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  1. My 1 year old Betta has a white cotton-ish area on his tail between the top and bottom fins. He's does not act sickly, but is a little lethargic. I used Pimafix for about a week and saw significant change, but his 10 gallon tank got quite murky. Since I know it helped I want to put him in his own hospital tank away from the 4 ottos and plant life in the 10 gallon. The fish bowl holds about 3 liters. How much Pimafix is safe? Would 0.6 ml work? I also have Super Ick Cure. Would that be better? Do I need to worry about the temperature before relocating him? I also read aquarium salt with the medication would help, is this true? Since he is as old as he is, I just don't want to hurt him and I will admit, I am a beginner at this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you quarantine new fish and/or plants? What is your quarantine process? Do you feed or fast? Meds? Do you have a dedicated QT tank? What size tank do you use? etc. Also how many fish have you lost in quarantine? Any special success stories or maybe a failure? I have quarantined all of my fish before going into a show tank. I quarantine in small groups of 6-8 in a 10g QT tank. The QT tank has gravel and some fake decorations as well as a sponge filter. I feed for 3 days to ensure the fish will eat and eat one of the foods I have on hand before fasting. On day 4, I begin fasting and on day 5 I start the Med Trio. The fish will fast for 5 days during the entire med process. Day 10, I do a 50% water change and slowly start feeding again. I observe the fish for roughly 4 to 7 more days until everyone appears happy and healthy and are eating and pooping. This method has worked and I havent seen any unhealthy/sick fish in my show tank. I have lost 2 fish while in quarantine. I lost 1 otocinclus from a group of 6 and I also lost 1 Rasbora Het. that was part of a group of 6. I also throw all new plants in the QT tank as I do not want "pest" snails in my show tanks. If buying from a local hobbyist, I also use Irene's alum dip on the plants to assist in keeping snails out. I like snails and keep nerite snails just dont want any that may breed of out of control as I feed heavy. This is the process I use and am curious to read how others do it or do not.
  3. I brought home two honey gourami from the store yesterday and set them up in my quarantine tank. Plenty of hidey-holes, temp is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, added catappa leaves, treating with PraziPro first. Water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates 5. One of them, my smaller honey, is perfectly inquisitive and happy, and it's also eating just fine. The other... Oof, I'm not sure. When it comes out and swims up, it seems okay. It's not breathing heavy. It kind of floated and swam at the surface underneath the catappa leaves for awhile. But it's also not eating and it's bottom-sitting for a portion of the day. By bottom-sitting, I mean lying on the substrate and looking half-dead until I disturb it. It will allow itself to lie against the substrate--maybe not fully sideways but curled against it. The colors are silvery on them both, but strangely enough, the one behaving this way is both the larger fish and the slightly brighter yellow fish. Both have a fading darker stripe down their middles. It's just that the recluse is lethargic. Everything I have searched for online regarding this behavior is telling me there might not be a good end for this little fish, which is a huge bummer. I'm not sure if there's anything I can treat because there's no visible symptoms aside from just lazy swimming and lying against the bottom. I do feel like this fish is probably not all that well, and I'm concerned it's beyond the normal shyness of a honey gourami. Thoughts? Should I be concerned about my more active buddy?
  4. Hello everyone! I am a brand new to keeping fish let alone anything other then a dog. I’ve read a lot of horror stories with not quarantining new fish as well as negative or no effects when different medications are being used. Is it effective to quarantine new fish with aquarium salt alone? and if so for how long is it recommended?
  5. My 1 year old Betta has a white cotton-ish area on his tail between the top and bottom fins. He's does not act sickly, but is a little lethargic. I used Pimafix for about a week and saw significant change, but his 10 gallon tank got quite murky. Since I know it helped I want to put him in his own hospital tank away from the 4 ottos and plant life in the 10 gallon. The fish bowl holds about 3 liters. How much Pimafix is safe? Would 0.6 ml work? I also have Super Ick Cure. Would that be better? Do I need to worry about the temperature before relocating him? I also read aquarium salt with the medication would help, is this true? Since he is as old as he is, I just don't want to hurt him and I will admit, I am a beginner at this. Thanks in advance.
  6. I just ordered java moss and was wondering what are the proper procedures to quarantine and treat this type of plant.
  7. Hi. I've been a goldfish keeper for almost 4 years now. Since I only got to have 5 of them quarantine was easy ( I still have 3 of them). Every time I held 1 or 2 fish in quarantine for a month and this way I only needed 1 Q tank. However, this time period seems way too long if I'm going to add more than maybe 10-12 species to a totally new 75 gallon tank, Since I've been plannig this for quite a while I've got plenty of seeded hob and sponge filters (plus most of the gravel) for this new tank so I feel this part should be ready. My stock will come mostly from petco & petsmart stores near me (that's where the goldfish came from) and I understand I'm not putting ALL fish in the same week but If I let's say I buy 3 species in petco and then 2 others in petsmart, I would have a Q tank/tote for all fish from same store. Does this make sense?, For how long? Also, I usually use 1tblspoon aquarium/5gallon water in my Q tank. Is this okay? Is it too little or too much? Can I mix in the Q tank all fish that are going to be in Q? No matter where they came from? I would love to have livebearers, dennison barb, corydoras, tetras and would also like to try my luck with a german blue ram pair I'd appreciate your input. Thank you Happy fish keeping
  8. Hello! So I have some Rasboras in quarantine right now (for a little over a week), and just as my Neocaridina shrimp arrived to be quarantined with them, I noticed a few Ich cysts on 2 of the rasboras. They've already had one dose of Paracleanse, and their second dose is due tonight. I need to add Ich-X into the mix to treat the Ich now, but I worry about the shrimp being overwhelmed having just acclimated to the tank and then loading meds in, especially as I got a bonus lil shrimplet! Would you recommend waiting until tomorrow to dose the medicine, giving the shrimp some time to acclimate, or will the meds not affect them enough and I can go ahead and do it tonight? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm going to get some pea puffers soon, and looking in to quarantining them. Theres an aquarium co op article that uses the trio of meds sold on the website, and then another video ofcorey from 2018 states some different API meds. Im curious what the best approach to deworming and quarantining pea puffers is and any tips anyone can offer. thank you!
  10. I started a round of quarantine with a new set of neon tetras and a hillstream loach on Thursday 5/20. Everything seemed fine and now within the last twenty four hours they have all died. I finished a round of quarantine with different fish a week prior. Had cleaned the tank, filter, and heater with a 1:10 water to bleach ratio. Everything was rinsed multiple times, and fully dried between quarantines. Did I do something noticeably wrong??? Or is there a better way to sanitize? Any help would be great I’m so devastated.
  11. I'm trying to figure out if the quarantine trio is safe to use all at once with pea puffers? Looking at Cory's old puffer videos it seem's like they aren't sensitive to medication. The older videos show API general care and erythromycin but they're sold out locally. Tried to look at some of the older blog post about pea puffers, but there was no yes or no, or reviews of anyone updating.
  12. Two honey gouramis!! I have no idea what the sexes are unfortunately ...
  13. I bought 10 cardinal tetras and brought them home to quarantine. 5 died within the first 48 hours. The other 5 have been quarantined for 2 weeks now. They have shown no signs of illness. I am using salt in this quarantine. Should I quarantine them longer or are they probably going to be fine for main tank? Thanks everyone!
  14. Hi. I am wondering if any of you got quarantine process you can share for corydras. What med do you use and how long? I saw video where @Cory says he use med trio General cure, api erythromycin, Ich X but all of those are corydras safe? With guppy, when I used api erythromycin, guppy got red rash on side or red head and since then, I have not used that specific anti bacterial med so I am kind of scary to use that one. With fish, since then, I use paraguard for 2 weeks and then observe and then let them join in the designated tank. But last time I got panda and used paraguard, it seemed like did nothing to them and when they were flashing, it did not fix either (With guppy flashing, always fix right up). In the end, I lost 3 out of 6 and 3 are in the main tank and I need to get more cory but when I do, I am wondering what med I use for quarantine. If you could share your quarantine process for corydras, I will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Can the quarantine trio be used in conjunction with salt?
  16. Hey there! Semi new to the aquarium hobby. Wondering if I could get everyone's routine when they're quarantining with meds? I understand the reasoning and concept, however when I'm looking at the instructions for the meds, nothing seems to line up. Each has a different time period before water change and different amount of water changed. Whenever I've ready or watched people talking about quarantining fish it seems like water changing is hardly mentioned? Thanks in advance for the help Grant
  17. I have a 10 Gallon fish bowl that I would like to use for acclimating my fish when I get them or possibly as a fry tank. It is pretty dirty so I would need to clean it but I don't know what I should clean it with. Should I just do water or can I use soap with it? It won't be used for a couple weeks.
  18. I went to do a baseline chemistry before starting the med trio in the QT tank. THANK GOODNESS I did (and always do). All the fish are fine, no distress swimming normal no signs of illness at all. PH 6.8 (baseline 7.4) Ammonia: 1.0 ppm (baseline 0) Nitrites: 1.0 ppm(Baseline 0) Nitrates: 40 ppm (Baseline 20) Temp 79.6 (I usually have it higher when in QT) (baseline 78.4) I noticed POOP 💩 everywhere.. they must have had a poop party (I fed them a bit when they arrived yesterday). I did a STAT 60% water change, vacuumed up all the poop and cleaned the sponge filters of poop as well. Added prime to the new water (2 full caps). Folks are not kidding that plecos poop A LOT. Its a 10G QT tank with 5 guppies and 1 pleco in. WOW. I have never seen so much poop in that tank! Glad I was able to see it on the bare bottom and most of it out. It was even all over the sponge filters! I am going to re check the chemistry tonight and tomorrow A. I am thinking I will start the QT med trio tomorrow morning to make sure the chemistry is back to baseline. Is that the right step?? Do I need to wait longer to start meds?
  19. I just upgraded my tank to a 20 gallon and I used my quarantine tank to house the fish plants and wood while I was making the transition I’m planning on getting some more fish and my question is do I need to sterilize my quarantine tank before I get them or should it be fine? There is a bit of mulm and gunk in the tank from the plants and wood and I cleaned out the majority of it I just dont know if I need to sterilize it or not or would it not matter? Since I was just using it to temporarily house the things in my main tank.
  20. If you suspect one of your fish in your community tank possibly has the very beginning of ich what would you do? Try to remove it to a quarantine tank, treat the whole tank or wait to see if it gets worse? Currently it’s the only fish I see it on and do have ich x .
  21. Hello! I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I am just opening up to the idea of snails. I was wondering if I need to quarintine Nerite or Mistery snails before adding them to my community tank? I alwayys quarintine new fish, but I am not sure if snails are able to bring anything into my aquarium that could make my fish sick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!
  22. Hey y'all I got these Malaysian trumpets in today put them in a quarantine tank 10 gallon ph7.2 gh 300+ kh 80-100ish A,0 NI,0 NA,20-30 temp 82ish, with the medtrio, (there a ebay from Florida and look like pond raised, so zero trust given) but my question is, do they "require" a substrate because they've pushed up my filter and stuff, and there trying to hide under anything they can and I'm just wondering is it okay to keep them in a bare bottom med tank for the week or should I add some kind of substrate
  23. Hi everyone, would appreciate insight on my situation. I’ve had a recent Ick explosion in my 29G shrimp tank. It has a few Norman lampeyes, Chili’s, CPDs, a ton of guppy fry and a couple Kubatais. I got a 10G and installed the heater/sponge filter and have been dosing Para Guard to work as a quarantine tank with the Chili’s and guppy/endler fry...I wanted to test it out on the least expensive fish first. I’ve lost quite a few Chili’s and fry and they don’t appear to be clearing up of the white spots. It’s not getting worse, but not better. After reading all of the instructions in the recent blog post about how to do a proper quarantine tank, I removed the gravel and was able to get two of the three recommended medicines (can’t find Paracleanse). My question is in regards to the part of the instructions that says to NOT feed the fish for a week after dosing. With smaller fish like Chili’s and endler fry this seems like it will starve them. True or false?
  24. Hi everyone. This is my first post. Even though I have kept fish for years since I’ve started watching aquarium co-op videos, I realize how little I know and most of my successes with fish have been sheer luck!! I just noticed one of my rainbow fish seems to have an injury. Wondering if I should test the tank or quarantine just him. I have a little snappy tetra and a few other males who appear to be aggressive towards him. I’m not certain if that is the cause of the injury or if they are now doing it because he is injured. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind of attached to these fish 🤪
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