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Found 16 results

  1. Lemme get this straight there is a... National Waffle Day National go to work naked day National Pizza Day Mothers Day But theres no Get New Fish Day This is outragoues!!! Well that ends today.... APRIL 1st is now officially NATIONAL GET NEW FISH DAY!!! Post on all of your social media on APRIL 1ST of your new fish with the hashtag #nationalgetnewfishday Everybody must know of this holiday....
  2. Hi everyone is there a human food that you give to your fish to celebrate? (Birthdays, holidays, etc...) I personally have given some thought to peas, sashimi, lettuce, and shrimp. Happy New Year!
  3. A little sparkle for your New Year!!!
  4. Just thought I'd share my holiday cheer alongside my current display tank & would love to see any other holiday decor + aquarium combos out there/!
  5. Santa is bringing me the Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery, with all the fixins: Never Clog Airstone, USB Nano Air Pump, Fritz Freshwater Salt, and ACO Black Airline Tubing. What will Santa be bringing you?
  6. Is there a way to get an estimate on when live plants will be back in stock (specifically the Christmas Moss Bridge)?
  7. Hi everyone, hope everyone's having a nice holiday season! Do you give your fish anything special on holidays? I gave mine a feast yesterday
  8. For those who celebrate, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, my fishy friends! May your day be filled with bellies full of turkey and aquariums full of life!
  9. hope you have a great thanksgiving with your fambam (family) I will be hanging out in the co op live stream.
  10. Our host is doing a four-hour special: I would like to give thanks to Cory, and the entire Aquarium Co-Op team, plus the amazing community that has coalesced in this forum. Cheers
  11. With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it would be fun to share, if anyone has anything special.
  12. I think I will add USB power banks to my USB air pumps in case of a power outage while gone for the holiday. Anyone else do this?
  13. You guys, I'm dying over these floating wreaths... my LFS is gettin' festive over here! I'm a rookie in the hobby so if these are common excuse my excitement but enjoy with me.
  14. How does everyone incorporate the hobby into their holiday decorating? Since moving to our house last year, we still haven't picked out a tree topper. This year I decided Murphy would be a great way to top the tree for the time being.
  15. anyone else decorate their tanks for holidays/special occasions? i wanna see! we can keep this as a running thread for future holidays 🙂 i put a mermaid skeleton in for halloween this year
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