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Found 18 results

  1. I've been trying to figure out what is the best algae eaters to put in a 75 gal Aquarium that won't destroy plant's or get too big. I have 6 albino Cory's but they are more into breeding than keeping the tank clean, so I'm wondering what algae eaters will work. I don't want something that's going to over take the aquarium like guppies or shrimp I've had guppies & they are prolific in breeding, I'm not really into shrimp for the job but more into some kind of fish that won't eat or destroy my plants, that's the main thing. So what would you suggest me getting? I've been watching videos on this subject but the more I watch the more confused it makes me, so I thought you could help me with what your thoughts & experience has or is with algae eaters, Thank You for your help ❤
  2. Added 4 Pygmy corydoras to my 30gal (now a shoal of 10), and this fella seems to like Leroy, my mystery snail! what a cutie! 🥰
  3. Hi all! This is my first post on here, so apologies if I’m doing something g wrong. Last year when I first got into the hobby, the first fish I bought were a group of 6 Pygmy Cories, and since then I’ve fallen in love. I bought another 7, and over the past few months I’ve finally been able to breed them. Their adorable fry have finally started to show their adult colors, and I want to make a tank just for them. I want to set up a 40 breeder “species only” breeding tank for them. Ideally, I want it to be heavily planted, as they love to have a ton of plants to both hide in and rest on top of, and I want a school of as least 30, preferably more, as well as some shrimp and otos that won’t eat the eggs. I’m looking for any suggestions on how to stock it, plant it, or just general ideas that anyone may have. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  4. so my big guy Brutus here has been slouching on his right side almost making a U shape for about 3 weeks now he doesn't do it all of the time. not sure if he's maybe impacted with some thing? or swim bladder? his buoyancy seems to be fine he's not floating to the surface or anything so it is leaving me too suggest a digestive issue? If you have seen this behavior in a fish or are experienced in fish diseases I welcome you to reply with any medication suggestions, ammonia is always at zero for this tank (it is a 55 gallon) and nitrates remain under 20 ppm The tank gets about a 40 to 50% water change at least once a week.
  5. Has anyone used neo Marine kalibrite saltless salt mix as mineral supplements in freshwater aquariums, I bought a 25lb at an auction for pennies what am I missing because it does it with like the shrimp Trace elements, The reef Trace elements, ect they all work the same I have a breeding activity explosion for a couple days and then the whole tank just starts to crash out, am I missing like some obscure Trace element or elements here cuz algae doesn't happen, everything goes into breeding and then everything stops about 4 days later till another shot of mixed water hit the tank breeding Molly's and apple snails atm And I live in Southern Illinois where we have literal mineral water just pouring out the tap ph around 7.6 water hasn't changed in 2 years from the town even check that, so do you guys have any ideas what's going on I have several tanks but we'll use this one since everything gets 10% ever 2-3days using the same mix 55gl, 86°f , ph 7.6-8.2, gh maxed out on everything 500+, kh is around 450, no nitrite no ammonia, between 60 and 100 nitrate, I have copper pipes but I cannot detect any copper, lron is around 50, tds is 1900ish All the testing is ppm Stocking is regular mollies, balloon mollies, apple snails, Malaysian trumpet snails, 1 green spotted puffer and one really large dojo loach
  6. Just finished rescaping my 40 gallon breeder low tech tank, moved away from the jungle tank look and now doing a epiphyte only tank...looking for a chill centerpiece fish...What would you add as a centerpiece fish? something besides an angelfish current fish: 5 Venezuela Corydoras 15 neon tetra 2 Dwarf chain loaches 1 dwarf frog (who hides all the time) 1 Tiger pleco A full colony of cherry shrimp
  7. I attached these anubias to these two rocks when they were very small, well over a year ago and now for the life of me I don't know what type they are because I want to buy more of them. Do our plant experts here in the community recognize which Anubias this is?
  8. So I had a extra line on my C02 system so I decided to add CO2 to my low tech goldfish aquarium to push the growth a little....currently I'm running very little C02 about 1 bubble every few secs.... my question is....I like to do a 50% water change on this tank about once a week or so should I turn off my C02 system during the change or is it ok being left on??
  9. Hello guys n gals. I am planning on putting my variatus platies outside for the first time this summer. I am a heavy listener of the aquarium coop podcast and a video watcher and I remember @Cory talking about how cold these guys can go about a hundred times but I can't for the life of me remember how cold that was. I live in Iceland so this cold tolerance information is of great importance to me. Is there anyone who remembers or knows this information? Thank you.
  10. Just moved my peppered corys to a different tank, and their spreading eggs all over the place. In the old tank I never saw them, ever. I always figured my platys we’re eating them or just wrong conditions. Well the platys moved with them and tank conditions are very similar. Obviously not exact different plants and it’s about 4-6 months more seasoned. #STT questions are why the sudden explosion of eggs? Seems I only find white ones very few that are more clear, am I not finding them fast enough? Or are they coming out infertile? And lastly everyone says just roll them on your finger or easily scrape them off the glass, all these are hard and I’m unable to scrape them without major damage, again am I just finding them to late?
  11. So idk much about lighting, but I got my 55gl running 2 25$ shop lights, (50w 6k lumen, color 5k, each) water Is 79°, A 0, ni 0, na 0, gh 300+ kh 40-0 pH 7.8-8.2, I'm having the issue of the water being to clean, like no amount I feed will shift the water and my plants (water lettuce and duckweed) are going the cycle of massive growth in couple days then massive die off just as fast, blasting my water to, A 1, ni 4, na 0, then swinging it back to 0,0,0 in a 6-8 day cycle, is there any way to stabilize this cycle, cuz I'm feeding 4 tbl spoons of repashy community Plus twice daily and it's just barley keeping it stable but it keeps going out of whack, anyone know what to do or any ideas, no easy green but I am using easy carbon 6 pump per day
  12. Hey all I picked up 6 Sterbai corydoras about 10 days ago. They're my first corys, so I'm learning. The first couple of days they were all over in the water column. Such fun to watch. But over the last 4 or 5 days, they aren't as active. I have 1 in particular that I'm concerned about. He appears to have white stuff on his mouth. I've read Cory's can bruise their barbels or experience barbel erosion, but I'm uncertain if that's what I'm seeing. Most articles/posts don't have pics so it's hard to tell. He's also breathing a bit harder than the others. I'll post a few pics. I have a video of his breathing but can't post it. I just quarantined him to a 5g (cycled). He's alone and very unhappy. Do I keep him quarantined and treat him? Put him back and treat the whole tank? I have API General Cure, Erythromycin, Fin & Body Cure, & Furan-2; Seachem Kanaplex & Metroplex; Jungle Fungus Clear; and PraziPro. Water Parameters: API master test kit pH: 8.2 Nitrates: 30 Hardness: 9 degrees or 161ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 16 degrees or greater than 214.8ppm Water Temperature: 76 Tank: 29g, planted, black diamond sand substrate, running for about 2 years. I do weekly 30% water changes, vac the sand, clean the filters routinely, etc. Tank mates: 2 guppies, 5 harlequin rasboras, 3 amano shrimp (new addition), 1 BN pleco, 1 mystery snail, 1 nerite snail Feeding: tank mates get a mix of floating/slow sinking stuff (like Fluval Bug Bites Betta Formula). While they're busy eating, I drop Fluval Bug Bites bottom feeder formula to the bottom for the corys. I also drop bug bites for plecos, and routinely hang spinach, zuchinni, and algea sheets in the tank for the pleco and snails.
  13. We had a tank with Ich. Since the corys were uninfected we moved the corys to an empty tank, and doing heat treatment on the main tank. Now I have heard that if we move back the corys to the main tank they may reintroduce ich, even they have no visible spots. Now I don't know what to do. Can corys spread ich, and how do you know if they have the parasite? /Peter
  14. 55gl 4 months old at 80ish, one canister, one hang on the back with aragonite and a mesh filter bag. stocking, duckweed, hornwort, bell pepper and an unknown plant. pestnails, 12 MTS, 10ish guppies 3 Pilates 4 Molly's and a 7-in pleco, (bad test strip ph7.2) retest 4x ph6.4, gh 300+, kh 120ish. A 0, NI 0, NA 30-40 Does anyone know why my guppies and platys are all hiding up in the corner directly under the outlet of the canister filter, cuz the Molly's and the Pleco are still running around just fine only changed 5gl 3 days ago and the only thing different is I did not add salt back to the water I changed, and some of them are diving to the bottom and rubbing into the sand like trying to wipe something off of themselves for about a week, hence why I changed water and did not add salt, so I don't know what they're doing, do 1 of y'all of know (edit 3 I think I have bad strips and kits, strip 1 ph 7.2 - 7.6 strips 2,3,4,5, 6.4, 7.6 6.4 6.4, api test kit low ph sold 7.6, high ph 7.8 maybe a 8, so still idk I guess the mystery just gets thicker)
  15. Okay y'all what did I collect, Southern Illinois, backyard Creek, water is about 50ish 1 day after rain at 3am, there's an American bullfrog and a southern green frog living in the deepest part of the creek along with wild minnows and pest snails where these were collected, what are they, cuz I have an idea what they are but I'm not for sure
  16. I have seen my two albino cory females breed and spawn with a male what I thought was a bronze cory. Every time, the eggs have not been fertile, while the peppered cory eggs laid at the same time hatch in the same conditions. I have been wondering what the cause of this infertility has been. Then I stumbled upon pictures of a Venezuelan cory, which could possibly be a separate species or a variety of Corydoras aeneus. It looks similar to the "bronze" cory I bought from my LFS. I also noticed that this bronze cory that my LFS sold is different than the ones they normally sell. Under the label "green/bronze cory" you can find 1) what looks like emerald brochis, 2) large cories that have a dark bronze color, or 3) this type of cory that I have (sorry I don't have pictures of the other varieties my LFS sells). They all come in at different times. Could someone identify this cory please? Thanks.
  17. Hello Everyone, As a complete plant newbie I tried growing plants last year with very little success. I want to try and give it another chance. I just completed another plant order from the CoOp. This time I'm going to try only Java fern and Anubis. I plan on trying 1 Java Fern and 1 Anubis in the 125 Tropheus/ Petro tank, I dont expect it to go very well. I also plan on planting the 75 gal Juli, Leleupi, Daffodil tank. The 40 gal Ocellatus Gold tank and the 40 gal Multi tank. I had put some of the Easy Planters in my cart, but I removed the Easy Planters and decided to try super glue due to cost constraints. This might have been a mistake, we shall see. I welcome everyone to follow along and I will document this journey, both good and bad to try and grow live plants in my Lake Tanganyika tanks...
  18. We purchased our 6 corydoras in groups of 4, (3 died first night), 3 and 2 from different stores over the last three weeks. They are the only ones we'd seen and our purchases may not have been wise. Only one has a full set of barbels, and it's the lone survivor from the first group. We hoped in our larger tank, with weekly water changes they'd recover. We think now we may not be doing enough for them. On the smallest which came home with no barbels, the mouth seems more swollen now, I think, and one of the most recent ones now has red under a fin and gill and popped out eyes, and I don't recall that much red or the eyes like that earlier this week, but, its hard to be sure. Uodated: We just moved the 5 that hang together into a new 10 gallon for quarantine. The 6th we suspect is a different variety, and a special case, so we didn't want to chase him down. If we get an easy chance we'll move him too. Advice on quarantine please: 1 or 2 a day water changes for a week observation before trying a med or salt? Or half or full dose of Maracyn right away? If salt how much for corydoras? I see so much conflicting information on corys and salt. Some other med instead? Parameters in the 75 since we cycled tend to be 74 degrees, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 20 nitrates. But we struggle with reading those nitrates. So I added pictures of two tests from tonight, with API master kit and a strip test. My recorded parameters over the last month and pics of the two we are most alarmed about. All other fish in tank, 8 larger and 8 smaller black neon tetra, 4 white cloud minnows, 1 red drawf, 1 blue dwarf and 4 honey Gourami appear fine and the Honey Gourami have been making nests. We just had to buy a 2nd 10 gallon for this quarantine because we have just hatched fry in the one we had been setting up. So I really hope the 75 tank is ok, and I really want to heal these Corydoras and provide a good home for them.
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