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Found 11 results

  1. My 6 cory cats (The Derpingtons) will swim like this for hours. They’re all juvenile. Not sure if the male-female ratio, but they’re just the most active goofs in the world. They’ll sometimes run into each other as they swim too and fro. It’s hilarious to watch. They eat fine and don’t seem to be stressed. I’m just new to the hobby and want to know if they’re ok. I have have 3 mollies, some tetras, and Big Man (honey red gourami). Water parameters: temp: 73°-76° ph: 7.0-7.6 no ammonia or nitrites nitrates: about 25ppm (has been up to 30) API master test kit
  2. Hello ! As I've said in my presentation topic, I am a total beginner in the hobby and my current goal is to get a 29 gallon tank going with the following fishes : - 1 Pearl Gourami- 10 Celestial Pearl Danio- 7 Black Phantom Tetra- 4 Emerald Green Cory Right now I'm gathering as much information as I can while trying to understand all the subtlety of getting a tank ready to welcome my future fishes ! Here's the current list of questions that I'm trying to find an answer to : - Should I buy a "all in one" tank with a filter, a thermometer and all the part that I need or should I get just the tank and buy all the part separately to know better the tools and the pieces that I'm going to use. On this question, I'm currently leaning a bit more toward the "empty" tank and buying all the other part apart just because I like to know what I'm using and I think it'll be reassuring if anything broke or have any kind of dysfunction but also because I can't really find any good recommandation on a "all-in-one" tank but if you have some recommandation for that, I'll glady take them. - Are the fishes that I've picked gonna do well together ? That's one of my main interrogation, I'm pretty much terrified to wake up one morning to find that some fishs as been injured or killed by others. After researching a lot on that subject, I've come to the conclusion that they should be all alright and happy together but if you have any knowledge on that, let me know - Cycling, live plants, water parameters This is one of the big question too, I've read and looked at a lot of video about this subject but it seems that there is tons of "techniques" and "methods" to get the tank cycled and at this time I'm not really sure which one to pick and how to do it rightly. As for the live plant, my choice are currently leaning towards some species such as : Amazon Sword Plant, Marimo Ball, Java Fern and Anacharis but there's a lot to learn on that subject for me as for the substract choice per exemple or if I need to get special lights to grow the plants. - Once everything is set-up, what's the best way to introduce the fishes to their new home ? On this question, my thinking is leaning to think that I should add them by their species, like : adding the Gourami then waiting few weeks and adding the CPD and waiting few weeks to add the cory cats then waiting few weeks to add the Tetras but I'm not sure at all that its the best way to do it. Thanks for reading all of these, I hope its making sense (and I hope my english is not too shabby haha)
  3. My Panda and Venezuelan Cories are absolute lunatics that spend %75 of the day ZOOMING around the tank 🐠💨 These two have decided airstones = bubble baths 😂 I didn’t expect Corydoras to be such active and entertaining catfish, they certainly haven’t been hiding in the bottom of my tank that’s for sure 🥰
  4. On Sunday I purchased 4 panda corys from my LFS. I brought them home and put them directly into quarantine and started the med trio as a precaution. At first the fish looked fine albeit skinny from not being well looked after by this local store. Three of the corys had been relatively active while the smallest and skinniest one stayed pretty still on the bottom of the tank. However on Tuesday I got back from work and one of the fish was laying on the bottom of the tank on its side. (this was one of the 3 that were acting normal the first few days not the smallest one) I made 100% sure that it was really dead before removing it from the tank and inspecting him. I am not a fish expert and have no experience with this but I noticed that his gills were a little red maybe inflamed but not any more than the other fish who are still in the tank alive. (ammonia in the tank is at 0.5 ppm) I also noticed a green color under the scales behind the gills. Basically... where should I go from here. If there is a specific reason for this fish's death should I take any extra steps with the rest of the three to ensure their health? The rest of the fish seem to be acting healthy as of now so perhaps the stress of the quarantine process was just too much for the little guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. I have just attatched my water parameters if that help at all.
  5. OK - I bought 4 small corys along with 8 small platys from Friendly Local Fish Store Guy for starter fish in my new 65 gallon planted 'community' tank. All the fish are doing fine, temperature is stable - about 78 degrees +/-, ph stable at about 7.3. I feed them a bit of Ginger Tropical Flakes once a night. One platy looks a bit tentative, but she's been that way from the get-go. I think she was that way at the store. BUT - 1 cory out of the 4 suddenly and inexplicably died a few days ago - a very unusual phenomenon from my experience, as corys seem to be invincible, and survive under conditions that kill other fish. Today, I went into Friendly Local Fish Store and bought some driftwood, rocks, etc. When checking out, I mentioned to Friendly Local Fish Store Guy that one of the corys he sold me died after two days, something rare IMO. His response - "I see it all the time - you put it into a new tank - fish had nothing to eat...". As I assume you all know, this is complete BS: Corys are omnivorous and they often eat flakes fed to the tank at large. I've seen them scramble to the top and eat off the surface, along with the other fish. Meanwhile the other three corys are doing fine and showing no signs of starvation. Regardless, a cory is not going to starve because of two days without food. Why the fish died? I don't know and I don't really care - new tank, sh--t happens. Night before he seemed fine - next morning he was belly up, floating near heater. But what's up with Friendly Local Fish Store Guy? My feeling is that he's a bluffer and perhaps not too honest. I ordered a few more fish from Quinn's Fins - we'll see how that works out.
  6. Howdy Nerms, I was watching an LR Bretz unboxing and he bought a ton of the coop coarse sponge pads. He said he was going to use them for egg scatters like corys to lay in. Has anyone else done this with success? Let me know how it went for you. Many thanks, Tedrock
  7. So, I have a 5.5 gallon tank with 5 pygmy corydoras and one veiltail betta fish. And the corydoras cannot eat enough food, because Aurora, my betta, steals their food. I give Aurora enough betta pellets, but he still eats the sinking wafers that were meanth for the corydoras. The poor corys are slowly starving and they are not moving often. What should I do??? Help! I give one hikari sinking wafer a day, and two Xtreme Aquatic Foods Semi-Floating Betta Pellets for Aurora. Thanks!
  8. There is something on my cory's dorsal fin. Is this an injury that will heal by itself or is this something else that I have to treat. Thanks Parameters: Nitrate: Around 20ppm Nitrite: 0 GH:300ppm Chlorine: 0 KH:80ppm pH: 6.8
  9. I have seen my two albino cory females breed and spawn with a male what I thought was a bronze cory. Every time, the eggs have not been fertile, while the peppered cory eggs laid at the same time hatch in the same conditions. I have been wondering what the cause of this infertility has been. Then I stumbled upon pictures of a Venezuelan cory, which could possibly be a separate species or a variety of Corydoras aeneus. It looks similar to the "bronze" cory I bought from my LFS. I also noticed that this bronze cory that my LFS sold is different than the ones they normally sell. Under the label "green/bronze cory" you can find 1) what looks like emerald brochis, 2) large cories that have a dark bronze color, or 3) this type of cory that I have (sorry I don't have pictures of the other varieties my LFS sells). They all come in at different times. Could someone identify this cory please? Thanks.
  10. This is my first forum post 🙂 Can anyone help me identify what kind of Corydora this is, please? I live in Seoul, and I saw this guy in my LFS while looking for Brochis multiradiatus for my goldfish tank. The corydora in the picture measures about 3 inches from the tip of its nose to the base of the caudal fin. I looked at a corydora chart I found on Google but am still having trouble identifying it, so I have come to the fish gurus and Nerms here. PS: I uploaded the original picture, but the preview I saw here kept showing it upside down. I eventually just screenshot it, cropped it, and uploaded it (which is what you see here).
  11. Can you take a look at these pictures and let me know if these fish are true Julii Corydoras? I have read many places on the internet and I just get more confused. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Tedrock
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