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  1. Just out of curiosity: who owns Aquabid? Their website does not make it clear, that, or I’m missing something.
  2. Today, I sold some fish & plants to my LFS. Got $60 cash for everything. This sounds so exciting to enthusiastic aquarists, so I thought I’d share some details about how this all goes down. In part, maybe you’ll get some tips that will help YOU sell your stock (yay!) Or, likely, some of you will see ways I can improve (please share!) This began many months ago with BAP breeding projects. Think through how much food you feed one tank over six months. Just realize... that’s got to factor into any notions of profit. Furthermore, several years of carefully developed relations with the LFS manager need to be factored in. We have spent a LOT of money at this place, and have a working agreement (I’ll describe below) for how to calculate price points. Now... Yesterday, I texted the LFS manager, asking if he’d like to buy any fish and plants. I offered: 10x Corydoras Aeneus, 10x Fundulopanchax Scheeli, 10x Mollys, and 10x Cherry Shrimp Neocaridina. Also, one bunch each of Ludwigia Repens, Wisteria, Anacharis, and Valisneria Americana. He replied: yes to corys and killis, and yes to plants. Now... for anyone who is trying to remain a mere hobbyist while turning a dime... life has a fun way of getting in the way. No matter how well you plan, eventually something will challenge you! For me, it was my baby son refusing to sleep all night. He’s teething, and otherwise being irritable. I pulled baby duty so my wife could sleep. That has a way of knocking your plans. Friday commenced with physical therapy for my pre-k son who is recovering from elbow surgery. This followed by hair cut for him (turns out my hairstylist skills are just the worst), and pickup of groceries. Then, close to noon, my prep begins in the fishroom. I’m relating this because these basic life factors were not calculated into my “I’ll just sell some stuff to my LFS!” plans yesterday. Anyway, here’s how I get things ready: First, I siphon water from my 33 gal long Emerald killifish colony using a medium tubing length drawing tank water through small, fine-pore prefilter sponge intake to prevent excess duckweed or algae in the specimen container. Next, I rest a large net into the tank to allow fish time to get used to it. Then, I affix a single Sera-O-Nip tab to the front of the glass. Soon, the Killis gather round... Then I scoop out a net full... And drop them into the specimen container... Once fish are _in_ it is much easier to _remove_ unwanted fish than it is to catch more from a heavily planted tank. I find they’re easier to count when looking from above when a light is shining up through from beneath... I decided to go with 14x. If the buyer only wanted 10x, I’m fine with giving the 4x extras. I drop in just 1-3 drops of Kordon’s Amquel to lock Ammonia. I try to label the bag before adding fish... Next, I bag in a large plastic bag — thicker ply than usual. I try to leave 2/3 air to 1/3 water ratio... After knotting up the bag, I float in tank to match temperature... So that’s ONE bag ready. Not fast... and NOT mess-free! Next are the Bronze Corys. As before, I drain tank water through a filtered siphon... I set in some Algae wafers and a net... And soon some wander near... This works, but only to a point. Corys are fast and intelligent! Unfortunately, to catch more, I had to remove _everything_ they could hide under... And once I finally caught enough to total 10x, there was a lot of excess grunge and algae... So, I use airline to siphon out algae, prepare a second container with filtered tank water, and move the Corys over... Now with much less algae, I add several drops of Amquel... Label the bag... And set with Killis into a thermal bag... NOW! To get Cherry Shrimp... I drain exactly 16 oz. of Killi water to specimen container. I clip some Java Moss... And now to catch some cherry shrimp... Now, I’m using Long Life breather bags (which is why only 16 oz. of water) They’re designed to allow exchange of oxygen and CO2 _through the plastic_ . I label before filling... If reading all of this is tiring... try catching everything while making a wet mess everywhere 😂 Finally, we’re ready for PLANTS! Clip / pull and _label bags_ Valisneria Americana... Wisteria... Ludwigia Repens... And finally, Anacharis... Now ... ready to roll. First! It’s 1:30 pm. I need coffee. And lunch. OK! Now ready... We agree on price points based on his wholesale prices. He pays me cash straight from the till. All things considered, folks, keep your day jobs!! If you’re trying to make money, this is _not_ how to go about it. But what’s awesome and so satisfying is pulling the bags out, one by one, at my LFS, and seeing how healthy and vibrant the fish and plants look, and knowing that this will survive to the customer’s tank, and provide them with endless fascination and delight. That’s worth it! Plus... $60 is something...
  3. We're selling to a Club member out near D.C. who runs a fish store where he specializes in selling fish from local breeders. Here's a few of our fish we're selling tomorrow. Photos are examples of actual fish being sold...
  4. I only ship on Mondays but I am very thankful to have had this many orders. My best yet!
  5. I do not know how Cory is so matter of fact and no questions asked he just refunds the person. I guess he has done this a few times. I sell RCS on eBay to fund my hobby. I had someone buy 2 orders from me (60 shrimp). I figured out how to combine ship and gave a partial refund for shipping costs. The buyer asked me over a dozen questions about how to care for them and I responded quickly and gave all the advice and instructions. my shrimp arrived all alive and on time. The buyer gave me a positive review. 4 days later the buyer filed a claim stating they received the wrong item from what was listed and they got their money back. They claimed that 30 of the 60 shrimp died. I literally paid 20$ to ship my shrimp to them. Not counting all the time I spent talking to this buyer. I filed a claim with eBay and they wanted the buyer to ship it back to me. I said that isn’t appropriate and I shouldn’t be punished for selling the correct product in a timely manner. it still is in dispute, but the buyer got all their money back (from me) and I feel so gutted against this fraudulent claim because I raise the shrimp and I truly love the hobby. I’m not a huge business doing this, it’s a side gig to pay for some aquarium stuff. idk how Cory can do this so gracefully. I have rage building hahaha
  6. I’m curious as what you would recommend to use as a website to sell fish online? And what I mean is a personal website that you are creating instead of selling on another platform. Something that doesn’t require a lot of development skills and the operating cost is low. Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I needing to get rid of some fancy guppies (population boom...what a shock! LOL)--just mutts, but they are very nice looking and started out with stock from Twin City Guppies a couple years ago. My LFS used to take them, but they are closing in 2 weeks 😭 and therefore not taking on new stock. They are nicely colored up and about 1 1/2 inches long. So, I've watched Cory's fish selling videos, but I'm wondering if any of you have tips/tricks for selling to big box stores since that's my only even semi-local option. I do have 1 very small, very local pet store, but I've tried them before and they were uninterested. Long term plan here is to have an angelfish to keep down the fry population, but I'm getting that from a local breeder, and they're not ready yet, so alternate population control measures are needed!
  8. Being a new member i would like to note I live in Chiang Mai thailand. I will have about 90 outdoor under a roof tank setup to start. I am starting a breeding business and have a large plot of land an excellent well and a large funding account, any ideas of what to breed and grow to ship to the usa would be helpfull.
  9. It seems that most fish stores/ petstores in Canada have been banned from selling any kind of fish or plants for the next while. I beleive it has something to do with the recent moss balls situation. My LFS I beleive is still selling fish but thats because they dont usually sell moss balls. The local petstore that I went to yesterday had signs up saying "not allowed to sell fish due to governments orders". Then recentley aquascape room canada posted on their instagram that they are not allowed to be shipping plants. I was wondering if this has happened to any of you?
  10. Hi all just looking for some fun breeding options preferably something I can just colonize up in there was thinking of some corydoras or a new pleco to try other than bristlenose. I thought I may be able to try a nano fish above like clown killis to let breed in there as well I have some spare tanks to seperate fry, bu trust curious on some ideas that I could get rid of fry easily if I were to get a lot of breeding.
  11. Does anyone have a go-to, step-by-step guide for effective and responsible selling on Aquabid? The idea seems so good . . . but it also seems a little "wild west" with major potential for quite mixed results between different sellers.
  12. So, in keeping with forum rules, this is _not_ a sale of fish here on the forum. However, this weekend, we'll be headed in to ____________ (a certain East Coast city) to sell fish to members of our fish club. There is a "fish mongers" page on our fish club where we buy, sell, and trade aquatic life online. Here are just a few photos shot tonight of fish we'll be selling. I'll post more tomorrow. Thought someone might be interested. These are all bred and raised here in our home, in our water, single tank raised. Below are . . . Electric Blue Acara, Koi Angelfish, Brilliant Rasboras, Golden Rams.
  13. Sold grown up Fry and Plants at LFS today. Got $62. Anacharis, Ludwigia Repens, Wisteria, Water Lettuce Corydoras Aeneus (Bronze Corys), Koi Angelfish, Electric Blue Acara. Not gettin' rich, but it helps offset the hobby.
  14. Ok, so I have never shipped fish, and until this year I have never even considered shipping a live anything in the mail. I find I enjoy breeding them though, sooo...Not trying to make a million, just need to make space and break even on food and shipping costs. For those of you who have or do ship, a few questions... Is it worth it? Cost and failure rate to ROI? What are the most stress free methods? The most cost effective? Are those the same? Packing tips?
  15. So, I like my local pet stores, but their fish aren't always in the best tank conditions and I'd prefer to give my babies directly to fishkeepers. So I'm thinking about advertising locally in craiglist, etc with a beginner-friendly planted tank kit: one or two breeding trios of juvenile endlers, some java moss, some hornwort cuttings, some ramshorn snails, maybe a small java fern, along with small amounts of food and equilibrium to help them adjust. Should be a fine set-up for 10g, yeah? Am I overthinking this? Should I just sell fish & snails separately? Advertising explicitly to beginners could be risky if they didn't cycle their tanks properly or don't understand some of the basics yet. But at the same time, there are so many beginners who don't know where to start. If I covered my butt with lists of equipment they should have, that their tank should be cycled before adding animals, think I could be alright?
  16. “Hey, you got any more of those angelfish?” 🤑
  17. Hey guys, I aspire to someday soon own a local Fish Store/local pet store. I would like to know what info, advice, and resources you guys can provide. I'm in New York so a very expensive market and I have no clue how to find good wholesalers. Again, thank you guys for any help😁
  18. So, this would be a first.. i understand you dont get retail, but there is some value from a tank breed fish over a huge farm correct whats a fair value for fish store for endlers.. i was thinking like $1.50, is that to high. And blue neocaridena like $1.75... anyone have their experience??
  19. Hi everyone! Essentially, what it says on the tin. I'm interested in hearing other people's experiences. I've watched the breeding fish for profit series, and I'd like to hear what breeders and hobbyists encountered when selling their fish. Currently I'm saving up to get some ricefish to breed. Did you have a prior relationship with store employees/managers prior to selling them? Do you sell to multiple stores? How did you approach them? Did you ever end up not selling to a LFS and went to craigslist, aquabid, or getgills? Thanks!
  20. Does anyone have good experience with this? I seem to get a lot of inquiries for fish / shrimp I'm selling, and the majority of these lead up to the customer getting to the point of discussing when they can pickup, and me responding with a day/time/place, and then . . . . . . . . . . [insert silence here]. 28 of the last 30 or so inquiries have gone this way. Like I get it if we don't agree on price or meeting place or whatever, and then mutually decide not to do business. . . . but it seems like the customer is getting to the register and then walking away at the last moment silently. Makes me wonder: Why have a multiple email conversation at all, arrange everything, if at the last minute you decide 'meh nope'. I've done about 5 of these interactions in the last few days alone. And like I said, price never comes up, not anything else, just enthusiasm, then nothing. I get that this occurs, but this is like 90%+ of the CL customers I interact with. Does anyone else have these experiences? is the CL mail relay mechanism glitchy and dropping that final crucial when and where aspect of all communications? (Probably not). Or is this just the nature of consumer transactions? All in all, I guess this is better than 'no shows' at the meeting location.
  21. Tried selling online a few time only to have posts removed for not using punctuation the way they wanted or having buyers fall off the face of the earth. So I called up my LFS today just to check if they bought fish from hobbyists. They asked a few questions (species size and whatnot) then told me a price range they usually offer. Brought them right over and got more than I was initially expecting in cash with no negotiation. It was a pretty awesome experience. Update: stopped in today to check how the fish I sold them were doing and there were only 3 left! They sold 14 since Monday! The owner was extremely happy with them and said they will take any fish I have in the future. I asked if there's anything they have trouble getting that they'd like me to try breeding and they are having trouble getting small angelfish. Apparently only larger ones are getting imported. So I might be setting up the 20 high sitting in my basement soon.
  22. In the most recent live stream, Cory talked a lot about how we don’t know the medical history of our fish. I think that if we’re going to be breeding fish and bringing them to our LFS, it’s a good idea to give them that medical history (and other background info) when we drop our fish off. (Cory talks about that too in his breeding for profit series.) I thought I’d share the sheet I used when I dropped off my first batch of baby honeys in case it’s helpful to anyone else as a template. Fish Delivery template - Google Docs DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Date of dropoff My Name My phone number myemail@gmail.com Delivery to: _Local Fish Store Name_ Town, State Item 1: Honey Gouramis (3) Date of birth: 8/30/20 Genders: 2 male, 1 female (best guess) Foods: BBS... I’m not sure how much of it they owner read or really needed but at least it was there if he wanted it.
  23. parker p


    have some normal coler bristle nose pleco wild morph was woundering if i was to breed them how much could i expect rufly at sellable size
  24. With the cessation of regular fish club auctions, our tanks have really filled up with various fry raised for our club's Breeders Award Program. We sell some to our local fish stores, but there comes a limit to that. Shipping is tricky in the cold . . . and December is just insane with package deliveries. So for now, we're just enjoying watching our fish grow.
  25. I've got my first batch or corydoras fry ready to post for sale but don't have any bags to sell them in? Where do you guys get your bags? I'd like to get square bottom ones like @Dean’s Fishroomhas spoken about in videos. Also is filling the bag with O2 necessary for local sales? Are breather bags necessary?
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