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Found 21 results

  1. My whiteclouds overwintered in the Pacific NW. Just look at that green water! I've been putting my plant cuttings from my tanks in here for about the last month (not shown here because I was doing a water change and cleaning). I put some stuff from the bottom in a jar for a little experiment for my granddaughter. It has some salvinia floating on top. I'm excited to see how it goes this year. I really wasn't expecting much since it's such a small amount of water. How fun for the grand kids to learn.
  2. Okay for those that follow this 10 gallon tank was my first tank it also started MTS with me, but in the beginning it has the trio of guppies which had 2 sets of fry about a year ago, they got moved into a 20gL, which left this tank partially drained for a month or two which somehow became a cyclops tank all by itself which I tried to Nuke with periclens cuz I thought they were parasites lol, before someone here told me what they, which for the longest I used it as a "death tank" just a tank full of Cyclops and snails that Id put all the dead fish, all the dead plants, everything I didn't want in any other tanks into it and just let it rot away, no filter, no Air, then one day I decide you know what let's do that, I add a 150w led (23w) and a 10g sponge, and boom green water, I add a hang on the back and some hornwort trying to clear it up, but nope, but water parameters were good so I added four silver Molly males now my question is do I still feed them as normal because Molly's are algae eaters too a point and it's a giant tank of algae, so do I still need to feed them as regular or do I need to change something here, cuz personally tamales are doing absolutely amazing and I kind of grown fond of the green color almost it's just different than all the others cuz it's my only green one
  3. I'm recently getting back into the hobby, and I've seen various references to Ultraviolet technology used to "purify" water. Seems pricy. Will this make for a happier ecosystem, or have folks experienced some unintended consequences? (Benefits vs. risks)
  4. I’m back again!!! This tank I swear!! Lol. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. 😬 Ok, so I was having a ton of trouble when I switched my substrate to all purpose sand. Weird fuzzy stuff growing, horrible hair algae and then green water so thick you couldn’t see anything.the algae was so bad it ruined my decorations. L So I scooped all of that out and replaced it with fluval stratum, I also bought a UV filter since my four nerite snails are not keeping up with the algae like my two mystery snails did. Well....the UV filter is supposed to just clip onto my hang on back, however it is the exact same size and the spot it is supposed to snuggle into and so it will not attach. I don’t have a lot of money and would really like to make this work. Has anyone managed to rig their UV filters to work for their tanks? Thanks in advanced!!!
  5. I ordered some guppies a while back and all but one died. I don't know why, but anyway, I kept her in the 10g and green water happened. I have been trying forever to make green water inside. I was going to set up a daphnia tank, but figured that this mysterious green water tank was perfect. The daphnia is coming in tonight.... And she dropped fry in pea soup. What is the best option? Can the fry co-exist with the daphnia? At this point the daphnia will be bigger than the fry. Thanks.
  6. I was running a Ziss filter in a tank with a bunch of mystery snails and guppies and the water went green. I took the tank down and the Ziss filter has been dry for a few months. Can the media be replaced or cleaned so I can use it in a different tank without starting green water again?
  7. Hello, I have been having for sometime 6 or 8 months this problem in my aquarium. It go from green to white cloudy water then it gets clear and them go back to either green or white water color. I see to have at the bottom some green algae sometime it see to be black. My tank is a 46 gallons and house it 10 Black long fin tetras, 4 red eyes tetra, 3 Platy and 4 serpae tetra. I have 2 java fern plants that are doing really good. I do not use anything for the plants. Filtration, I have 2 each 30 gallon aqua clear and one medium sponge filter from Co-op. What can I do to get this under control?
  8. The struggle is real...but also entertaining:
  9. Hey guys, long time follower of the hobby and AQ Co-Op, but first time poster. I currently run a 10 gallon guppy fry grow out tank, small breeding for profit operation, but my water in said tank always seem to be green. I don't have any huge excess of algae on the tank wall, do 50% water changes weekly, and feed the Serra Micron food. I have tried and tried to get it back to clear, but to no avail. Any input?
  10. have what i think is green water and bought a uv filter bulb was wondering how long it should take to remove if it is green algea
  11. I had green water problem that won't go a way on my 60gallon have try everything I have reduced lighting hours increase water changes covered my tank with cover and left light of for 5days so I got a fluval uvc clarifier it been going one week but has not had any effect any one use fluval uvc clarifier had problem with it or any one have any ideas to get rid of my green water problem
  12. I've got 2 completely green 5 gallon tanks and a 20L that leans green all the time, sometimes worse than others. And my 55-gallon has been murky for 2 weeks and I'm wondering if it's going green too. So...I'm a little frustrated and want to find a way to clear it. Have any of you ever done this? Added daphnia to a tank that had green water? Did it work? I'm thinking I wouldn't need very many and then the fish will enjoy them as a treat too. Any advice on trying this method of clearing the water? And I do have a reserve of green water brewing in another bucket, and will be setting up a tank for green water eventually. Thanks everybody.
  13. So out of all my tanks, I have one tank that tends to keep green water. I have been struggling with this tank now having green water for six years. I tried to reset this 35g hex tank two years ago by removing all the substrate (sand and dirt) and replaced it with ecocomplete (3" depth. Plants in it are: 1- aquarium dwarf lily, 2- amazon swords, a full thick carpet of dwarf sag, a row of ijungle val in the very back behind the amazon swords, and frogbit that covers roughly 1/4 of the top. A few months ago I discontinued using root tabs. In regards to liquid fertilizers, A while back I was using dry ferts mixed but switched over to easy green liquid fertilizer. I have for the last month discontinued even easy green. Current nitrate levels are beneath 10 ppm. The aquarium does have 1 Nicrew Gen2 Classic on it for light, with a dimmer bringing it to 75%. Natural sunlight does get on the tank for roughly an hour each day (7 - 8 am). The light schedule is 6 am - 10 am., and 6pm to 10 pm (8 hours total). Like all my tanks I do supplement with passive CO2 (257ml for this one) daily. So my fellow fish nerms, I was wondering what is your suggestions for my next step? Should I test for phosphate or any other nutrient? And if so what tests would you recommend. Currently I use API liquid master test kit and I use the easy test strips by tetra. I do also have the API test strips too. After six years with this tank, I am at a complete loss on how to stop the green water. I am considering going back to using a UV sterilizer. I don't mind a little bit of cloudy water as long as I can see the fish, but having green soup is no fun. Edit: The current filter is the moving bed the Coop sales. Which btw is working great.
  14. I had a set up a 29g tank near a window a few months ago. It quickly became filled with green water. I had intended it to be a tank for misfits and extra fish instead of culling them. I started it with a some danios, 2 plecos and a Gourami, recently I added over a dozen Endlers and Swordtails from another tank. I could barely see the fish but I could see enough to tell they were doing fine. I routinely checked the water parameters and never saw nitrites and nitrates above zero. I figure the algae was eating it all up. I also had a sponge filter from the beginning and recently added a HOB. I left for a week over Thanksgiving returning just yesterday. During that time, the tank completely cleared up. It is the clearest tank I've ever had now. Crystal clear. Also, the bad news, I tested the water as soon as I returned and as I feared the nitrites and nitrates had spiked, once all the algae died off they could not consume the nitrites and nitrates and the bacteria was not at sufficient levels to consume convert them. Surprisingly none of the fish had died and were not even acting weird. I have added more plants, done about a 50% water change and added some Prime trying to give the beneficial bacteria time to catch up. I will also reduce feeding and may even remove some fish if the nitrites don't go down. I did not find a lot of good info about green water on the internet. Anyone had a similar experience? Am I off base on my assumptions?
  15. I have been trying to set up a Daphnia, tank for stable food supply. I have not seen much growth let alone the prolific growth your article: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/daphnia-culturing-how-to-raise-daphnia describes here despite strict adherence to your recommendations from the article. I have an aqueon 50 on this tank with one of aquarium coops coarse foam filters covering the intake ( and an airstone) Could I be killing the Daphnia, with this filter? Matt
  16. AJE


    What is the best advice for a daphnia culture? Do I put them in direct sunlight?
  17. My first attempt at making green water started about 19 days ago. I put in an old decaying catappa leaf and a few squirts of easy green. I've left the light on almost 24/7 and the water did start to turn green about 3 days ago. The whole purpose of culturing the green water was because I wanted it to feed to various fry. Something in my gut told me to test the water before I fed them. I used a test strip to test the water and the nitrites where very high. A solid dark pink, indicating 10ppm. It can't be safe to feed to my fish correct? Should I wait and let it balance out longer? How does one know when exactly green water is safe to feed to your young fry?
  18. I have a 20 long tank that runs a little green. And by little, I mean, there's always a little tint to the water, but never cloudy. The water is always fairly clear and I've not had blooms that I've noticed. Usually, if the tint gets a little greener than I'm happy with, we just do a 25-50% water change, limit the light for a day, and it's all good. The tank has run this pattern for several months. A little background on the tank, it's only housed a red-tail botia loach and rams horn snails regularly for several months. There has been the odd crooked-spine guppy now and then until a few weeks ago. I run 2 medium sponge filters in it. I've added 2 squirts of Easy Green the last 3 Mondays. 2 weekends ago, we added some substrate (aquarium gravel) and crushed coral, and added some driftwood. We also removed some potted plants and added some other planted plants. And we added 13 Green Tiger Barbs (who'd spent over 3 weeks in the medicated QT tank). The light is new. It's a Nicrew ClassicLED Gen 2 and I keep in at 50% white lights only and it's on for 10-11 hours a day. I've noticed the last couple of days, it's been the slightest bit cloudy. Not like a bloom, but just not crystal clear like usual. Parameters: Ammonia - 0 Nitrates - 10 Nitrites - 0 GH - 200 Chlorine - 0 KH - 100 pH - 7.6 Temp 76* So what makes the water green? And check out the video. That is at 8x magnification on my Galaxys10e Pro Video. That is definitely lots of life teeming in the water. Any idea what that is? And you're welcome for the close up of a rams horn snails' egg clutch. At more magnification, you can see each egg in its little pouch...quite amazing! I appreciate y'all's input! Thank you for reading. Alesha (akconklin)
  19. I always have a lot of hydras in my aquariums and sometimes they can try my patience as you will see here. I am trying to feed the baby sparkling gouramis but the hydras can seemingly eat their weight in baby brine shrimp or baby Daphnia. But I have never seen one injure even the smallest fry and they are fascinating denizens in their own right. I seem to have at least 3 species of hydra in the tank. Green ones, black ones, and pale orange ones. Or maybe they are just morphs of the same species?
  20. Either you have it and want to get rid of it, or you want it and can't grow it. 😂 For me it is the latter. I have read multiple online sources for how to start a greenwater culture, but it's not really working out. First, I am too cheap to go and specifically buy Mircacle grow fertilizer (I would use a pinch for this greenwater culture and then have a bag leftover.) I DO have a different plant fertilizer, Scott's slow release fertilizer, with a 10-10-10 ratio. Do you think this would work? I tried using old aquarium water with a bit of lettuce in it, outside on my balcony with no aeration. (3rd floor apartment) It became a gross goopy slimy mess, but no algae. After 3+ weeks I called it a loss. I am wondering if my balcony just doesn't get enough sun, but I've managed to grow a really tough pair of pepper plants (like, I stopped watering them and they survived the winter in Northern CA.) So it seems like that ought to be enough sun, right? Hornwort and other easy plants are growing ok in my makeshift 29gal pond too (also on balcony.) I am using a rather small container for the culture, like, maybe a half gallon, if that. Is this too small to start a culture? Space is kind of at a premium so I would rather not place an entire aquarium out there. What is the best way to start this culture? I do not have access to a starter culture. Should I try tank water and an algae wafer/fish food? Take a field trip to a local pond or lake for a sample? Tank water and the fert I have on hand? Could you do it with Easy Green or other liquid aquarium fert? I would think so, since there wouldn't be any plants in the water to compete for nutrients. Aeration? No aeration? Artificial light? (I would think the sun is better.) What has worked for you guys? I'm not in a particular rush but am expecting some fry in a few weeks (I hope!) and it is always nice to have on hand. Plus I'm kind of on a live cultures/fish food kick lately. (I'm eyeing daphnia next, but one step at a time!) Thanks all!
  21. This definitely looks like green algae water right? I did 1 week of no lights with 1 day of a short light period to not starve the plants i want. I'm in the middle of week two and I've since added excel paired with no lights to help combat it but it's tough. I also added purigen to the filter to see if it was a bacterial bloom and hoped that would help. When the tank was clear, it got about 8-9 hours of light and co2..which I'm not entirely sure how to measure. The bubble counter is about 1.5 bubbles/second and by the end of the day the co2 liquid was on the light side of green. I used to dose ferts while the water was clear, about 1 pump twice a week of easy green, but I've also stopped dosing ferts once it got cloudy. I've performed 2 water changes in the past two weeks. Current parameters are 0-0-5. Does anyone have any suggestions or should i continue the black out excel method and do another water change at the end of the week? Or maybe it is a bacterial bloom and i just need to wait it out. I couldn't find any bodies that may have caused it, but i really can't think of anything i missed. I'm super grateful for all suggestions.
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