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  1. Now the weather has warmed up does anyone else find themselves doing multiple small water changes just so they can water the garden plants? I know it's not efficient as far as nitrate removal and effort but I think the positives out way the negatives
  2. So I have a heavily planted 75 gallon community tank. I haven’t done a water change in a month. I check the water parameters weekly with the Aquarium CoOp test strips ( which I love by the way) and am staying in the 10-20 ppm range for nitrates. I dose easy green weekly. My question is there a point I should do a water change even if the parameters are good? I used to have this tank stocked with bigger cichlids and had to do weekly water changes to keep the nitrates under control so this is new to me.
  3. Gardener me pilfered supplies from fish keeping me... the siphon hose has just the right flow to slowly deep water/fertilize at the base off the plants without run-off. Bonus: I get to “multi-task” (aka wander off), and mix up 5G of fertilizer at once. Laziness is the mother off efficiency 😂 Anyone else have hobby mash-ups where another hobby informs the fish keeping, or the fish keeping informs another hobby? *disclaimer: the siphon has been permanently relegated to the garden shed, the bucket is out only for tank water.
  4. Our tank is having a nitrite spike right now so we are treating with prime and doing water changes. What I am confused by is that after we do a 50% water change, they SAY it should lower your nitrite levels by 50% but we see no change at all. Is there something I am missing here? Levels look exactly the same before and after
  5. I rarely do water changes. My tanks are very heavily planted. I normally just add water. I never lose fish, and if I do test the water, the nitrates are almost never high and the ammonia is nonexistent. In my live bearer tank there’s 30 something fish depending on how many fry are there. It’s a 29 gallon. There are platties, guppies and swords. My 75 has over 50 barbs and peacocks. My question is why is am I a monster for not changing the water, just cleaning the filters?
  6. I've heard many water change disaster stories. I just had mine. My dirty water bucket handle decided it was time to retire just a foot away from the patio door. Snap. F-bomb. Hoping my 4 year old didn't hear me.... Towels later I'm glad I listened to advice and kept the tank in the basement. It was for the possibility of a broken/leaking tank. But I guess you can add this to the reasons why.
  7. I have an apisto that has turned really pale after a water change. This was months ago, and he’s still fine, but still pale. Typically I monitor for nitrates and only do changes when they exceed a certain point which is why it’s been a while Aside from a little bit of algae due to it being summer, my tank is doing fine. Why is my fish so pale? I should mention his tankmates are all doing just fine. It’s strictly a one fish problem. He’s also still eating.
  8. I was wondering how long it will twit to remove meds from my 5 gallon tank. Instructions on the box(Tetra Lifeguard) just say on day six do a 25% and replace activated carbon and uv lights. I don't run either of those on my tanks on a regular basis. I was gong to hook up a Aldo HOB with purigen if the will work as is already in a nice little bag. I just would like to know how long I need to use the to remove all the meds in the water TIA
  9. I’ve seen some fish tubers use various DIY solutions for slowly filling tanks. Dean has one and so does MD Fish Tanks. Is there a commercial solution? I’m thinking a python hook with some sort of diffuser and flow regulator.
  10. I’m going on an 8 day vacation in a couple days. I have someone coming to feed my fish and I’ll do a water change before I go but I’m worried about my plants. I don’t have an automatic light switch thing and it isn’t really the best option for multiple reasons. Both my tanks are heavily planted and don’t want my plants to die. Could I leave the blue light on? Would that be better so that plants still get some light but my poor fish aren’t stuck in bright lights? Has anyone else had this problem and maybe a possible solution? I might be able to figure something out with the automatic thing but it would be difficult.
  11. Just curious anyone can tell me why when I change water I get extreme pearling all my plants. Oxygen is flowing up off all of them 2-3 days????? one picture is my c02 it flows very strong idk if that matters. My c02 in 2 liter yeast I change every 7 days keep strong c02 flow. does anyone have a guess?? I have a little hair algae but my fish love eating it. I also have like 80$ plant light from Amazon and 2 very strong lights I used for growing weed. So pictures look a little red it helps plants bloom.
  12. I’ve been keeping discus for the past year, I absolutely love them. I have a breeding pair, I’ve been growing out their fry, and I have 10 medium sized ones in my display tank. They’re one of my favorite fish. I’ve always been super diligent about water changes but that’s because the internet has told me to be. But why? I understand changing the water daily in the fry grow out tank and the breeding tank due to how heavy I feed and how small of water volume they have. But why change water in my display tank if the plants are sucking the nitrates from 20 ppm to 0 in about 4 days? Is there any reason to actually change their water if the plants are scrubbing it clean for me or is there more to it than that for discus?
  13. I like doing smaller changes, like 5% every other day, rather than doing one change a week. My shrimp didn't seem to handle it very well on weekly changes, started to die on me, that's why I changed to smaller more frequent changes. I also have neons and corys in there. I have this nagging question, if these small water changes is enough.
  14. Good morning guys! Just wanted to solicit for opinions regarding the need for PWCs if your tank parameters hold stable in a moderately planted tank. Week after week, my parameters have been unchanged, but I did 20% changes out of habit, however, for the past 3 weeks, I've forgone changes as the parameters remain unchanged regardless. Everything seems happy and healthy. I've read some opinions online equating fresh water for the aquarium to fresh air to us as humans, but I've also seen opinions of "it ain't broke, don't fix it." Any thoughts? I'm leaning towards just reducing the frequency of my PWCs. As always, thank you wonderful people in advance!
  15. I have always used ro water but I have 9 tanks now and its getting a bit cumbersome. I know I can probably switch over to tap gradually during water changes. When I mix tap in currently i put it in a gallon jug with prime. If i go straight to the tank I will not do that. When do I add the dechlorinator when going tap to tank? Before the refill or after? And I am assuming it takes a lot more as well.
  16. I do my chemistry (the long painful way) once a week (because I am a paranoid fish rookie). My 40 Gallon has been doing great cycling wise, and I have had to REALLY work on DON'T TOUCH IT.. LEAVE IT... and I have. However, the manual algae removal and Diatom algae was getting to be a bit much because I just HATE how it looks. My plants have gone nuts in there, and I have already had to trim them and re plant the trimmings. Saturday I caved in and added 2 Oto's (they only had 2) and 1 Clown pleco (who I say for 5 hrs. and is hiding now). I fed them an algae wafer yesterday. My chemistry has not changed since I did it on April 15th (I know less than a week, but wanted to check because I added fish). Do I leave it? or should I do a water change? PH 7.4, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrates 20 ppm ( I think) the colors are sometimes tough to read.
  17. @Cory I have been fighting my water since I started the hobby. 7? Years? Not by trying to keep fish that don't match my water, but by keeping fish at all. My water has always been "wacky". Before I found the Co-op, I tried seachem's line of buffers and they didn't work. Support said that a buffer in my tap was fighting their buffers. CC fixed my problems in general for most fish, (shrimp just die) however due to chemistry I don't understand, to get the slight increase in kH in my water, the gH jumps from 75 to well over 300. I'm not sure exactly how high...it's too high to read. I need the kH...my pH has crashed too many times. Two weeks ago I lost a fish or 2 from every tank that got a water change. (Luckily I was lazy) I happened to be doing an experiment and caught 5g of my tap water. It was perfect for about a week. My theory is that the change in tap water however briefly.... With a larger water change was too much for the fish to adapt to. I'm guessing smaller water changes or leaving water out overnight and test before. However what I really want is to understand. I've just lost too many fish. It's heartbreaking and frustrating. I can't find these fish anywhere now... They are not replaceable. (Although I know Cory knows someone 😉) The fact that a similar cycle of deaths happens every 6-8 months is making sense. Can anyone relate? Anyone with something similar? Or is this just me? (It's usually just me) P.s. I live in this sweet spot (nasty spot) where we buy water from 3 different treatment plants. One is Old City with horrible pipes, the second is rural with fertilizer runoff, the third is awesome, but small. Thanks
  18. Fritz complete w/ water change--how long before next readings of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates reliable?
  19. My 100gal summer tub turned into a year-round tub for my white clouds. It's been going for almost a year now. For those of you who have kept ponds year round for long periods of time, is it necessary to gavel vac and perform water changes periodically, or should I just continue to let nature take its course and top off due to evaporation? Is Old Tub Syndrome an issue to be concerned about?
  20. I currently have two 28 gallon tanks. I set one up without a cover. I lose about two liters a week to evaporation in the uncovered tank. My question is if I’m adding two liters of water a week do I still need to do a frequent water change? The tank is stocked with nine cardinal tetras, six Cory cats, one nerite snail, dwarf hair grass, Java fern and water sprite. I check my parameters weekly and they stay within acceptable limits. Than you
  21. Hi everybody! I have a 20 gallon tank and had some bristlenose plecos in it. I was wondering how much water I should change if I had shrimp. I have heard that shrimp like small water changes but these bristlenose plecos are poop machines! Does anyone have experience with this combo? How much water should I change and how often should I change water? I want to try to breed both of them and keep both species happy. Thank you
  22. I’m setting up a new 75g and I’m lucky to have a wet bar with sink right next to the tank. I’m comfortable drilling the tank and know how to do household plumbing, but I’ve never plumbed an aquarium. How are you folks doing it? I’m still in the brainstorming phase so any advice is welcome.
  23. Hey everyone, I'm in the process of buying a house that has very hard water but also uses a water softener. As I have planted tanks I'd prefer to remove sodium from the softened water before putting into my aquariums. I've decided to split my outdoor hose line (which uses the regular hard water) and make it accessible to my sink as well as using some RO/DI filtering on the soft water to cut down on the mineral hardness and hopefully maintain some control over the pH. Does anyone have experience with this process? Has anyone installed an RO/DI to remove sodium ions from softened water?
  24. So, I'm feeling a little guilty with the water I'm wasting when doing my water changes using my Python. I've tried using gravity and putting the end outside but I don't get the same suction power. I've been considering using a pump but you can't gravel vac with it. I thought I might manually gravel vac into a bucket or garbage can and pump it out of there. Any other suggestions I'm not thinking about? For those that use pumps, what specific pump do you use?
  25. I would like get a general consensus about why people don't like water changes. I've been on lots of forums over the years, and this is by far the most hated part of the hobby, in general. With that said, let me clarify a few things. This question is geared towards the person who has one or two tanks. When you get into a fish room level, I get it. The more tanks you have, you're going to want as much automation as possible. I also would like to clear out the folks who have a heavily planted tank. You can get away with not doing them. For the remaining people, why do not like doing them? I really would like to know what the real reasons are. I'm honestly curious, as I would like to learn more about people in the hobby.
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