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Found 7 results

  1. For anyone that would be interested. Two of my favorite channels have gotten together and created a new podcast. this episode is on selling fish for profit. especially for new keepers and start-ups. cause i believe everybody in our hobby thinks about it
  2. Hey All, I know that the Aquarist Podcast hasn't exactly been releasing on a regular schedule like the first year the podcast was out, but I am really going to try and make the effort to get a consistent release schedule going again. Hopefully this awesome community can help me crowd source some guest suggestions. I try to always be on the lookout for guests, especially those that don't already have a large social media presence. So please feel free to drop your suggestions and I will do my best to check them out and see if we could get something scheduled for an interview. Worst case scenario, I can squeeze @Cory and @Dean’s Fishroom for all they are worth as guests! 😜
  3. Hello guys n gals. I am planning on putting my variatus platies outside for the first time this summer. I am a heavy listener of the aquarium coop podcast and a video watcher and I remember @Cory talking about how cold these guys can go about a hundred times but I can't for the life of me remember how cold that was. I live in Iceland so this cold tolerance information is of great importance to me. Is there anyone who remembers or knows this information? Thank you.
  4. It looks like @Cory will be the next guest on Pecktec's podcast. Pecktec was the first aquarium YouTube channel I subscribed to. Pecktec, if you frequent this forum I'd like to say thank you, I've learned a lot from you 🙂 check out The Pecktec YouTube channel next Sunday for the full podcast, and you can see other popular YouTube fish keepers on his channel, he has recently started this sweet podcast.
  5. Hello all, After listening to an episode at the aquarist podcast I got inspired to join the forum. Thank you @Randy for making the podcast. Thank you mister coop @Cory and the rest of the team for years aquairum related content. My name is Chris, I live in the Netherlands. I have a small fishroom that is almost finished after the latest remodel. I like to breed celestial pearl danio's and shrimp. At the moment the only breeding shrimp I have are blue one's. Most of my aquairums are 54liters aprox 14 gallons. They are on an air driven system in two racks. I also have two bigger aquairums both running c02. For now this is it. I will be updating it and adding picture's in the future. Hope to have a lot of fun with all of you!
  6. A friend sent me a link to the aquarist podcast recently, I listened to a few of those and that let me here. I am primarily a goldfish breeder, but also dabble in other fish. Right now I have 2 fantail spawns, 1 ryukin spawn, and one 1 pearlscale spawn that I am working on. In addition to goldfish I am breeding black tiger dario with mixed success. I recently setup some tanks full of bumble bee ottos, danio erythromicron, and blue neocardia shrimp, so hopefully I can get them reproducing as well. Oh and I am an aquascape/plant tank nerd, burnt out but slowly getting back into it. I am not sure if I need another forum in my life but I like the premise behind this one so let's give it a shot. Cheers, happy to new year.
  7. I thought it was hilarious that the first upload of the podcast version of that video the other day got to "be patient" and then cut off. Especially since later in the day the full version came, so it was just a little bit of required patience. I doubt it was deliberate but it cracked me up! (Yes, I'm easily entertained.) But also, thanks for the audio version for those of us with very little time to watch videos!
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