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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to breeding fish. So, I am going to get some of these delta guppies. What kind of females do I get? Petsmart has the fancy blue, silver, and yellow. They don't have female delta guppies. Would any of these be okay? Also is the ratio 1:3 male female a good rule of thumb?
  2. Ric B


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3sksyd1hn9pfxs/20210102_095245.jpg?dl=0I recently bought some guppies to breed. I wanted to know what strain of guppy is this female guppy?
  3. Hi all! Short version (tl;dr): Newly added female guppy immediately started harassing established female guppy, which quickly devolved into an ongoing fight with no one backing down. What is the best course of action? Full story: Our display tank is a 20g high, stocked with 1 female guppy (we'll call her the "old female"), 1 female platy, and 5 zebra danios. Everyone is very peaceful and gets along well. Tank has been running for three months, is fully cycled, and has lots of hiding spots and line of sight breaks (no live plants, but "lush" with fake plants). We've had another male and female pair of guppies in a quarantine tank for 4 weeks with no signs of illness and never any hostility towards each other. The female even dropped fry in the quarantine tank and the adults ignored them despite no hiding spots! So I finally moved the new guppies over to the display tank today, and after cleaning up for a few minutes, I came back to observe. The male guppy was exclusively and AGGRESSIVELY harassing the old female, who is close to twice the size of either of the two new guppies. The old female was mostly tolerating it, but trying to focus on her algae grazing. However, the new female was right there with them and she also started harassing the old female- lasered in on her and pecking at her sides. This continued for a little bit until the old female started fighting back, and then they went at each other for several minutes until I used my net to separate them. Unfortunately this was not a serious solution and the old female found the new female again and immediately went after her. At this point, I removed the new female and put her back into the QT. I also turned the lights off in the main tank for the rest of the day to reduce stress and skipped the evening feed. As far as I can tell everything has been fine since then. I tried to research female guppies fighting, but couldn't find much info out there- doesn't seem all that common. My best guess is that the male saw a large female for the first time and released a hormone explosion into the water, which made the ladies go bonkers?? My plan right now is to reintroduce the new female in a breeder box in the next day or two and let everyone get accustomed to each other's presence before the fully releasing her. Good plan? Is this normal behavior? Any other thoughts/suggestions? Thanks so much in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond. This is our/my first tank since I was a kid and I am super into it! I'll be happy to provide more info if needed.
  4. So I want to take a couple of females from a colony situation to match them up with a specific male. I know that female guppies can store sperm. So how long should I keep the females separate from the colony to ensure the fry I get are in fact the fry from the male I put them with? Thanks in advance.
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