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  1. Hello My name is Toby and live in Canada. Just found that forum today and signed up right away. I am watching the aquarium co-op videos on youtube for some time now. Not a newbie to the aquarium hobby but after a 10 year break back at it and still loving it. Currently I have 13 tanks, 12- 20gallon long and a fluval bow front. Fish I am keeping at this moment apistogramma cacatuoides , panduro , ortegai , l134 leopard frog, l201 Orinoco angel, l129 Colombian zebra Looking forward to lots of reading, learning and sharing of information
  2. I have Easy Tabs!!! ❤ Ordered the minute we got the notification from @Cory. Less then 48hr later they are in my hands. I have some plants that need trimmed and replanted so I will be using them later this week. I had accidentally ordered Easy Iron when I ment to order Easy Green a few months ago. I held onto it and I am glad I did. I just added a couple Amazon Flame Swords and want those reds to pop. I will add that I support my lfs store but when I did the math it was way cheaper to get Easy Tabs. Thanks for all the hard work that was put into getting things to your neighbour's in the north. 🍁🇨🇦🍁
  3. Hi all, I am currently dealing with the worst bacterial infection I’ve ever had to deal with on my goldfish of 7 years. Vet is finally stumped so I bring you guys the case. My goldfish, named Booyah, is 7 years old. He’s lived in a 55g by himself for most of his life. For years, Booyah has had a couple red lines on his fins. Because he’s had it for so long, I didn’t think much of it. Three months ago, I bought a heater and raised the temperature in Booyah’s tank slowly over the course of two weeks. It was about 76F when I woke up one morning and realized Booyah was swimming in all manner of different ways. Assuming he was constipated, due to his fancy body shape, I fed him peas over the next week. With no change, and his eyes seemingly bulging, I moved to step two. I started looking for cures to what I believed was a bacterial infection, possibly Septicemia at the time. Being in Canada, it’s very difficult for me to obtain medications without a vet, and so I contacted the nearest one to me (2hrs), raced there and back with the vet’s prescription of Erythromycin, and began treatment. No change. Next attempt the vet prescribes Amoxicillin and Green Malachite, and there’s no improvement again—though I will say his popeye was noticeably better around this point. No change, once again. The red lines were getting worse, and my poor boy was losing color due to stress among many other things, and so the vet prescribed me a second round(??) of Erythromycin, which again did not work. It’s at this point where the vet said he was stumped and I had already exhausted hundreds of dollars in examination fees. The treatment has been ongoing for at least 2 months now, and I—as I’m sure many others are surprised that Booyah is even alive still. He has been fighting very hard. I treated Booyah with Kanaplex in his food, and again there has been no change. In the last two weeks, he’s grown what the vet believes to be lymphocytes on his tailfin, as well as showing virtually no improvement in his ability to swim or with the red lines. I have also been giving him Epsom baths every other day. I am unsure of what to take for the next step, so I’m kindly asking if you guys have any recommendations to please let me know. I should add that Booyah has recently been moved to a 20G hospital tank to administer treatment, but my vet prescribed all his previous treatments in his 55g tank, so I will provide the readings of the 55g as that’s been his home for the last ~6 years. Ammonia — 0PPM Nitrite — 0PPM Nitrates — 20PPM PH — 8.2 Temp — Avg.72, was turned up to 76-78, but has since been put back at 72. (About a month ago). I do weekly water changes of about 30%. Tank is 55g and has been set up for over 5 years. Booyah is the only fish in this tank, nothing new was added at the time of his illness. I feed Booyah omega goldfish pellets and have been for years. I also fed him frozen & thawed bloodworms at the time (have since stopped due to his inability to get them) and tried to feed him vegetables but he hates them for some reason. (Getting him to eat the peas was no easy feat). I have attached images of Booyah's current health condition. Any additional information or pictures can be supplied as needed.
  4. Hello! Brand new here, but I've been keeping fish for most of my childhood and recently got back I to it hardcore with the help of live aquarium plants! already have 3 tanks going and am hoping to add one more 20 gallon before capping myself off for good 🤣 i didn't even mean to keep the 3.5 gallon it was just a grow out tank but... such is the way theres No hobby scene here so i've been desperately trying to find places where no one will care about me rambling about my fish. My coworkers are very understanding and let me talk at them but that Has netted me the nickname Fish boy lmao
  5. Hi folks 👋🏻 I'm Julia, nice to join your CARE community! This will be a journal of my fish-keeping journey in Canada. Having a weak memory I need a place to keep track of my mistakes (and hopefully successes in future) and forum seems to be a nicer, safer place than Facebook group. Will start documenting my first *stressful* month into the hobby tomorrow and share my story 🐟
  6. Hello, Father and son freshwater hobbyist's from Canada. Started January 2020, have grown from one 10g tank to now three 10g's, one 40gb, and one 55g. Have bred A.Cacatuoides, Danio rerio, and now Guppies/Endlers! A very rewarding hobby, and a testy one at that lol. But the enjoyment is worth the occasional failure, and the abundant info out there now makes it that much more enjoyable. One has to sift through it though, as many aspects of this freshwater hobby seem to come down to personal opinion or region where the hobbyist lives. Or worse just plain old bad info. Will add some pics soon, hope to share some Guppy breeding and other projects we have with the community if interested. Thanks, Have a good 1
  7. I wanted to create a journal of my "outdoor adventures" this summer. I plan on going camping lots, hiking, as well as exploring all the nearby water bodys near me. You can tell that by the title I live in Manitoba. The flatest place in Canada! So today I went to a pond, its about a 5 minute walk from my house. I wanted to see what kind of plants lived there. There honestly wasn't much. I did find some Macrophytic Algae as well as a bit of duckweed. I'm hoping to head to out to a river thats about 10 minutes from my house, I've biked past their and spotted what I thought might be some Vallisneria.
  8. I have been following the Co-op for some time now. I don't know why it has taken me this long to join the forum, I currently have a 110gallon doing a fish in cycle and the sponge for the 55 I have waiting for water is cycling in my 110. My 110 is a planted community tank and the 55 will be a planted fresh water invertebrates tank. Looking forward to being a part of this community!
  9. Just wondering if there are any Canadian breeders on here. Looking for a special (any) trio of guppies. Hard to find where I live.
  10. Hi! I'm a Canadian and just started keeping fish a year ago. I've learned so much from the Aquarium Co-Op videos, and am looking forward to learning even more from all of you. Right now, my daughter and I have a whole bunch of tanks, ranging in size from 3 gallon to a 15 gallon flex. Most of our fish are betta, but we also have honey gouramis, ottos, shrimp, salt and pepper Cories, exclamation rasboras, Nerite snails and a few endlers. Looking forward to being part of the community!
  11. Im 17 and i have been in the hobby for three years now but just got back into it after a 3-4 month hiatus because my jack dempsey died. I currently have 3 tanks, a 150, a 29 and a 5.5. 150 gallon stocking 1x black ghost knife 1x bristlenose pleco 3x electric blue acara 10x bronze corydoras The 150 also has anubias and java fern 29 gallon is cycling and is going to house a goldfish 5.5 is cycling and is going to house a pea puffer
  12. There is no doubt in many fish keepers minds that the xtreme red krill flakes are "the best fish food on the market". And as much as I do agree that the xtreme red krill flake is really good, how about the New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets. Lets take a look, First 10 Ingreidents in each foods New Life Spectrum Tropical Fish Diet Pellets Whole Antartic Krill, Giant Squid, Whole wheat flour, whole menahaden fish, Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella seaweed, Wakame seaweed, Kelp, Garlic, Ginger 7/10 of these ingreidents are natrual Xtreme Red Krill Flakes Krill meal, fish meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, soy flour, brewers dried yeast, sodium alginate, spirluna, soy lechitan, corn starch 5/10 of these ingeidents are natrual Both of these quality foods have krill as there first ingreident. Krill will enchance colors in fish, especially the redish, orangeish color. New Life spectrum food has more quality/ natrual ingreidents. Price Newlife Spectrum Pellet: $16.90 usad (5.3oz) Xtreme Krill Flakes: 14.99 usad (3.5oz) Newlife spectrum food is cheaper per the oz. Availibility From my research I have found that it is hard to find xtreme food outside of USA. I live in Canada, so in my experiance it was tough finding the xtreme food after watching all the awesome reviews. Infact in order to get xtreme food you have to order off amazon.com meaning you have to pay more for shipping, if you live somewhere other then usa. Where as the newlife spectrum food is much easier to find outside of the usa. Its in all of the fish stores I've been to. i also know that you can find newlife spectrum food in europe and north america, not too sure about asia. You can get your hands on newlife spectrum food easier and cheaper then xtreme flakes. Conclusion I like newlife spectrum food better then xtreme. I find that there ingreidents are better quality then extreme and its cheaper then xtreme. and because I am a teenager in this hobby I look for the cheapest yet, best quality food. Which in my opinion is newlife spectrum. I beleive that xtreme has better marketing and advertisement and therefore is more popular. Newlife spectrum is an underated food. What do you like better?
  13. Hey! My name is Emily and I'm from Canada! I got into fish keeping last year after all this pandemic stuff inspired me. I have a 32.5 gallon community tank. I have an absolute LOVE for shrimp and rabbit snails. Happy to have found this forum!
  14. Hey all! Brand new here, but I've listened to the podcasts for a long time! I'm from Canada, just East of Toronto, ON. Fish keeper of over 30 years, from planted tanks, to brackish and full saltwater setups. Currently running a 125 gallon planted tank (currently housing mixed Rainbows, Cory's, and Otos) and a small 10 gallon Glo Tetra tank (for the fiancée and kids).
  15. Thought I'd introduce myself here as I've recently joined the forum and am enjoying it greatly. I'm from Atlantic Canada and have decided that our cold winter is a great time to stay inside and start my learning curve on growing aquatic plants. I've kept fish for many years, from guppies to Africian cichlids (Lake Malawi specifically because I actually lived there and was in that lake! Unfortunately not something I remember as I was just a baby at the time but anyway...). I was ready for a new challenge that comes with plants. Corey's videos and this forum have been extremely helpful with the wealth of knowledge they provide. I will be sure to share photos of my 33 gal as it grows and is stocked. Looking forward to learning more and seeing all your tanks!
  16. Hi guys! Full disclosure, I posted a version of this in my local forum but that forum is a whole lot smaller and isn't really a "long-form" discussion type place. I'm really excited to be getting into this hobby and I LOVE discussing it. BUT, I made a big mistake and I'm slightly embarrassed to reveal my carelessness, especially cause I really wanted to do this right. I set up a tank a little over two weeks ago and I added plants a little over one week ago. I bought an ammonia sensor, which read <0.02 ppm and after adding the plants I noticed that there were a lot of tiny pond snails and ramshorn snails in the tank. Over the past week, the snails were looking healthy and seemed to be growing, and the ammonia remained low so I figured the tank was probably cycled. Don't kill me.. I see the error of my ways now. IGNORANTLY thinking my tank was cycled, I went out and bought 3 apple snails and 5 ghost shrimps. I was doing a lot of reading about invertibrates beforehand, and read that low pH can dissolve their shells. I wasn't too worried about this since my water here is moderately hard and tends to be above 7.00. But I also used fluval stratum substrate, which can lower pH. So I decided to go out and get a test kit, mostly to make sure the pH wasn't too low.BUT these are the results I got:GH: 60-120 ppmKH (Ca2+, Mg2+): 0 ppmpH: 6.5Nitrite: 1 ppmNitrate: 20 ppmAmmonia: <0.02 ppmI was horrified to see that my tank that I thought was cycled, actually has nitrite in it! I really wish I would have tested this before putting anything living into the tank. Live and learn... except my snails and shrimps may not live...Anyways, I've been testing the water multiple times a day and doing daily 30% water changes using a 1 x dose of Seachem Prime to dechlorinate the water. I don't have access to filter media from an established tank to speed up the cycling. My nitrite is still at 1ppm unfortunately. This morning, I saw a really interesting video where the youtuber reached out to Seachem Prime to ask the exact dose needed to detoxify ammonia and nitrite.Here's a summary:A 1x dose will detoxify 1 ppm of ammonia and 2 ppm of nitrite, a 5x dose will detoxify 5 ppm of ammonia and 10 ppm of nitrite. A 1x dose is 1 ml per 10 US gal. Here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqio4O3dwKQ&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=TrafishAquatics I realized a problem - I've been adding a 1x dose of Seachem prime based on the volume of the bucket of new water (0.6 mL Seachem Prime for 6 gal bucket, to do a 30% water change of my 20 gal tank). But, to detoxify the nitrite in the tank, I should be calculating the amount of Seachem based off the volume of the tank, not the bucket of new water. So today, I added 0.6 ml of Seachem Prime to dechlorinate the new water in the bucket, then I did the water change, and now I'm about to add another 1.4 ml of Prime directly to the tank. That gives me a total of 2 ml of Seachem prime, which is a 1x dose for my 20 gal tank. I probably could have just added 2 ml of Seachem Prime to the bucket to dechlorinate the water and hope that it detoxifies the nitrite in the tank when I do the water change, but I don't know if that makes it less effective - probably doesn't matter - but I feel that adding the Seachem directly to the tank can't hurt in terms of detoxifying the nitrite. What do you guys think? Also today I didn't feed the snails and shrimps. Does this seem like an ok plan to bring down the nitrite until the cycle is finished? Thank you for your help! I attached a pic of the tank and a pic of two of my snails, which are named Rex and Devin..
  17. I think I'm dealing with columnaris. As i live in Canada meds aren't an option. I have put 1Tbsp per 3 gallons of salt so far. I have only had it for 3 days so far but it seems to be spreading. another platy has white patch and seen guppies and a Synodontis Lucipinnis( some one really has to come up with a easier name for these) rubbing them self's against the substrate, this isn't happening very often maybe notice it once a day. All fish are active and eating well. I was wondering how long should i let it go before increasing the salt and is it even safe to do so with the Synodontis Lucipinnis, albino corys and snails to go to 2 Tbsp per fish. and if i do increase the salt could i move my plants to a different tank with out spreading it. I have Hornwort javafern and moneywort for plants. priorities are the Synodontis Lucipinnis since they cost about as much as the rest of my fish, then the rest of the fish and plants are dead last as they where only like 15 dollars so if its not 100% safe to move they are easy to replace.($10 to you guys) I am limited to Melafix, Pimafix , API® Liquid Super Ick Cure which from googling is not effective if its columnaris so salt seems to be the only option almost forgot water condition. I probably did have a ammonia spike as i removed half of my substrate then spread out the remainder this caused a lot of clouding once it settled i added a fine gravel substrate on top about 2 in thick. any ways when testing my water today Ph ~ 6.8 matching my tap water. ammonia > .2ppm Nitrite 0ppm and Nitrates ~ 40 ppm and tomorrow is my water change day was going to do 50% since missed last week and the nitrate lvl. any suggestions welcome and if the worst happens and i lose them all how should i clean the tank before restoking.
  18. Happy to be amongst like minded!
  19. Ontario fish keeper here. Been in the hobby off and on for over 20 years. Introduced my other half and children to the hobby and now have 12 fresh water tanks up and running ranging from 10g to 135g, 4 of which are display tanks. Always wanting to learn more.
  20. Hi there. Just a quick note to say hello from Ontario Canada. I was in the hobby in the 90's with both a planted community and cichlid tank. Came back to the hobby just about a year ago with a planted nano tank and a 50 gallon planted tank with just Rummy-nose Tetras, an Oto (I see every couple of weeks) and few shrimp. I cannot get over how much has changed in the hobby and yet it stays the same. All the best.
  21. Hey @Cory and team. Love your videos, and your products! I live in Canada and need some more Easy Green. I noticed its sold out on amazon.ca, any word on when it may be available?
  22. Hi guys, im new to the forum, was looking at buying some stuff , just wondered if yall ship to canada?
  23. Hello All! Just found this forum today and joined. I've been watching Cory's great videos for ages on Youtube. I kept fish for many years during my teens and early 20s, then was away from the hobby for a fairly long time (kids, job, etc..) Started back up about 5 years ago and when we moved to our new house 2 years ago the basement was completely empty so I was able to build my dream tank setup into the wall of the TV room with a small fishroom behind it. (picture below) Looking forward to reading through the posts here.
  24. Hi, I am from Ontario, Canada. I have had some version of a community tank for almost 30 years. Started with Molly's in grade 6. Currently I have a 30g long. I would love bigger but house size makes that difficult. I also want to make sure I know what I am doing before I get bigger. Tank has seen lots of changes in the last six months. I have had to do some fish rehab after a couple Sword Tails decided to go on an attack bender out of nowhere. I have had them before with no issues. I have changed out my blue rocks for natural river rock and Seachem. I started with plants in a 5g that I adopted from a friend last year. I worked on that for about 4 months and just before Christmas transplanted plants and fish to 30g and added more plants. Tank has also been moved to a location where I can actually sit and watch it now. I have learned so much in the last year since finding Aquarium Coop on YouTube. Cory you made it so much easier and less intimidating to start live plants. Fish in the tank currently: Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios, Black Skirt Tetra, Ember Tetra, Rasbora Scissortails, Rainbows, and 2 Bristlenose plecos added yesterday. Plants: Amazon Sword (just had first propagation), Cryptocorne, Java Fern, Vallisneria, and 2 plants I am not sure about, possibly Moneywort and Copper Leaf Ammania. Owner was not at the store the day I picked them up and he is the plant guy. Love our little store!!! They have helped me more than once and for free when they should or could have charged me. P.S. The last 2 days have been intresting so my picture is not the best. Did you know that before you panic and run to the store to get a new heater, you should make sure yours is plugged in. Also do not let 7yrs old move cat tower near fish tank. You will get yelled at from the basement that a cat is in the tank. Yep, that was my morning!!! 🤪
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