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Found 12 results

  1. I am working on starting to add fish to the 40G I would really like a centerpiece fish for that tank. But I would prefer something that will get along with guppies, corydora's, Plecos and Otto's fish. I have watched some many videos that I am beginning to overthink and overwhelm myself. I am a community tank kind of gal, so want a fish that would terrorize other friendly fish. Or, should I get larger schooling fish? IDK.. ugh.. What do some of you have? Pros and cons??
  2. Can I keep a single Clown Loach in a 29 gallon tank?
  3. Hey guys first I apologize for the low quality picture but I could not find a better one right now. I know this is a generic question but what center piece fish could I put in my 120 gallon. Right now it has 20-30 bronze cories that are reproducing, 9 different kinds of rainbows all around 4 inches +, a rhino pleco, and a pearl gurami that is gonna be moved to a 55 soon. I used to have an 16 year old kissing gourami that lived with everything from neon tetras to angelfish but he passed away a few months ago and I was thinking of maybe getting 2-3 more but I've heard that they can get mean. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I have also thought about blue acara but they may eat the cories or even 3-5 angel fish but idk how many I could add and I definitely don't have space if they start breeding and fighting for space.
  4. Hi I am looking for a centerpiece fish to put in my 29 gallon. Right now I have 8 pristella tetras, 1 L144a longfin pleco, 1 peacock goby, 4 peppered corydora, 6 adult endlers (and many fry), I also have numerous ramshorn and one mystery snail. One thing that is important to my is ease of feeding, I had an apisto but was unable to feed it frozen food, I dont know what happened to it but it wouldnt eat and died. I am leaning towards a bolivian ram, or a pearl gourami. I am also considering sparkling gouramis (also known as pygmy gouramis) wondering how easy these species are to feed? Also any other suggestions For fish that would go well in this tank? One thing to know is that my water has 0 hardness,. so I kinda cant keep anything that requires hard water.
  5. I have a 25 Gallon Bow Front and want to know if I am going to be Over Stocked with the fish I plan to get. Currently in the Tank 5 mollies (3 Gold Dust, 2 Dalmation) 5 Zebra Danios (Long Finned) 6 Cherry Barbs (Vailtail) I plant to get 5 habrosus Cory's 2 Mystery Snails 1 Bristle Nose Pleco
  6. I have a 20 gallon currently with 6 neon tetras, 5 guppies, 5 corydoras, and two snails. I also have a 5 gallon aquarium with some zebra danios. I want to combine the two tanks into a 36 gallon bowfront but think it may seam too empty with only 20 small fish? I really like the look and personalities of cichlids and angelfish, but I know they are generally too aggressive to be housed with small schooling fish. I am wondering if there is a good centerpiece fish that would be docile enough to live with the others. If that isn't an option how many others of the schooling fish could I add? Or should I just leave them how they are... Edit to add: All my parameters are checked biweekly and I do at least two water changes a week 🙂
  7. Well, I'm in a conundrum and have a controversial question: I have hard water (Ph 8.2, Gh 300, kh 250). I have been setting up a new 95 gallon tank mostly for livebearers, which I enjoy and are well matched for my hard water. So far so good. Now the controversial part: I'd really like to add a single angelfish for a few reasons: 1. I have always wanted an angelfish--I think they're beautiful 2. Its large size will look good in the large tank--right now everything seems a little "undersized" and I think having a larger fish will make the proportions look more balanced 3. It seems like they're a good option for fry control without being too likely to attack my adult livebearers. Now, I am well aware that angelfish are supposed to be kept in soft, acidic water. That's obviously the complete opposite of what I have. So, I've gotten multiple opposing views from my LFS (Ph/hardness aren't important vs. Ph/hardness are super important long term) and from what I've read online about the "okay-ness" of keeping angels in hard water, knowing that it's less than ideal for their physiology. I don't want to be a fish torturer--they're living creatures who deserve to be well cared for. So, this is a pretty research/experience based group--what's your take on angels in hard water? Oh, forgot to add...if it's a "no" for you--have another recommendation for me instead?
  8. I’m debating between getting one scarlet badis or a sparkling gourami for the centerpiece fish for my 5 gal heavily planted tank. There are 8 chili rasboras and rcs in there currently. Currently my nitrates never get above 10 ppm and I’m willing to do water changes two or three times a week if need be. As this is my only tank so I am able to and willing to dedicate a lot of time into upkeep. Any thoughts?
  9. TL:DR - help me pick a super rare, weird, interesting and cool centerpiece fish for my planted 50 gallon community tank (shrimp, snails, pygmy cories, and tetra so far). Hi all, I wanted to first thank everyone here for providing a place for a newbie like me to learn so much! As the name says, I became re-obsessed with making planted ecosystems after reading Dr. Diana Walstad's book "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium." As such, I have taken the 50 gallon acrylic back from my dad who had it collecting dust in the garage, cleaned it up, and got to work about 8 weeks ago. It is a dirted bottom tank with organic miracle grow potting soil capped with about an inch or so of gravel. There is a sandy section as well for my pygmy cories to frolic. Although I did try to go full walstad method with heavy planting, turns out planting a 50 gallon "heavily" is way harder than I thought. Picture attached is from just after maintenance yesterday. I was religious about water testing for the first several weeks and now, not so much. Ammonium, and nitrite levels hang near zero now and nitrates stay pretty low as well. I know some people here may think this is more of a "walstad-ish" tank and I cannot argue with you. I am still pursuing that goal of a true walstad with few water changes, tons of plants, and low filtering. I attribute my filtering requirements so far and my need for water changes (managed to go 2 weeks though recently and only needed to because my floater plants needed...culling) to my own imperfection of the method. I am continuing to plant the tank up until I reach a point where I either see pearling with no CO2 or at least until I can run the filter completely submersed (no surface agitation) and I don't see any distress from the fish for oxygen needs). Ok, all that gushing out of the way, here is what I have in the tank right now - a lot of these are estimates because good lord do critters breed 50 gallons 7 cory habrosus 8 neon tetra (mostly for cycling, but they are fun to watch dart around at feeding time) 6 ember tetra 4 mystery snails ~10 malaysian trumpet snails (needed them to help aerate my soil) ~20 ramshorn snails (pink, blue, leopard, red - love the little guys will be sharing with my wife's and anyone who wants to pay for shipping soon enough) 6 nerites 6 amano shrimp ~6 neocaridinashrimp ??? bladder snails - seriously who knows, I don't mind the little guys. They do good work. tons of microfauna I want something to really be fun and exciting to watch and learn about as my centerpiece. What put the thought in my mind was the recent unboxing vid that the co-op did on YouTube of the crocodile toothpicks! Oh man they were so cool!!! I thought about them as the ones and then I thought "I never knew about those, what else don't I know about???" I had been considering a super cool little bristlenose pleco, one of the fancy L numbers. So I thought I would hear from the true experts. What's out there for me? I have no limits other than maybe price (I don't trust myself quite yet to keep anything too expensive [maybe over 50$], still a newbie here). It doesn't have to be pretty, or small, or big, or ugly, just neat and fun! Knife fish? baby whale? stingray? what's the weirdest thing you got for me? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you all so much for any help you can provide for me here.
  10. So I am planning out a tank and have already decided on most of the fish but am looking for ideas for a center piece fish. Its a ten gallon planted tank and I am already getting 2 nerite snails, 10 chili rasboras, 6 black neon tetras and some blue velvet shrimp but am wondering if there is a really colorful solo fish I could get. Betta? Guppy? Thoughts?
  11. Thinking of adding a Dwarf Gourami(or two) to my 60 gal as centerpiece fish. Haven't pulled the trigger yet because I am hearing so many different opinions. Any more opinions you all would like to throw in to my research? 😀 Current stocking: 6 zebra danio(mix of glofish and a zebra); 8 tetra(white skirt, black skirt, glofish, and a Serpae); 7 Platy(mix of wags, mickey mouse, and 3 of my new faves - Green Lanterns). On the bottom we have 2 emerald and 2 albino corys and a Bristlenose Pleco. Someone suggested 3 Dwarf Gourami, but I feel 2 would be the max - and I am not even sure about a second one. What y'all think? Is my 60 big enough for 2? I am looking at a Powder Blue(for sure) and maybe another color for the second one(Flame or Neon). Thanks for any input and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  12. I have a planted 10 gal tank with 11 cherry barbs, 1 gold zebra danio, 1 otocinclus, 2 kuhli loaches. My children have shown interest in assigning names to the fish but that's only possible for the danio and oto right now. I'm looking to add a centerpiece fish (or two) that my children can name, preferably something that will occupy the top/middle of the tank. So far I've come up with dwarf gouramis and possibly bettas. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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