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Found 6 results

  1. Ontario fish keeper here. Been in the hobby off and on for over 20 years. Introduced my other half and children to the hobby and now have 12 fresh water tanks up and running ranging from 10g to 135g, 4 of which are display tanks. Always wanting to learn more.
  2. Hi there. Just a quick note to say hello from Ontario Canada. I was in the hobby in the 90's with both a planted community and cichlid tank. Came back to the hobby just about a year ago with a planted nano tank and a 50 gallon planted tank with just Rummy-nose Tetras, an Oto (I see every couple of weeks) and few shrimp. I cannot get over how much has changed in the hobby and yet it stays the same. All the best.
  3. Hello All! Just found this forum today and joined. I've been watching Cory's great videos for ages on Youtube. I kept fish for many years during my teens and early 20s, then was away from the hobby for a fairly long time (kids, job, etc..) Started back up about 5 years ago and when we moved to our new house 2 years ago the basement was completely empty so I was able to build my dream tank setup into the wall of the TV room with a small fishroom behind it. (picture below) Looking forward to reading through the posts here.
  4. Hi, I am from Ontario, Canada. I have had some version of a community tank for almost 30 years. Started with Molly's in grade 6. Currently I have a 30g long. I would love bigger but house size makes that difficult. I also want to make sure I know what I am doing before I get bigger. Tank has seen lots of changes in the last six months. I have had to do some fish rehab after a couple Sword Tails decided to go on an attack bender out of nowhere. I have had them before with no issues. I have changed out my blue rocks for natural river rock and Seachem. I started with plants in a 5g that I adopted from a friend last year. I worked on that for about 4 months and just before Christmas transplanted plants and fish to 30g and added more plants. Tank has also been moved to a location where I can actually sit and watch it now. I have learned so much in the last year since finding Aquarium Coop on YouTube. Cory you made it so much easier and less intimidating to start live plants. Fish in the tank currently: Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios, Black Skirt Tetra, Ember Tetra, Rasbora Scissortails, Rainbows, and 2 Bristlenose plecos added yesterday. Plants: Amazon Sword (just had first propagation), Cryptocorne, Java Fern, Vallisneria, and 2 plants I am not sure about, possibly Moneywort and Copper Leaf Ammania. Owner was not at the store the day I picked them up and he is the plant guy. Love our little store!!! They have helped me more than once and for free when they should or could have charged me. P.S. The last 2 days have been intresting so my picture is not the best. Did you know that before you panic and run to the store to get a new heater, you should make sure yours is plugged in. Also do not let 7yrs old move cat tower near fish tank. You will get yelled at from the basement that a cat is in the tank. Yep, that was my morning!!! 🤪
  5. Hi There My name is Scott A. I live in Ontario Canada. I have a community tank (40G Breeder), Shrimp tank (5G counter top Wifes) and a shrimp/white cloud tank (10G). I currently have my Fluval 15 setup as a seperation tank because one of the German rams I purchased turned out to be a male and decided the 40g breeder wasn't big enough for two males. He's in the 15 with some moscow guppies. I live in an area with no LFS (only Petsmart) and no clubs so was hoping to find a community to learn from and contribute.
  6. In September, I am moving from Alberta to Ontario, it will be likely a 4 day trip- maybe 3 if we really push it. I'm really nervous about taking my fish with me! I have 2 tanks: a 10 gallon with a betta, 7 pygmy cories, and 5 assassin snails, and a 5 gallon with a huge breeding colony of cherry shrimp. I've read several things about moving with fish but I'm still so unsure about what the best plan of attack would be. I'm kind of thinking for the shrimp tank, if I should just drain it to a few inches and leave everything in it, and just fast them for a few days before hand. I may or may not have access to power or even water some nights, we may be camping along the way. I'm very wary of doing water changes on the road, since parameters will be different at every stop and that seems like a lot of stress. Any advice at all about how to get them across the country safely and happily would be very much appreciated, as well as advice about setting back up in the new place. The water here is hard and alkaline, and there it's very neutral and medium. Thanks all!
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