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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I've been following Aquarium Co-op on Youtube for a few years now and I love the channel .I wanne say thank you corry for all you help and great advice we from you in the last years. I am keeping fish and shrimp now for a decade and stil love the hobby. I have done some fish breading of plecos , synodontas white, briselnose and corry catsfish. I just started a new tank I got for X-mas 68x25x31 inch 250 gallon + 75gallon sump The plants are Crinum calamistratum, Lilaeopsis Novea-Zelandiae, vallisneria, javafern. sword plant some Cryptocoryne usteriana in the back stil need to grow befoure you can see them. and there are +100 fish in the tank of 16 different species. 3 species of shirmp and some snails. picture below. I am having a little bit of green water isseu, but the uv light is on the way. I'm looking forward to meeting other hobbyists here, and switching ideas and tips or just tank talk. Greetings Dutchfishguy
  2. Hi all! I've been a fan of Aquarium Co-op on Youtube for some time now, and apparently there is a forum now as well, so I just had to join. 😄 My hobby technically started when one day, as a little kid, I impulse-bought two goldfish at the LFS. Oh, how my mom must have loved that... As a teenager I had a fish tank as well. I still didn't really know what I was doing in terms of the nitrogen cycle and stuff like that, though, and eventually (lucky fish...) I picked up other hobbies. 2.5 years ago I finally got a fish tank again and by now I'm a confirmed fish nerd. 😉 Researching everything about the hobby and loving it. I'm looking forward to meeting other hobbyists here, and hope to learn a thing or two along the way! The image below is of my "main" tank. It's about 132 gal. It has some goldfish in it, siamese algae eaters, two garra species, hoplo cats, a leopard ctenopoma, a bristlenose and some homebred crayfish. It might sound like a strange mix of species, but they live alongside each other quite harmoniously. 😇 This tank used to be dominated by vallisneria. Right now I'm experimenting with other plant species as well as some aquaponics to help reduce the need for water changes.
  3. Hello , im Jeffrey from the Netherlands. I Just started keeping fish. Watched many vids from aquarium Coop for advies. Had some issues with my small tank 60L (dont know gallons). But the vids helped me verry mutch. Now its time tot enjoy!
  4. Hello all, After listening to an episode at the aquarist podcast I got inspired to join the forum. Thank you @Randy for making the podcast. Thank you mister coop @Cory and the rest of the team for years aquairum related content. My name is Chris, I live in the Netherlands. I have a small fishroom that is almost finished after the latest remodel. I like to breed celestial pearl danio's and shrimp. At the moment the only breeding shrimp I have are blue one's. Most of my aquairums are 54liters aprox 14 gallons. They are on an air driven system in two racks. I also have two bigger aquairums both running c02. For now this is it. I will be updating it and adding picture's in the future. Hope to have a lot of fun with all of you!
  5. Hee all, I'm 29 years old and from the Netherlands. I got in contact with Aquarium Co-op cause of the awesome youtube videos. Currently I'm drunning 3 aquariums with corydoras panda (even own breed), red shrimp, bristlenose, ramirezi gold and one guppy which I saved from a friend (I'm looking for some mate for him). I'm hoping to get some info and tips from this forum :D
  6. Hello all, My name is Ruud and I am a fish nerd from Spain. I am originally Dutch, but moved here around 4 years ago and left behind my tanks and fish in Netherlands. After a hiatus of a few years, and moving places quite a lot, I am now actually looking to find a house where I can setup a small fishroom of maybe a dozen tanks or so. Over the past years, Cory's channel has been my way of enjoying the hobby and I especially enjoyed the daily Vlog series (sadly they seemed to have gone from Youtube), The Peru series and off course Deans Fishroom videos. Anyway, hoping to enjoy and contribute here from a country that is not too friendly with this hobby (Very hard water, very limited supply of fish). All the best from Spain, Ruud
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