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slouching Goldfish


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so my big guy Brutus here has been slouching on his right side almost making a U shape for about 3 weeks now he doesn't do it all of the time. not sure if he's maybe impacted with some thing? or swim bladder? his buoyancy seems to be fine he's not floating to the surface or anything so it is leaving me too suggest a digestive issue? If you have seen this behavior in a fish or are experienced in fish diseases I welcome you to reply with any medication suggestions, ammonia is always at zero for this tank (it is a 55 gallon) and nitrates remain under 20 ppm The tank gets about a 40 to 50% water change at least once a week. 




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I have a ranchu for about a year with the same "lean" since I purchased him via mail order. It doesnt always happen, but has never gone away and concerns me when I see him doing it. It has never developed into full blown swim bladder issues. Id also be interest if anyone has any insight.

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