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  1. Wow! This feels like a "congrats" is in order as I have tried once before to breed mystery snails with no luck. I am curious to know which of your fish are picking off the smaller ones?
  2. I would have no reservations about adding a few nerites or a mystery snail at this point in your setup.
  3. Not sure to what extent but the air pump inherently gives off heat. Curious to know how much, if at all, it will increase the incoming air from the garage to the fish room to the tanks. That being said, if you run a circular pvc loop in the fish room the pvc will also be at the same temp as the insulated fish room. all this to say I think you should run some experiments and share your results 😆 👍⚗️🔬🧪🌡
  4. I am glad people are discovering the podcast! @mommygouramiregarding how I learned to interview? I don’t know. I did have a sales job for ~7 years. That did require me to listen to my customers to understand their needs. So maybe that? 😆 Also, here is a bonus “live” photo with the Corndog and I on our way back home from Peru.
  5. Best thread on the forum! 😂 Back at our hotel in Iquitos. Pizza for dinner then going to record a podcast episode with Cory and Dean.
  6. @Fish Folkwow! That was amazing! I am thrilled that you enjoy the podcast, this forum, and all things Co-Op! I hate to think of how many times you have heard me say "good times" 🤣
  7. They are doing well in both tanks! I am probably going to catch up a half-dozen or so and take to Cory's. Not sure if I will before or after Peru.
  8. And the fish who needs no introduction...
  9. Just one of the amazing bettas and a shot of one of Murphy's tankmate juruparis.
  10. Went to the Co-Op today to drop off some fish and pick up a few news one. Also had a chance to connect with @Robert. Took some photos and will post as I have them available.
  11. There is nothing quite like the feeling of brining home a ton of fish to fill up a tank!
  12. Hi Rome. Welcome and sweet crab pic!
  13. @Betsythis is amazing! Congrats to the meme winners!
  14. @Ben P. I have used both Sera Micron and Golden Pearls as the first food for several types of rainbow fry. For Golden Pearls I follow Gary Lange's recommendation of 5-50 micron size. More recently, all my rainbows have been started on Sera Micron. After about ~2 weeks I find they are large enough to start feeding baby brine shrimp. Edit: I forgot to say congrats on the first hatch!
  15. Proud first-time papa of some Neolamprologus multifasciatus!🥳. These were the ones that Ryan from Wild Fish Tanks had sent me a few months back. I decided to peek my head in on them as this tank is on the top rack with the substrate/bottom impossible to see unless on my tip-toes or ladder. I added more PVC "snail shells" at @Zenzo's advice. I was a little worried that I still didn't have enough. I will probably still add a bunch more to see if that sets the breeding off even more. You can see from the photos that they get fed BBS very heavily! (Note: Aquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp of course! lol)
  16. Hi @Callum! Welcome to the forum. Scotland is definitely on my places to visit.
  17. I have seen female yellow labidochromis holding eggs in their mouths several times. Until yesterday I have never really tired with much effort to catch one out to strip the eggs, the combination of their speed and # of Easy Planters has acted as a deterrent. 😄 Well, yesterday was the day to catch out a holding girl and see what she had. Lucky for me she hid in a coconut shell early on in the hunt. Simply positioning the net in front of the shell, then lifting and moving it towards the net allowed me to easily catch her. After a swishing around in a specimen container I was gifted with 7 fry. They are currently in a ziss egg tumbler. Ironically enough, this is the first time I will be using the egg tumbler for a mouthbrooding fish.
  18. Just fed them well and let them do their thing.
  19. Took some fish into the Co-Op! Bucket O' Fish - Lyretail mollies Male and Female Geophagus pellegrini
  20. I am working on my second (and consecutive) successful clutch of barbatus fry! Here is what worked for me: Combine 2 smaller groups into 1 larger group (total 11 fish) Feed well, daily BBS, Xtreme pellets, and twice weekly frozen bloodworms. Move eggs laid on glass to separate container, still use same water from the breeding tank. (I use specimen containers hanging off another 40B for this) 2 drops of Methylene blue (which is honestly 1 more drop then I felt comfortable with given water volume) Change 25% of water on day 2. Check on eggs several times a day, pick unfertilized eggs (they go clear while others keep their orange-ish color) When fry emerge a few days later (i need to track this) add in a clump of guppy grass. When the fry consume their yolk sack start feeding BBS. Change 25% of water every other day. I am waiting for the first group to put on more size before I move them into a grow out 10 or 15 gallon tank. I remember talking with @Dean’s Fishroom about Corys spawning in shallow water as well as their fry growing up in the shallows. I don't want to move them to a tank that has greater depth which would be more water pressure on the fry then what they would normally experience. Honestly, I am probably being too cautious but better safe then sorry. I have been wanting to spawn this fish for sometime now and don't want to botch my first few spawns! 😄
  21. Dang, sorry i missed the notifications for this thread. Here are the types that I started with: "Pinoy Smokey Pariaba" and "Smokey Leopards". The offspring were pretty evenly split with each spawn; 25% Pinoy Smokey Pariaba, 25% Smokey Leopards, 25% silver variant, and 25% light silver/white variant. Also, maybe 5% of the offspring would have the pearlscale trait too. Hope this helps!
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