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  1. Losing my long health aftican chiclids! Ordered med trio . Do I need Paraguard also ?
  2. after applying all three medication, in one of the guppy noticed discoloration and bulge in the side, attached picture is this an indication of a problem or a side effect of medication. do i need to worry about this
  3. I wanted to journal my first time using a quarantine tank and med trio. Would like to get the best success with adding new fish to my community tank. Setup my tank and used a sponge that was already seasoned. Added beneficially bacteria to boost the cycle process. This tank has been setup now for 1 week and I continued to monitor the parameters. Everything is moving along. Today I received my CPD's from aqua huna. They came in very quick from the west to the east coast. Two days...amazing. Fish look very healthy and were excited to get out of the bag after I acclimated them. After 1 hour in the tank they started to get their color in. I will be starting the med trio today as directed by @Coryas I want to give them their best shot. All my water change and equipment used on the tank will be separated from my community tank equipment so I do not get cross contamination. Learned that from one of @Irene videos. I will continue to update as I progress through this new journey. Hopefully all turns out well as these are a fish I been wanting to keep for awhile now.🤞
  4. Zipgun

    Med quartet?

    I have 4 quarantine tanks running right now, all local wild caught fish. Did the med trio treatments and separate levamisole treatments. Everything looked good after a few weeks- one ammonia spike, my fault, and a few jumpers, but majority came out fine. Then two of the tanks came down with a nasty bacterial infection that was shrugging off the maracyn when I target treated the tanks. Aggressive infection that went from some small patches to most of the body over night. I then switched to a combo of maracyn ( which mostly treats gram positive bacteria) and Fuan-2 (which treats mostly gram negative bacteria) and the combo knocked the infections down in two days. (I am going to repeat the duo-treatment after a water change) Now that I know that the local waters are likely to have a gram negative bacteria present I will stat using Furan-2 as part of the quarantine process. I may try just adding it to the med trio and make it a quartet in one of the next batch of quarantine tank and see how it goes. Has anyone else tried mixing a medication for gram negative bacteria in their med trio quarantine process?
  5. So im only using the paracleanse and maracyn medications currently, i have the ich x arriving in a few days so im treating my 40 gallon community tank with those two under aquarium co-op instructions for the whole trio, minus ich x obviously. I have a hyrda issue but i believe the paracleanse or maracyn are killing them off as the water is cloudy??! If so can i do a water change and re-dose according to the amount of water taken out or wait the full treatment week to then do the water change according to med trio instructions? Also according to aquarium co op instructions it says treat once then let the fish soak in it for one week to then do a 25% water change, wait 2 weeks and then dose again the 4th week? Do i put in carbon for those 2 weeks or wait till after the 2nd round of treatment for week 4
  6. 55 Gallon Heavily planted and stocked tank with guppy and tetras. i dont have a special quarentine tank Dosage : 1 1. Remove all the filter pads - Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate,Phosphate, Active carbon infused pad 2. Leave Sponge on back Prefilter and Sponge filter 3. Do a 50% water change. 4. Donot apply any fertilizer or water conditioner 5. Day-1 : Apply Aquarium Solutions Ich - X - 25 Ml 6. Day-1 : Apply 6 Packets of Fritz ParaCleanse 7. Day-1 : Apply 6 Packets of Mardel Maracyn 8. First 3 days - No food 9. Fourth day thru Seventh day - Drop little food once a day 10.Eighth day - Do a 25% water change and resume regular food Repeat Dosage 1 after 2 weeks. does it sound right?
  7. Greetings! Did anyone test the quarantine meds trio with crayfish? It says it is save vs plants, snails, shrimp and scaleless fish but nothing vs crayfish. I have a mexicain orange dwarf crayfish (cpo) in the tank I would like to treat. Thank you Karen
  8. Hello there. I love your channel on youtube. I'm new at all this (been over 20 years since my last fish) and I recently bought a 20 gallon tank ( I know small right lol). I just started doing a fishless cycle and the topic of quarantine fish is coming up, since we are all in some kind of quarantine lol. My question is, when I do start to introduce fish into my aquarium and Ill be having small fish can I buy a 5 gallon quarantine tank for the 2 or 3 guppies or similar size fish to do the quarantine? Second thing is about the 3 medications you recommend when introducing new fish, each medication recommends at different times to change water, while another says do not. Based on your knowledge how do you like to give the medication time frame and how many days and do we change water? I do have a scale to cut the medication since most meds. are based on 10 gallon tank dose wise. I just do not know if having a 20 gallon tank and a 10 gallon quarantine tank is practical in my living situation. Thanks for your time, Ryan Froemel ryanfroemel@yahoo.com
  9. Hiya all, I live in Spain and have had trouble finding the aquarium Co-Op meds in Europe! Does anyone know of an equivalent in Europe that can all be used in the same way? Got quarantine tank set just need the meds. many thanks
  10. ChemBob

    Meds Trio

    I got some new fish and am doing a proper quarantine for the first time. Decided since my current fish never got the meds trio, I'd dose my display tanks as well based on some of the Co-op's videos. Two questions on the meds trio. I know to redose after a bit, but how long after the first treatment? Initial dose on week 1, rest week 2 and 3, then redose in week 4? Also, do I redose all the meds, or just the paracleanse? Picture after I dosed my 40 breeder. Not sure why it is upside down.
  11. With about 20 small plants my first tank (10 g) has been going great since adding (approx 6 weeks ago) 4 platies, 1 endler, 2 African dwarf frogs, 2 mystery snails and along also came 1 extremely cute platy fry a couple weeks ago. They each have been looking active and healthy though I may have populated it too early and have been playing catch up ever since by doing frequent water changes to eliminate a tiny amount of ammonia that seems to be holding on. I do not see any disease indicators — though I’m obviously no expert — but now after learning about the preventative application of Med Trio I’d like to do that. I’m wondering if I should wait to do the treatment until after I get that trace ammonia to 0. Any advice?
  12. Hey everyone, I have general cure, Ich-X, and E.M. erythromycin that I want to treat with all together. I just can't rember if this was Cory's old trio or not. Thanks.
  13. I recently spotted ich in my tank and I luckily spotted it early. I went ahead and did the med trio because after seeing the video about it I realized I never treated any of my fish for parasites or fungal/bacterial infections. Now that I am done some of the fish look like they have damaged slime coat and some of the fins are starting to look fringed. What should I do to make sure they get back to their healthy selves.
  14. I recently spotted ich in my tank and I luckily spotted it early. I went ahead and did the med trio because after seeing the video about it I realized I never treated any of my fish for parasites or fungal/bacterial infections. Now that I am done some of the fish look like they have damaged slime coat and some of the fins are starting to look fringed. What should I do to make sure they get back to their healthy selves.
  15. Hi guys. My kiddo has a planted tank, 10g. It is cycled, about 3 months old, running a sponge filter, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites all at 0-- nitrates are mostly waay low in this tank, we don't really fertilize it, the plants are duck weed, java moss, and left over val runners cast off from other tanks. pH is 7.6-ish, and the heater is a bit sketch, got up to 81, but is meant to be set at 78. I have a secondary thermometer in there and am eyeballing it several times a day. Water is soft. The tank has has a couple of losses. fish were medicated with the trio on the way in. We lost a betta to emaciation twice now. And now 2 of the danios are not eating and emaciated too. I am suspecting internal parasites of some kind, due to the slow sporadic attrition. The tank also contains khuli loaches and random snails. I have on hand the med trio, and levamisole. What would you recommend here?
  16. I have a 110 gallon freshwater tank. I put the the quarantine trio meds in and the next day the water became cloudy. Should I change the water and/or the filters, or wait? Worried because I lost 2 fish already.
  17. So I have have never really treated fish with meds unless I actually saw a problem. The more I have been watching Cory’s videos and learning about fish and diseases, I figured I should be more active in quarantining and running the med trio when I get new fish. However, because I plan to adopt this practice from hereon, I felt it was necessary to run the quarantine med trio in my tanks now to make sure I have a clean slate with all my fish. I added the med trio meds last night, based on Cory’s instructions in his video about quarantining and the using the med trio. After about 24 hours, my water has gotten very cloudy. Is this normal when running the med trio?
  18. Are corydoras especially sensitive to meds? I recently purchased some False Julii and Peppered cory cats today and placed them in a quarantine tank with 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and 10 Nitrates. . I used the Med Trio and now some of the Peppered corydoras are now floating at the top upside down. I can still see there gills moving, and sometimes they'll move around at the top, but still upside down. The False Julii seems to be doing fine. I just received them cory cats today and medicated them as well with the Trio, so I'm not sure what else to do.
  19. I have 14 goldfish in a 300 gal pond showing bacterial/fungal symptoms. Moved them all to QT tanks and treating with Maracyn and Ich-X. My question is how to treat the pond that has a sand substrate and anubias plants? Do I need to do anything other than a large water change? Is there anything I can put in the pond to kill any possible parasites/bacteria before putting the fish back in after their treatment? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  20. I just brought home my first fish, a pair of Dwarf Gourami. I was nervous walking into the fish store because I haven't been going out during pandemic barely at all. Then the store manager was pretty aggressive in the way she handled the fish and it was pretty off putting but I just wrote it off as being in the business for a long time. After she scooped them out she said "You have aquarium salt right?" And I said "I don't" and she said "Oh you need it, it is a necessary component, we put it in all of our aquariums, 1 tablespoon per 10 gallons." I knew something wasn't right but at the moment I couldn't recall that you don't want to use salt in a planted tank. I bought it anyways cause she was so intense about it. She had asked me if I had a plants prior to this. She also basically said I was dumb for planning on drip acclimating them. She said drip acclimation was useless unless they had traveled a long distance for a long time. (I still drip acclimated them when I brought them home because I don't think it hurts either way.) Do you think she knew there was something already wrong with my fish? I've attached a picture in case someone who knows more sees something I do not. They are both very active but the powder blue one is slightly less quick and his head is a little wider than the other. They are spending a lot of time right up on the glass like they are trying to find their tank boundaries. They both ate flakes after I got them acclimated into the tank. I just ordered the trio of meds to have my bases covered if something obviously wrong starts to present itself. I'm just nervous I guess, to have been given such odd advice. Tank Info: Fishless Cycled for 5 weeks GH KH pH Nitrite Nitrate Temp 300 120 7.8 0 20 78.3
  21. Hi all, I am seeking some guidance on the instructions in this article: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/blogs/aquarium/how-to-treat-sick-aquarium-fish. It says NOT to follow the manufacturer's instructions but to add one dose of each med and just let the fish soak in it for a week. Then the article just kind of wraps up without saying what else to do. This is extremely confusing for me as most other sources say to quarantine for at least two weeks, and Cory himself regularly mentions re-dosing with parasite meds a little while after the first round. So, can anyone please help me understand the recommended regimen for the Quarantine Trio? For context, I am almost done cycling a 20gal long and want to get some fish soon so I can start stocking as soon as the parameters are right :) This is my first indoor tank but I have owned a 750gal pond for like 6 years now. Thank you so much in advance for the help.
  22. Want to know if it worthwhile to add medication (the Tri-meds) from time to time just in case any fish are sick and it's unnoticed? Let's say once every six months or so.
  23. Hello, I could really use some sound advice on what to do next. This all started with my goldie being diagnosed with flukes...months ago now. I followed recommend treatment of Rid Inch, but 2-3 days in, fin rot had already started, so we moved to praziquantel powder. I didn't see any positive results from it and all symptoms remain unchanged, but alas...no fin rot. Another online group suggested Fluke-M, which I tried, but again 6 days in, fin rot with white raised bumps on her tail with stringy thread like stuff coming out. One of the bumps turned blood red on the circumference and I tried just daily water changes for a few days that didn't seem to help, then tried MinnFinn. Oh and all the fluke symptoms came back within 3-4 days of stopping Fluke-M. The bumps on the tail and the fin rot slowly disappeared with repeated MinnFinn treatments, but my tank had had it by that point and I lost my cycle completely. If you've ever used MinnFinn, then you may already know that that stuff basically sterilizes you tank...and everything in it kind of dies and sloughs off into your water. I had no choice but to tear down the tank completely and give it a good scrub. I had hoped maybe the flukes and eggs would be gone too. Not so. 3-4 days later, all the fluke symptoms back again. This mean hanging in the filter outlet, flashing a lot, scraping against everything, fin twitching, head shaking, totally peaceful one second and then darting around like someone lit her on fire the next, clearing being bitten by something and reddened areas on body directly after those episodes. I moved her then to a 40 gallon tank thinking it was time to upgrade anyway due to her size, and maybe the whole tank swap will help with the flukes. So I treated for another week with MinnFinn, did the tank swap....and you guessed it..back again, not as severe yet, but on the way. This is when I saw Cory's trio video and thought maybe I'd try that route because if I don't do something this fish will suffocate to death slowly. 3 days ago I decided to throw in some more MinnFinn to hopefully reduce back some of the flukes while we waited for delivery, but I forgot about the how the tank like molts on the inside and was left with some nasty water. I immediately changed 60% of it and wiped down the walls, but alot got into the water and my fish was in the water with a white bump already showing up again on her tail. By the next day, the white bump was blood red all around it and white stringy stuff was coming off of it and by yesterday evening it must have burst because it was just this big red sore, with more bumps developing. I did have some API Erythromycin on hand and put a does of that in, along with some aquarium salt for the first time. Low dosed on that since it was our first time salting of 1tbsp/5 gallons for a 40gallon tank. Since this morning, my fish has being doing a bit better but the water just looked dirty still, so I went ahead and did a 100% WC, but hit a snag when I didn't quite have 40gallons of cooled water to put back in. Was about 10 short. I live in AZ and our water is HOT coming out of the tap. About 90ish. Anyway, it takes almost a day to cool 30-40gallons of water to 72, where my tank has been sitting. Her tail has now a much larger patch of red up and down it, looks just terrible! And idk what to do next.. .? I have more API Erythromycin, aquarium salt, and low and behold I do have a bottle of Ich-X unopened I bought a few months ago. The trio isn't arriving until tomorrow. Idk if I should just go ahead and dose the two, add some salt also...no salt..does just the antibiotic? The tank should be ammonia free for a few days with just the one goldfish in there with really light feeding, but I will have to do water changes anyway...I use Prime also to bind ammonia and nitrite every 24-48 hours as necessary. Could someone help advise me on what direction I should take next? Thank you!
  24. I have a Platinum Guppy that I though was dying for the past few days. I put it back in the hospital/quarantine tank with the Aquarium Coop med trio. It's been lying on the bottom of the tank or stuck in a plant for a few days now. I just put food in the tank to feed all the fish in there and it "came alive," darted to the top of the tank to get some food, and then sank to the bottom again. Now it's back in the plant again, just lying still. Is this indicative of a swim bladder problem? I'm lost as to what to do. Thanks.
  25. Does anybody here quarantine their Bettas? Do you treat them with the med trio? I am thinking of doing a community tank with a Betta for the center piece and am curious if others normally treat Bettas as they do their other fish.
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