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  1. thanks, your answers have been really helpful and put things into perspective. I think I will have a better understanding on some things now moving forward.
  2. Thank you a lot for the reply man, Yes I did not have an airstone the first 12 or so hours of the med time. I immediately put in an airstone as I realized the fish acting strange. And yes I do have 0KH, is that a problem? Btw its not really drastic ph swings going on, its actually pretty stable at that level, 5.5 or 6 ( sometimes at 6.5 but usually 5.5 or 6). Actually I measured the water just now while writing this and to my surprise the kh was about 80 ish. Maybe more frequent waterchanges will help keep the ph and kh a bit higher (my tap water has ph about 6.5 and kh about 80). I can't think of anything acidic getting in the tank.
  3. And I just measured ammonia now and it is 0. But then again if ammonia was the problem I did already do a 80% waterchange yesterday. Also did a 6in1 test strip now and the parameters are the same except ph is up to 7 now. Also forgot to mention that ph has been going as low as 5.5 recently.
  4. I measure the water every week. Ammonia and nitrite steady at 0. Nitrates always 0 or <10 ph :6.5 gh: 0-50 kh 0-30 tc: 0 temp: 24c/75f
  5. So, one of my tanks (classic guppies/snails/shrimp tank) had some clear parasite issues so I medicated it with paracleanse according to Aquarium Coop's directions and that is going very well. However I decided to medicate another tank I have because I have been using the same nets back and forth and some of the mollies there had clamped fins and another fish there had recently got half her tail bitten off so I figured the antibacterial and anti fungal wouldn't hurt so I hit it with the full classic trio, Marycin, ich-x and paracleanse. The morning after, the tank is super cloudy, fish gasping for air and my salvini male starts showing some extreme dying behaviour (sinking to the bottom, smashing into the substrate and decor, floating upside down, etc...). So I did a 80% waterchange and added an airstone but meanwhile the salvini male died. Has anyone had a similar experience with those meds? I think they might have maybe killed a lot of beneficial bacteria and/or depleted the water of oxygen.
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