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  1. hello people just trying to get some information calling all plant nerds like myself. there are a few different species of Java fern in this tank (40breeder) and I noticed a few of them had some dark green tips not really translucent maybe a little. which deficiency do you believe this is and what would be your recommendations to fixing it? there is only one oranda goldfish in here the tank does have CO2 injection about one bubble per second(trying to keep it real low). I dose easy green about once or twice a week 3 pumps each time along with seachem potassium. I tried to include the water parameters. Let me know if you need any more info.
  2. What are some ways people have dealt with goldfish aggression? I bred all of these fish and sold most all of the other babies, decided to keep these. they are about seven months old now and they are in a 33 long the two larger males have bullied any other goldfish that I attempt to put in this tank I want to put other ranchus in this tank but these males chase them aggressively (most likely trying to breed) I tried putting more plants in the tank, not sure what to try next?
  3. I have a 40 gallon breeder planted..The tank has been going for sometime now.. All it needs is a bright centerpiece fish any ideas. there are hundreds of red cherry shrimp in this tank I'm not really concerned about missing a few here and there. What are your ideas? Current stock: -school of neon tetras about 30 -4 dwarf chain loaches - 1 African dwarf frog -Full colony of cherry shrimp
  4. 3 years now and ive had a goldfish with a swim bladder issue before this seems a little different not sure
  5. so my big guy Brutus here has been slouching on his right side almost making a U shape for about 3 weeks now he doesn't do it all of the time. not sure if he's maybe impacted with some thing? or swim bladder? his buoyancy seems to be fine he's not floating to the surface or anything so it is leaving me too suggest a digestive issue? If you have seen this behavior in a fish or are experienced in fish diseases I welcome you to reply with any medication suggestions, ammonia is always at zero for this tank (it is a 55 gallon) and nitrates remain under 20 ppm The tank gets about a 40 to 50% water change at least once a week.
  6. question to are planted community, in your experience how much salt can be added to this tank? I know that goldfish are pretty tolerant to salt and I want to start adding small amounts every now and then as a preventative measure, The problem is I don't want to harm any of the thriving plants in this tank. Currently I have Anubis, Java fern, and two large crinum calamistratum. this is a 55 gallon tank with two of my large Ranchu.
  7. I am looking for something on the colorful side about medium size not too large. Not really concerned about them eating some shrimp every now and then it's hard to tell because most of them hide during the day there are tons of shrimp in this tank.
  8. Just finished rescaping my 40 gallon breeder low tech tank, moved away from the jungle tank look and now doing a epiphyte only tank...looking for a chill centerpiece fish...What would you add as a centerpiece fish? something besides an angelfish current fish: 5 Venezuela Corydoras 15 neon tetra 2 Dwarf chain loaches 1 dwarf frog (who hides all the time) 1 Tiger pleco A full colony of cherry shrimp
  9. I attached these anubias to these two rocks when they were very small, well over a year ago and now for the life of me I don't know what type they are because I want to buy more of them. Do our plant experts here in the community recognize which Anubias this is?
  10. So I had a extra line on my C02 system so I decided to add CO2 to my low tech goldfish aquarium to push the growth a little....currently I'm running very little C02 about 1 bubble every few secs.... my question is....I like to do a 50% water change on this tank about once a week or so should I turn off my C02 system during the change or is it ok being left on??
  11. Never added mangroves before how should i do it, where to look to buy, and what sort of plant maintenance should I do? Im experienced with many aquarium plants so want to try something new.
  12. these are my Ranchu goldfish babies I have about eight of them, decent size now asking my fellow fish nerds If it is okay if they eat my culled cherry shrimp. I put a small handful of the shrimp in there just to clean up didn't think they would go for it but I quickly saw them eating the shrimp is this OK? Could I put more?
  13. the bubbles at the top of the tank are most likely due to the meds that I put in in a attempt treat a possible bacterial infection I tried a small dose of API erythromycin currently I've been doing a 30% water change about every other day i'll keep an eye out on that food lower his protein level thank you
  14. since I've noticed it yeah he's been only hanging out in that area and I feed him a variety of different foods from peas to blood worms flakes and his base pellet is sinking and yes the top of his fin looks a little discolored
  15. haven't really noticed any heavy breathing on him and ammonia levels are at zero temperature usually sits around 73 to 75 degrees and not many changes really in the last few weeks
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