gallon planted tank. They are getting old and are "timing out" one by one now. I have enjoyed sharing their fry with friends and family. I also have a some Danio fry from my long fin Leopard Danios, a variety of cherry shrimp, 4 mystery snails and a loach in my 30 gallon tank.
  4. hello from Oregon. I am feeling like a total newbie even if i grew up having multiple fish tanks. my last fish tanks were back in the `80s. before the internet and forums and home computers so i am struggling. I have four white clouds right now and a huge wish list! a thousand questions that I am sure have been answered as many times.
  5. Hi, everyone. My name is Dade (rhymes with lemonade) and I live in Portland, Oregon. I've been a fish-keeper off and on since I was about 8 or 9 years old, but I am by no means an expert. I'm here to learn and to share stories. Right now, I've got 2 tanks: Dragon tank It's a 5.5 gallon tank, planted, low-light, with a betta named Zeus and a mystery snail. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4axpr7odxjuisaf/2021-03-12%2015.14.06.jpg?dl=0 Big Tree tank 60 gallon high, planted, moderate light, with a betta named Old Turtle Man. His tank mates are various tetras, platys, sterba corys, and a bristlenose pleco named The Keeper. Cannister filter. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0as8lr5wwxfekgy/2021-03-13%2016.28.58.jpg?dl=0 Both bettas are confirmed shrimp killers, I'm afraid. Anyway, I found out about Aquarium Co-op from YouTube and it seems like a good community. Sincerely, Dade Cariaga
  6. Heyo! Just poking my head in to say hi and introduce myself! I'm just getting back into the hobby after about... 10 years out of it. My, things have changed! We (my partner and I) just moved to southern Oregon from the Seattle area, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't stop into the shop before we moved! Back in the day I had a 30 gal heavily planted community tank with some janky DIY CO2 (that did the trick, I have to say!) So far I have a single newly started and cycled planted 5 gal betta tank that needs to grow up a little. Plans are in the works for a 20 gal long and a 40-50 gal community tank, but those are a little ways down the road. I'm glad to have found another tank forum, and I'm looking forward to gleaning some knowledge and hopefully sharing a little once I remember what's what! 🙂
  7. I'm loving this new thing. At 60 it's awesome to keep trying scary things. Reaching out like this is one of those things for an introvert. My husband and I (mainly me, but he has enjoyed them) got started with fish tanks a little over 2 years ago with a $80 craigslist 20 long inclusive kit. Which turned into (as of now almost $1500 later) a 55 gallon. Scary to think how those things happen. Then recently I wanted a tank for my desk since the 55 sits on our bar that passes through from our kitchen to our living room. Most days I see it in passing and maybe for an hour or two while the light is on. So for my desk, that I'm at for hours we got a 6.8. It does the trick and our Fuzz kitty loves the company. Our most recent additions (two weeks ago) are "free" tanks that a friend gave us, a 29 and a 20. Those free things! The 29 is the first tank that my husband has ever picked the fish for. I guess it will be more work, I was told by some of the nice people on the site that I may have to do water changes more often because of the load, but if it makes him this happy, "totally worth it". He even has his Tardis in the background. (We are Dr. Who (BBC) fans.) Thanks for the opportunity to connect.
  8. Hiya gang, New guy Nate here. Artist and professor by trade out in ruuuuural eastern oregon. Was into the hobby back in my grade school days, and am excited to climb back into the aqua-saddle. Discovered SerpaDesign randomly on youtube at the start of le apocalypse, which led me to MD Tanks which led me to Cory and Aquarium co-op. Waiting for my Marineland 5 gal. portrait to arrive this week but I'm already craving the Fiji Cube 38 gal. peninsula! Any tips for a newbie starting with one of these newfangled all-in-one doohickeys? I'm likely gonna mostly focus on flora, but I'm sure I'll get the shrimp bug before too long. Excited to play with some meaty substrates and attempt some self-sufficient tank ecosystems. I'll be making a pilgrimage to Aquarium Co-op soon! No pics of the tank yet, but these are our aquascaping supervisors Sagan and Finster. Sagan, the orange fat one, is lounging in front of the future home of le tank. I'm a ceramic person by trade, so let's spitball custom cave, planter and decoration ideas! I'm also thinking i might just manufacture my own porous ceramic bio-media ⚪⚪⚪🤷🏽🥸? Nate + Co.
  9. Hello I'm Adeena! My family are first time fish keepers. We have a 29 gallon tank with just a few plants in it that we plan on putting some glofish tetra's, neon tetras and cherry shrimp. We have our first 2 glofish in quarantine at them moment as we only got them this afternoon! ( My kids are beyond excited). I do plan getting more glofish as I know they like to be in groups of 5 or more, but I was told by the employee at petco that we should start with 2 and add slowly so we don't get big amonia spikes( I would love advice or input on this). I look forward to being a part of this community and learning all I can about this hobby.
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Sydney and I live in Roseburg Oregon. I kept fish as a child in a bowl, and in August of this year I bought a 6.8 gallon tank and dove right into this hobby. Currently I have a betta, pond snails, baby Ramshorn snails, and plants in the 6.8 (50W heater). I also got a 20H I got at the end of October because my betta had killed two nerite snails I tried to add, and then I noticed him pecking at my grandpa Ramshorn snails so I moved the snails into the 20H. Currently in the 20H (aquarium co-op sponge filter no heater), I have 2 grandpa Ramshorn snails, an assassin snail, a bunch of pond snails, 4 horned nerite snails, 4 low grade cherry shrimp (they were culls), and a bunch of plants. I included images of the 6.8 and the 20H but the 20H has algae on the glass so the image isn't too great. The 6.8 gallon tank I have has a built in sump filter that I do not like and I have been running the sump at the lowest setting I can and have a sponge filter going with the usb nano air pump. Is this too much flow for my betta fish?
  11. Hello all! I'm Nat from Oregon, mom of a toddler and fish obsessed, thanks to the Youtube channel by Cory and crew at the Coop. Got my first real tank in January and have since taken over our home with my current count of an even dozen fish tanks of varying sizes. I have so far been enjoying nano fish, rescuing bettas from other owners, collecting a few too many free fish tanks (to my husband's chagrin), propagating plants, and overall just covering every available counter space with these little ecosystems that brighten my day (every day except maintenance day 😌 lol. So far a highlight has been breeding corydoras (on purpose) and accidentally breeding my celestial pearl danios and ember tetras. As I was initially inspired by some beautiful Takashi Amano aquascapes on pintrest, I've been trying my best at some beginner low tech aquascaping. Someday I aspire to some more highly aquascaped tanks, but I'll have to reduce my number of aquariums first before getting into the more high tech/high maintenance world. For now, I'm enjoying watching my toddler say hello to the fish, name their species, and help me with feeding them - hoping I am fostering some more love of nature, as well as modeling how to take care of pets and make time for my own hobbies (aside from regular household chores). I currently have set up: 55 gallon, 40 breeder, 2x 20 gallon long tanks, 15 long, 15 column, 4x 10 gallon tanks, 2x5 gallon tanks. Trying to reduce my number of tanks soon, so most of these are pretty understocked. Stock I have currently: bettas (2), neon tetras (30ish), cardinal tetras (9), ember tetras (12), gold white cloud mountain minnows (7), neon green rasboras (18), african dwarf frogs (2), celestial pearl danios (2), nerite snails (2), pink ramshorn snails (lots??), hillstream loach (1), paleatus corydoras (12), trilineas corydoras (10), sterbai corydoras (6), similus corydoras (6), pygmy corydoras (7) and gold laser corydoras (6). Oh and about a million bladder snails lol. Someday I'll get a pea puffer. I've also kept bristlenose plecos, pearl gourami, and electric blue ram - these I rehabbed and rehomed as they came with purchases of some aquariums. I'd love to keep them all again though! They were great fish with awesome behavior, just didn't fit in with the tank setups I had going on at the time. Happy to be here, and hoping to learn a lot! Here's some pics of my setups, most of these pics are within the last week or so:
  12. Greetings from Oregon! My name is Jennifer, though most people call me J, Jen, or simply Mantooth. I have been around the hobby for most of my life, though I decided about 6 months ago to finally get some tanks of my own. I started with a 10 gallon tank, but I am now up to 20 tanks of my own. My partner decided he wanted to hop on the bandwagon and has 10 tanks of his own, with the understanding they are essentially mine too. LOL! Our tanks are mostly evenly split between large-ish (75-120 gallon range) and small-ish (5-55 gallon range). I am a Goldfish and Betta nut and he is a big fan of catfish and bottom feeders, though we have a ridiculous amount of schooling fish and shrimp too. If you asked me what kind of fish was my favorite, my answer would be, yes. I am a Programmer by trade, but I am looking forward to chatting with everyone about geeky fish stuff, instead of just the geeky tech stuff I hear about all day. Not that I don't enjoy talking about Star Trek/Wars, the latest in server security, or what RPG everyone is into right now, but I like other things too. I am also pretty sure my friends will be glad they are off the hook about yet another fish story, usually complete with photos. I try not to be THAT fish parent, but its hard when they are just so darn cute. Now I just have to remember how forums work. Pretty sure I haven't used a forum since the early 2000's... 😉 Working on my fish photography. It has become rather obvious I need to invest in some brighter/faster lenses to get this right. Here are a few fish pics, some from DSLR, some on phone. 🙂
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