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  1. Hello guys n gals. I am planning on putting my variatus platies outside for the first time this summer. I am a heavy listener of the aquarium coop podcast and a video watcher and I remember @Cory talking about how cold these guys can go about a hundred times but I can't for the life of me remember how cold that was. I live in Iceland so this cold tolerance information is of great importance to me. Is there anyone who remembers or knows this information? Thank you.
  2. I am quite fascinated by Cory’s video on keeping fish without a heater. I’ve lowered my heater temperature to 75 degrees. Can I go lower safely? I have a n Amazon puffer tank with Cory cats and a Bristle nose pleco. I also have a mixed tetra tank with zebra loaches and electric blue acaras. A tank of multifasciotus A mixed tetra tank with Bolivian rams. I have an Oscar tank and a tank of geophagus tapejos and a chocolate cichlid.
  3. I'm new to neocaridina, so I don't know if I have a problem. The tank's been steady at 72, but the heater didn't shut itself off last night (we're all surprised, I know 🙄), and the temp wooshed from 72 to 80 in 15 hours. The shrimp are young. Many females have been saddled for weeks, but I haven't seen any berried. I removed the heater, and took the lid off to let it cool. Is there anything else I should do? They appear to be acting fine, but I've heard this can cause a "premature molt." Is that a problem?
  4. As im prepping my tank for GBR's my only concern is how i do water changes and what i can do to improve the temperature going into the tank without having to go back and forth between sink and tank. This will be my first time keeping GBR's and want to make my odds of success as high as possible. Im still a month or two away from bringing GBR's into my tank but i am starting to practice tank maintenance now so that i know whats happening to the tank during water changes and gravel vac'ing. Right now my schedule is 2 10-20% water changes a week and gravel vac'ing during one of the water changes. I am also using a garden hose attached to a sink in the laundry room and stretches to the kitchen. Problem #1 Flow. I have a basic ball valve nozzle on my hose so i can turn it off and on at the tank instead of going back and forth to the sink from the tank. I suppose i can try barely turning the water on and filling it that way. But suggestions are welcome. Problem #2 Temperature. The temperature of the water coming out of the faucet is very hard to control and im not sure what i can do with out using buckets with heaters and powerheads. Im looking for a fairly cheap option to remedy this. I seen cory's proffesionally done water temperature regulator and found they are extremely expensive lol. I have posted questions before about keeping GBR's and i am trying to cover all my bases.
  5. So, had a heater break and basically cook a tank. Not the first time it's happened, but it's been years. I'm still not sure how exactly it broke, just know it was stuck on and wouldn't turn off. Second, and not the same tank, I just ended up inheriting some discus, they were a package deal when I helped someone out who was losing their house and needed to sell off all their tanks. So we bought them. And they have to be kept at a much higher temp than most of my tanks...obviously. All together, this means I need to have a better way to monitor a number of tanks. We don't breed for profit, we just like the tanks and the fish. Dining room, fish tank, living room, two tanks plus two walls o tanks behind the sliding glass doors. Bedroom, tank, office, tank, other bedroom, tank. You get the picture. This whole house is flooded with wifi signal and run several strong home automation systems. What I'm looking for is an affordable water probe that can monitor tank temps and alert me when it gets out of range. I want to set each probe to it's own range and have it alert me when it gets out of it. I want to set this on every single tank I have and program it up. Surely someone here has done something similar, I'm looking for some insight on how you've set this up. What you used and so forth. Thank y'all...
  6. Im considering starting a Mbuna tank, Ive been reading up and see that it is recommended to keep them in the high 70's temp range. I live in Minnesota but keep my house about 70 degrees year around. Are the high 70's absolutely mandatory?
  7. I have a tank that needs to stay in the mid to low 60s and want some plants does temp matter
  8. Planning phase of small fish room. Ceiling height is only a little over 7 feet. I want to do killifish, psuedomugils and Cory cats. Corys are going in 20 longs on bottom rack. They prefer it only slightly warmer. Obviously the top 2 racks will be slightly warmer than the 20 longs. Will a fan suspended higher up opposite side of the room of the heater even out the different temperatures between rack height or do you have to accept the variance? I hope my question makes sense, thanks for the continuing support! Picture is my 40b in our living room.
  9. Hello, I’m considering getting an axolotl in the future, but I wanted to have an idea of what getting one would include. In particular I wanted advice from people who have had axolotls. First, in terms of temperature, do you believe that a room temperature of 70-72F would be too high? That is a relatively normal room temperature for me. If not, how big of an impact do you think having a sponge filter, an open lid, and possibly insulation would have? These seem to be the easiest means to bring the temperature down a bit without resorting to a chiller or ice. In of tankmates, I understand that there is some risk for having fish, snails, or shrimps with an axolotl, but I’m curious how real this is. I’m primarily interested in cherry shrimp or small cleaner fish. I appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  10. If I am running an HoB filter to expose moving water to air, but the impeller is immersed, how does the air cooling compare to the addition of heat from the impeller? That is the fancy question. The real question is, "Do I benefit from running an HoB in a heat wave, versus just sponge filters?" This is not a rhetorical question! I am thinking about this because of my aquariums.
  11. As far as you know, what's the lowest and highest temp that endlers can sustain before the temp diminishes their health? Surely someone on this forum has tried them in a pond, unheated tank, sauna... 😜 What have you figured out? (By the way, in case someone's interested: I found a reliable-looking source that says they drop a 50/50 m/f ratio of fry at 77 F. Cooler gets a higher ratio of female fry, and warmer gets a higher ratio of male fry.)
  12. In the tank I started a few weeks ago I have several south american plants. I'm planning on adding discus in a couple of weeks. Discus keepers generally recommend temperatures around 86 F. That's higher than the recommended range for most plants. How high can the temperature get before the plants start to suffer? Thanks, Steve
  13. After watching Aqua Scaping videos, I heard them comment strongly that planted tanks should be around 72-75 degrees or you will have algae problems. Well...my main two tanks have plants, fish that need 82-84 degree water, and I fight ALGAE! A very nice person gave me a schedule for my Fluval 3.0 which should help BUT my water is an issue!! Anyone have this issue figured out??
  14. Anyone else have outdoor tub temps lurking in low 50s this morning? This is not good for business... 🥶 I’m starting to think that heaters set for mid 70s in outdoor tubs are really helpful in these crazy temperature swings. Weather forecast has temps swinging between 44°-75° today.... not good for the gupsters outside...
  15. Has anyone kept Subwassertang outdoors with goldfish. My concerns are getting eaten and temperature extremes. I wouldn't be worried so much on the hot side as it would pose problems for the fish as well. How cold can subwassertang go? I assume by its German name that it can handle colder than my Southern CA winters, but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience.
  16. Well we had one of our hottest days so far yesterday. Well into the 90s F and I noted my ricefish at the surface and seemed to be gulping air. I ended up pulling them but lost one of my 5. Such a bummer. The solution my wife and I have cooked up is to get a planter with a trellis right in front of the tubs to diffuse some of the sunlight but would still allow air flow. I’ve got air in each tub.
  17. Hi All, I'll try to keep this short, but essentially - how warm is too warm for a community tank temp? We normally keep ours at around 79-80, but the new tank is in an area of the house that is kind of far from a/c, and over these past few extra hot days in the north east, it's gotten up to 83 a couple of times. I've been doing water changes when it gets much higher than that to reduce it down a bit, but I am wondering if I need to think about adding another a/c in the vicinity of the tank for a more consistent temp over there... Advice?
  18. 103 and going up today here in Glendale Arizona so iam removing my heater or leaving it in tank and unpluging it I hope this is the right choice ?
  19. I have 2 mini ponds that have been set up since late April here in southeast NC. I’ve got golden white cloud minnows and rainbow fish on the way but I’m worried about my temps! One pond is a 40gal and the big one is 110. The big one gets more shade being off the deck but the 40gal is on my deck and only gets partial shade for small parts of the day. We’ve had highs in the low 90’s lately and nightly temps in the mid 60’s. Pics show the 40gal at 91 degrees and the big guy at 83. In the morning both tanks sit at around 76-77 degrees. Should I move the 40gal onto my screened porch?? Thanks for the advice!
  20. I have some new mini ponds that I just put fish in yesterday- a 110 gallon with sunset variatus platies and a 20 mini with endlers. So far they're shy but doing well. I just saw that there's gonna be an overnight low of 6C (42F) and then tomorrow will only be a high of 11C (51F). Should I worry? What's my best plan of action?
  21. Hi Everyone! Quick question: I would like to set up a small free standing pond (20-30g) for guppies. I plan on placing it on my deck which gets direct sunlight from early afternoon until sunset. (I'm located in the Washington, DC Metro area.) My concern is that this amount of sunlight will heat the pond to uninhabitable temperatures. If the temp of the water gets into the the high 80s, will it become detrimental to the guppies or since the water will slowly be warmed by the sun, they could adjust? Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  22. I'm looking for a centerpiece fish for a 20 long unheated tank. Temp ranges from 68-72 (averages 70) in the winter and 74-78 in the summer. Will a honey or powder blue gourmi stay comfortable in these temps? I should mention I'm not interested in paradise fish or apisto borellii in this tank...maybe in another setup in the future 🙂
  23. In several of the recent “live streams” Cory has noted that he has been very warm in his broadcast studio. The backdrop for these “live streams” is the 800 gallon Goldfish aquarium. I would like to ask the following questions: How warm does that room typically get? How is the temperature of the water in the 800 gallon aquarium maintained for the Goldfish (i.e. is there active cooling in the water filtration system)? I am in the planning phase for a large Goldfish aquarium, but since my location is in the South, the concern is with being able to keep the water at a low enough temperature for the fish during the summer months.
  24. Hello All, I would like to set up a patio pond using a Tuff Stuff 40 gal tub. My concern is it gets hot here in the summer, in the upper 90's June, July and August. From y'alls experience would this tub get to hot for plants and fish? Thinking of setting one up with just plants and monitor the temps for one summer. I might even wrap the outside in bamboo or wood to reflect sun/heat. Thanks.
  25. Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with getting their fish room heat more evenly distributed? I'm building racks with three levels. I have my room set to keep the middle tanks around 77F + or - a little. The top tank is around 82F and the bottom tank is right at 71-72F. I did put 4" thick of foam board under my bottom left tank last night because I thought the concrete floor was stealing the heat. This morning it was still matching the tank temperature without the foam right next to it. My next idea was to maybe place mini fans at the ceiling level blowing straight down to try and mix the cold air at the floor? Has anyone tried this or have any other ideas that work for them? I realize the top tank will always be warmer. Just trying to get the lowest tanks a few degrees warmer.
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