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  1. @Colu I tried Epsom salt. As you can see the fish has slimmed down, actually after only one treatment. She is swimming slantwise, but looks much better. I hope she will recuperate completely. Thanks!
  2. <0,3 nitrite is the lowest with my testkit.
  3. @ At least one of them died. Ammonia = 0mg/l Nitrite = <0,3mg/l Nitrate = 1mg/l Ph = 7,2 Temp = 26°C I have to add this is not a new tank, had it for 3 years.
  4. My black neon tetra has a swollen belly. This has happened two times before and only to my female black neons. I thought it was constipation, but now I don't know
  5. Hi guys! Just an update. I think I have found why shrimp died after water change. I used both hot and cold tapwater to get the right temp. Now I only use cold tapwater that I then warm. Seemingly there must be some copper in my hot water. I haven't checked it for copper, but that must be it, since I haven't seen one dead shrimp since I changed method.
  6. Zoidar

    Scratching fish

    I have no longer problem with scratching. I put garlic cloves in the tank before, that might be the reason of the scratching or maybe it was just the filters that needed a real cleaning. Either way I have stopped with putting garlic in the tank.
  7. My dad says he who sold it to him said it's not a vallisneria gigantea. But he doesn't remember its name. To me it looks just like v. gigantea. Do you know?
  8. Zoidar

    Scratching fish

    I cleanded the filters yesterday. It's been a while. The water came out really dark. Today the fishes look more lively. Maybe this was the reason for the scratching? We will see if it fixed the problem.
  9. Zoidar

    Scratching fish

    Since I got corys I'm a bit afraid of using salt.
  10. Got some problem with green neons and corys scratching and sometimes swim around like crazy. Water parameters are good. I think it might be flukes, but don't know. I see no visable signs on them and they seem healthy otherwise, good appetite etc. It's been like this for quite some time and since it's got worse I got to do something about it. I also got cherry shrimps in the tank, so what could I use (or do) that don't kill the shrimps? I'm still a beginner in the hobby, so be kind. 🙂
  11. I wonder why I have this problem. I normally don't do more than 10-15% water change. Something wrong with my tapwater maybe? Dechlorinator can't be a problem, can it?
  12. I never had amanos. I have been thinking of given them a go.
  13. I have read that some grades of cherries are hardier than others. Not sure how correct that is, or which is hardiest.
  14. I have cherries, sometimes they die after water change. I have heard cherries are quite hardy, but are there other shrimps that are less sensitive to water changes?
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