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Found 4 results

  1. TLDR: I think feeding Moina may have killed some of my Pseudomugil Signifers. It's a sad day in the fish room, or rather, the fish office. One of my Pseudomugil Signifer males passed - leaving me with only one male and two females. I am used to death and death with fish especially. This passing isn't sad, it's frustrating. I had purchased a group of 6 fish - 4 females and 2 males. One female kicked the bucket during shipping and another female died within 24 hours of arrival. I was left with 2 males and 2 females - not ideal. I thought I'd see what I could do with these guys. The fish were timid for weeks. I never saw them do anything but hide behind the sponge filter in their bare bottom tank. I hadn't even seen them eat. I still have yet to see them eat any flake or pellet foods. I have been feeding them scuds, BBS, worms, and some frozen foods. I finally got some moina colonies running well (which took a surprising amount of effort) and have been feeding them to the signifers in small amounts for about a week. Yesterday I had a stellar moina harvest and did a big feed with all my tanks (I keep multiple Pseudomugil species tanks and one Peudomugil community tank). I guess the Signifers may have over eaten..? Maybe something else? My luminatus, furcatus, and others love to overeat - but not to death... I also noticed the signifers never looked full compared to my other species of blue-eyes. The other three fish in the tank aren't doing much and haven't moved all day. Normally after a big feed of BBS, they are very active with the mop. All other tanks are normal after being fed the same moina. My poor guys - they had finally established pecking order, displaying, and laying eggs. I can not say for certain if the dominant male died or if it was the other guy. As far as water quality, water was changed 3 days ago. I change water 1-2x a week as I am running small bare bottom tanks. The water is RO and conditioned tap mix. I'll change the water again tonight and keep my fingers crossed the other three make it. P.S. I wrote this a day ago and another female died over last night, even with the 50 percent water change. The remaining male and female are just swimming in the slow current. I plan on rinsing moina in the future in case there was something nasty breeding in their water.
  2. So idk much about lighting, but I got my 55gl running 2 25$ shop lights, (50w 6k lumen, color 5k, each) water Is 79°, A 0, ni 0, na 0, gh 300+ kh 40-0 pH 7.8-8.2, I'm having the issue of the water being to clean, like no amount I feed will shift the water and my plants (water lettuce and duckweed) are going the cycle of massive growth in couple days then massive die off just as fast, blasting my water to, A 1, ni 4, na 0, then swinging it back to 0,0,0 in a 6-8 day cycle, is there any way to stabilize this cycle, cuz I'm feeding 4 tbl spoons of repashy community Plus twice daily and it's just barley keeping it stable but it keeps going out of whack, anyone know what to do or any ideas, no easy green but I am using easy carbon 6 pump per day
  3. So my very naughty 3 year old emptied 8 containers of fish food in my Planted 20 gal this morning while i was in the shower (why I hardly shower haha). I put most of the fish in my quarantine tank and changed out most of the water, vacuumed as much food as possible out and refilled. I couldn’t get the baby shrimp out. I’m guessing that my ammonia is going to go through the roof as the food I couldn’t get out rots. Would you try to salvage it with daily water changes or just start over? I’ll lose my shrimp colony. I was planning to start a 29gal this weekend but the plants in this one have done so well and are/were flourishing.
  4. I decided to give my clown pleco and cories a special treat, and last night I dropped a chunk of zucchini into my tank following a method I think found on YouTube, using a bullet sinker stuck in the center to weigh it down. Tonight, when I got home from work, the tank is filled with seeds and pieces of the zuke, and the large portion is split into sections, floating on the top. Wish I had a video feed to know what happened!
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