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  1. First question is what is your water starting at? We have hard water here and even 9” of peat substrate doesn’t make much of a dent.
  2. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but just about all these framed tanks are made by the same company nowadays (same parent co). So there’s no meaningful difference between Aqueon and Marineland etc. Are they perfect? No. But the cost difference between perfect and this is substantial (look at ADA type prices). If they were a time bomb they wouldn’t keep selling them. Ive seen the pictures people take of tanks hanging off the edge of old IKEA furniture etc and I’m not surprised of some of the failures.
  3. Looks like a male, and so they won’t be nearly as heavy bodied. Just don’t want sunken in
  4. It’s common to see otos that look like this. I’m not sure it’s a good sign (or bad one, for that matter), but it’s not a sign of imminent death either.
  5. Measure the degassed pH of your tank when the least possible CO2 is in the water, then measure the pH when the CO2 level is highest. A difference of 1 unit of pH is equal to 30ppm. Don’t stress too much about this being a hard toxicity level though, because people often run a bit higher with shrimp. Just don’t go crazy, have some aeration or water movement (high 02 makes higher CO2 slightly safer), and you’ll be okay.
  6. A bit of Equilibrium or even baking soda in your change water will also solve the problem if you don’t mind dosing.
  7. On the extreme end of helping, we’ve sprung for swim bladder aspiration surgery. It was hundreds of dollars expensive, but helped for a couple of years until the fish passed. Was only because my wife was incredibly attached to the fish in particular. Xrays showed it only had one swim bladder, which was part of why it was so tough to regulate buoyancy. Otherwise, humane euthanasia is a responsible choice (we used clove oil when needed). The stupid life jackets and wheelchairs are fish abuse as far as I’m concerned (they all die from contact sores).
  8. No worries! Crushed calcium as a slow release source or Equilibrium dosed with each water change to get to 3dKH is a normal safe level. You might be fine if you don’t stock heavily, but it doesn’t hurt to have some buffer.
  9. It probably doesn’t matter. It’s worth getting a KH test kit because that affects pH, but otherwise most people won’t be able to do much with the other info
  10. I always do a water change myself, but I haven’t found any source that says you have to. When I was treating goldfish for gill flukes I was using a triple strength dose, so there’s room for double dosing with most fish
  11. This is an interesting experiment to follow https://www.plantedtank.net/forums/33-plants/876457-so-called-heavy-root-feeders-fact-fiction.html
  12. Can you? Yes. Would I trust those little filters with the lives of my aquatic animals? No. People do rig carbon block etc filters inline with the supply water to pull out chlorine and avoid needing dechlor, but they tend to be much bigger and more robust than the little fridge filters. You could always get a low range chlorine test kit to check
  13. Been slowly plugging away as time and baby allow. Got most of the filter plumbing in place. Just have to pick up some more pipe clamps, and paint the cross rails to match the stand. I chose to mount 1” ball valves on the pvc rather than using the plastic ones that came with the FX5. All the tubing is 1”. The intake line has my home made intake strainer on it, and the output is just long enough to be downstream of the intake. I’ll see how much current the filter alone creates, but there’s lots of room to add additional pumps still. The intake grates are coming along. I tried a few things, and right now settled on stainless steel sewn to plastic egg crate. It’s not a perfect dimensional fit, but good enough for a prototype. I lust after the 3D printed ones I’ve seen in videos though.
  14. Should be okay. Your challenge is just going to be having the coral keep up with the water changes goldfish require. Lots of people keep them in softer water though. Worst case, pick up some Equilibrium to dose the water with
  15. True, though I’ve never had med trio and/or wormer affect my plants
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