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A small introduction


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Hello all, 

After listening to an episode at the aquarist podcast I got inspired to join the forum. Thank you @Randy for making the podcast. Thank you mister coop @Cory and the rest of the team for years aquairum related content.

My name is Chris, I live in the Netherlands.  I have a small fishroom that is almost finished after the latest remodel. I like to breed celestial pearl danio's and shrimp. At the moment the only breeding shrimp I have are blue one's.  Most of my aquairums are 54liters aprox 14 gallons. They are on an air driven system in two racks. I also have two bigger aquairums both running c02.

For now this is it. I will be updating it and adding picture's in the future. 

Hope to have a lot of fun with all of you! 

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