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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, my name is Sandy. Live near the Windy City... I have been watching Co Op videos for a while , have learned so much from Cory. Found the forum link and finally got around to checking it out. Got back into the hobby a couple of years ago with a whiskey barrel pond on the patio and now keep a 75 gallon on patio, another 75, 20, 20 long, 5 and 3.5. Love planted tanks, Recently started a shrimp and snail only tank. If I could describe an aquarium in a word, it would be mesmerizing. My husband enjoys the benefits of the beauty of the tanks without the work. Our dog loves to watch the fish. Here is my 75 community. Looking forward to being part of the community and seeing your amazing aquariums and pets.
  2. Okay y'all what did I collect, Southern Illinois, backyard Creek, water is about 50ish 1 day after rain at 3am, there's an American bullfrog and a southern green frog living in the deepest part of the creek along with wild minnows and pest snails where these were collected, what are they, cuz I have an idea what they are but I'm not for sure
  3. Hi! I've been out of the aquarium hobby for about 25 years. Finally have time again to start again. I have a 5 gal tank with a betta. Chico is a platinum betta male. He is a fun guy! He has a little fin rot. But meds are on the way. He still zooms around the tank and is eating. My husband found me a 40-45 gal tall tank for Free! It was at a yard sale. We got it home started cleaning it up and stripping sealer. It is currently in process to be my 1st planted tank. I want to have a few Angels with some Rams a couple Corydoras eventually. I found your videos on YouTube and then checked out the website. I put in my 1st order over the weekend. I. Really excited to have fish again. I just wanted to thank you all at Aquarium Co op for giving me great information that really encouraged me to get back into fish keeping. Thank you!
  4. Looking forward to the site! Been fishkeeping for many years, went head-first a year ago!
  5. Looking forwards to being a part of this community! Trying my second attempt into planted tanks. I know third time is the charm but here is to hoping for the best. If not, so be it. We all know that’s how this hobby works. The only other tank I have is a 125 reef tank that has gone through many permutations itself. Reviving my freshwater tanks now and I’m loving it. Will be making my first order with Corey soon!
  6. Greetings from Chicago (Far North Suburbs)! Long time Aquarium Co-op member and fan! After first getting into planted aquariums in college, I recently rejoined the hobby about 2 years ago! I currently have 3 tanks, including a community betta tank (which my daughter may believe is hers), a thriving shell dweller 29g, and I am in the progress of building a 120g high tech planted tank with sump -- photos to come I'm loosely involved in the GCCA - Greater Chicago Cichlid Association as time permits. I used to be very active in fish forums in the early-mid 2000s, and I'm very glad to see this forum bring the community back to those days! Thank you @Cory!
  7. Hi everyone I’ve been keeping fish for I think 5 years only seriously in the past 3. My dad however has been keeping cichlids off and on for 10. Lately I’ve found myself attracted to (fewer) larger tanks and see myself moving moving in that direction. I enjoy natural looking planted tanks (low tech so far). I love to learn and am looking forward to gaining and spreading knowledge of this fantastic hobby! A bit about my tanks and their current stocking 20L - (8)star sapphire (growing out) 29- (15) tiger barbs, (15) serpae tetras, (5) Agassizi cories ,(1) juv blood parrot 47- (2) angelfish “I hate this tank” lol 75- (8) M. Parva “sunset rainbows” from Gary Lange, (4) angelfish, (3) geophagus tapajos 75- empty and awaiting the star sapphires -bucket list fish- Cyathoparyax furcifer raizba protomelas virgatas ophthalmotilapia Sp
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