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  1. Today I just bought some female endlers and I have an established quarantine tank that I have been quarantining some fish for the past 2 weeks I was wondering if I should add those female endlers or setup another quarantine tank? Thanks
  2. Hey guys! so I’d like to add some corydoras and ember tetras to 2 of my established aquariums, and I am planning to putting them in quarantine with the med trio. My question is can I quarantine 2 different kind of fish at the same time? Is there a reason I would need to quarantine them and medicate them separately? Thanks in advance, Rita
  3. Is this ich on my betta fish? It just got out of quarantine and I premedicated with ich X so if it is I’m not sure what to do
  4. Is the quarantine medication trio (Fritz paracleanse, Mardel Maracyn, and Ich-x) safe for beneficial bacteria and plants? I’m mostly worried about the Mardel Maracyn because many have said it does harm beneficial bacteria as it’s active ingredient erythromycin can attack nitrifying bacteria. Some say it only affects beneficial bacteria in newer tanks which I may fall into that category as my tank just finished cycling. I figured I could use the medication trio in my cycled, planted tank for my betta fish as it will be the first fish introduced to the tank but how is that possible if Mardel Maracyn affects beneficial bacteria? I really wouldn’t want to have to fish - in - cycle if the maracyn were to kill the beneficial bacteria with the betta fish in the tank. Thanks 🙂
  5. Ok so my 20 gallon long planted tank is cycled, and I plan on getting a betta fish for it, but I want to make sure that I do everything properly. Is it ok to put a betta fish in a planted tank that isn’t balanced yet? I wasn’t sure if the plants melting would be considered a “habitat change” and stress out the fish, especially if a plant dies and I’d have to remove it. Can I “quarantine” fish in my main display planted tank? I know it wouldn’t be quarantine technically, so I guess I’m asking if I could dose the medication trio in my main tank? I don’t know if it’s a good idea or if it will affect whether or not I could put fish in that tank I the future. Would the medicine affect the plants or beneficial bacteria? I just figured since my main tanks already cycled and if the medications are safe for plants and bacteria it might be worth considering? For an actual quarantine tank does it need to be cycled? I’ve read some conflicting information about this. Some say medication will kill beneficial bacteria so it’d be pointless to cycle the tank and to do frequent water changes instead. Others say medication will not affect beneficial bacteria and not to do water changes as it will affect the medicine dosages and what not. Thoughts? How to properly acclimate fish? I’ve seen many people say to float and drip acclimate, but I saw one person say that drip acclimation could be harmful for fish that are shipped. Something about as soon as the bag is opened the CO2 releases and causes the ph to rise and then the ammonia becomes deadly or something? Does that only applies to fish that are shipped? Should I just float or drip acclimate too? Normal vs abnormal betta fish behavior? Im very paranoid about not being able to recognize whether or not my fish is stressed or sick. What behaviors should I expect from my betta fish if it’s happy and healthy? What behaviors should I be concerned about? I know that once I add the fish to the tank it might be stressed, but how long is too long for it to be stressed out do to it’s rehoming? I’m going to do more research on this before I get the betta fish but I figured I’d also ask while I’m here. Is it ok to not feed the fish for the first week while in quarantine? I know it’s one of the steps for medicating the fish, but I just wanted to triple check and make sure that’s safe? Should I bother trying to raise kh? the kh in my tank is super low <1 and the gh is really high. Should I try to raise kh? I know most people say that messing with gh or kh can cause more headaches than they’re worth and not to worry about it, but just as many people say that kh that low is dangerous. Thoughts? Thanks in advance :)
  6. Following recent help I've received about fish medicines and a potentially sick otocinclus I've been thinking about my own future plans for a med trio. I'm in the UK and it's hard to get hold of the 'good stuff' that you Americans get (can order some on eBay but it's expensive and not sure if it will actually arrive but fingers crossed). So in the nearish future when I have my fish room going I will mostly have species tanks - is it ok to use the med trio in a planted tank? I hope to reduce stress on the fish when I first get them by putting them straight into their planted forever homes and as they will be the first fish in the tank I was hoping I don't need a separate quarantine tank for them. Is this possible? Secondly I think I can get hold of SeaChem Kanaplex and Metroplex, and I can definitely get flubendazole based de wormer - would these work as an alternative Med Trio? If so how would I use them, just follow the instructions or just do like a single dose of each (not necessarily together) like the Co-op does their med trio? Also how would this affect the filter bacteria etc, should I keep the sponge filter out and just run an air stone until the meds are removed with water changes? Any experience/input is greatly appreciated! I sort of hope that we come up with some good solutions for myself or any future person googling meds from the UK or EU to stumble across, I know this question comes up occasionally. Hope everyone's having a great day!
  7. I am on my second round of quarantining fish. My rough idea that I am trying to do is 1 week of the med trio. Then letting them sit for a total of 4 weeks to get the second treatment of Paracleanse in at week 3. After the Med Trio and 3 daily 40% water changes, I start adding filter floss from my established tank and putting it into the quarantine tank box filter every 5 days or so. I have also put one serving of the Fritz bacteria in as well only to see nothing developing. I am assuming that Maracyn is the main issue that hurts that bacteria, but I don't comprehend for how long. Tank parameter are 70 degrees temp, 14 degrees GH, 7 degrees KH, 8.2 PH, 10 Nitrate, 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite, tap water does not read chlorine on the test strip but I treat with Prime. I am mainly having issues with getting a cycle started so I do not have to water change while the second round of Paraclense is in. How long after a Med trio treatment is it reasonable to expect a cycle to develop?
  8. On Sunday I purchased 4 panda corys from my LFS. I brought them home and put them directly into quarantine and started the med trio as a precaution. At first the fish looked fine albeit skinny from not being well looked after by this local store. Three of the corys had been relatively active while the smallest and skinniest one stayed pretty still on the bottom of the tank. However on Tuesday I got back from work and one of the fish was laying on the bottom of the tank on its side. (this was one of the 3 that were acting normal the first few days not the smallest one) I made 100% sure that it was really dead before removing it from the tank and inspecting him. I am not a fish expert and have no experience with this but I noticed that his gills were a little red maybe inflamed but not any more than the other fish who are still in the tank alive. (ammonia in the tank is at 0.5 ppm) I also noticed a green color under the scales behind the gills. Basically... where should I go from here. If there is a specific reason for this fish's death should I take any extra steps with the rest of the three to ensure their health? The rest of the fish seem to be acting healthy as of now so perhaps the stress of the quarantine process was just too much for the little guy. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. I have just attatched my water parameters if that help at all.
  9. I have a question for the plant experts here. Now I am going on vacation starting tomorrow for a week, but have a couple plants that I have in my quarantine tank, both arrived Wednesday so they have been there a couple days now. The plants in question are a Water Wisteria and a Moneywort. Would it be alright if kept them in the rockwool filled pots they came in and keep them housed in the quarantine tank while I am away? I would give them a dose of Easy Green today and then plant them in my main tank when I get back.
  10. So I'm about to approach day 7 of preventative quarantine. I understand the concept of changing 30% and feeding on day 7. My question is, when can I transfer fish over to main tank? They all look good, do I keep for an additional week? I've seen some recommend a new quarantine period of 2 weeks. While Cory's preventative quarantine video is very informative, as someone newer to the hobby, I don't quite understand how to proceed after the initial 7 day period is over. Thanks in advance!
  11. Alright, so here's what happened. I bought 5 guppies from a store, one male and four females. I put them in the quarantine tank, all levels seem to be fine, I leave them alone after putting in the medicine. Fast forward the next day, three have died, including the male, leaving me with two females. I check the water, everything seems fine. I go to my local store, not the store I bought the originals from, and get two males and two females so I can have an even group of two trios. I stick those in quarantine, fast forward to today and one of the original females dies so now I'm left with two males and three females. This is a few days into the quarantine so the meds that were in there are now weaker than at the beginning. I do have enough meds to start over if need be. Here's my questions. Should I return the female that died and get another female and put her into the same quarantine tank so that there's two trios again, should I get extra females if they have them so that if one dies I won't have to go back and get another, should I just leave the group I have alone, should I do a big water change and start the med cycle over, what should I do in this situation? I don't want to end up stressing out the group, especially the females, but I don't have the space to set up another quarantine tank at the moment.
  12. Through some spectacular mistiming, I have a load of mail ordered aquarium plants 2 months before I can set up the aquarium that they go into. Perfect for quarantining! My question is, for that long a time, do I need to plant the stem plants in substrate, or can I just leave them as bunches? I'll have a light and air stone going, with liquid fertilizer. Light no more than 6-8 hours. Since they will have time to adapt to water, should I run CO2, or can I just let them poke along with short light and fertilizer?
  13. Alright, so I ordered some green fire tetras about two months ago, they went through quarantine, but I noticed this one weird fish that was a little bigger than the rest of them and I just figured it was an older green fire tetra. Two months later and it was not 🤣 It's a diamond tetra so I bought 5 more of them. My question is since the first diamond tetra is by itself with the 9 green fire tetras in my 29 gallon, should I move it back to my quarantine tank to be with the school that I just bought or leave it in the 29 gallon since it's already been through quarantine and there's another school of tetras for it to be around? I don't know if the stress of not being with a school is worse than the risk of it getting sick in the quarantine tank with the rest of the school.
  14. I currently have 8 fish in quarantine and one is showing a spot that is appearing to be fin rot or a bacterial infection. My question being, Is it ok to move the other fish to my main tank and leave that one behind until its fully treated? I have a few pics I can send if that would help.
  15. Could 3 pea puffers be quarantined in a 5 gallon tank?
  16. i'm gonna be ordering a group of 6 yellow tail acei and a group of 6 of rusty cichlids. Can i qt them all together in a 29g for a few weeks or do i need to seperate the species? thanks for any feedback
  17. I quarantined two Amazon Swards and a Crypt a few months ago. I really don’t want snails. They are now in my display tank doing great. Never really had any die back and seemed to transition well! This second batch of plants is another story. I did as I did prior - put treated water (with Seachem Prime) and some aquarium water in a vented tote with an air stone. I had ordered some root tans from the co-op and pressed one in each of them a few days into quarantine. I have done a small water change on it also. This is how they look now. Kinda sad and almost slimy/mushy.. the one more than the other. What am I doing wrong? *Disclaimer, for about 4 days, the plants only had natural sunlight for around 5 hours a day from a window and ambient light in a room. Could this be a contributing factor? Is this the “if you see it die back don’t panic and throw it out, it will likely come back” scenario?
  18. Do plants from a lfs need to be "quarantined" like fish do?
  19. Hey everyone. I have a LFS that actually quarantines their fish for 1 month before putting them out to sell. They monitor and medicate the fish during that time. I know the easy answer is always quarantine but my set up at home doesn’t allow it. I have a 40 breeder and a 10 gallon shrimp tank. No other places to me to temporarily house fish. Before I got away with it because my shrimp tank was empty, now not that case anymore. Main question, do you think it’s safe enough for me to just add fish? I’ve done it before with other fish from them, so far a good track record, but now I’m a little gun shy
  20. I just ordered java moss and was wondering what are the proper procedures to quarantine and treat this type of plant.
  21. My 1 year old Betta has a white cotton-ish area on his tail between the top and bottom fins. He's does not act sickly, but is a little lethargic. I used Pimafix for about a week and saw significant change, but his 10 gallon tank got quite murky. Since I know it helped I want to put him in his own hospital tank away from the 4 ottos and plant life in the 10 gallon. The fish bowl holds about 3 liters. How much Pimafix is safe? Would 0.6 ml work? I also have Super Ick Cure. Would that be better? Do I need to worry about the temperature before relocating him? I also read aquarium salt with the medication would help, is this true? Since he is as old as he is, I just don't want to hurt him and I will admit, I am a beginner at this. Thanks in advance.
  22. OK - My friendly local fish store guy is a bit on the 'unorthodox' side. He has some notions that seem weird to me: 1- Water in my area is on hard side ( 6 degrees +/-) and acidic - 7.5 +/-. Guy says he doesn't believe ph adjusters. All tropical fish need neutral ph so I need a dedicated water supply. [He doesn't sell them.] He has one for his 50 some odd tanks in the store... 2 - Use only digital thermometers - all others are inaccurate. 3 - Severum are peaceful and good with plants. ( I've kept severum, and they never seemed that way to me...) 4 - Endlers are ugly ( a matter of taste obviously - I like them) 5 - All tropicals need/thrive in neutral ph except cichlids, which are tolerant of everything from 6.5 to 8.5 6 - All fish die from bad conditions and overcrowding. 7 - No hospital tank ('if you get from a reliable breeder, you shouldn't have sick fish. If you do, it means there is something wrong with the whole tank - hospital tank won't fix that...) 8 Fish don't grow dependent on tank size. If a fish doesn't grow to its full size (he claims a dempsy can get to 18 inches...) and then dies after a good few years, it's because of bad water conditions. ( A big and disputed topic, I realize) I know that each one of these questions requires a separate discussion, but overall, what do you guys think about such things? Is this guy crazy? Some kind super duper fish guru? An idiot? I can only say that I have kept fish seriously twice for a number of years, and never used a digital thermometer (they didn't have them) , always used ph adjusters for tap water, and always had a hospital tank.
  23. Not sure if anyone here has done this before but I have some interesting local aquatic plants that I have thought about harvesting but not sure on the best method to quarantine/ sterilize them of pests and algae anyone here been successful?
  24. I'm reading up on quarantining new fish as it's been more than a decade since I've done it and I'm planning to start a new tank from scratch, probably with fish from multiple sources. In the Co-op article "How to Quarantine Fish the Easy Way" in the description of proactively treating fish, it says to let the 3 meds soak in the water for seven days without feeding the fish. I would have thought that 7 days without food would kill small fish like the ones I am planning (gourami, platies) especially if they've been kept in suboptimal conditions--I'm wondering if I should feed them up for a week or more before starting the meds to increase the odds they survive fasting that long? What do you all do?
  25. Do you quarantine new fish and/or plants? What is your quarantine process? Do you feed or fast? Meds? Do you have a dedicated QT tank? What size tank do you use? etc. Also how many fish have you lost in quarantine? Any special success stories or maybe a failure? I have quarantined all of my fish before going into a show tank. I quarantine in small groups of 6-8 in a 10g QT tank. The QT tank has gravel and some fake decorations as well as a sponge filter. I feed for 3 days to ensure the fish will eat and eat one of the foods I have on hand before fasting. On day 4, I begin fasting and on day 5 I start the Med Trio. The fish will fast for 5 days during the entire med process. Day 10, I do a 50% water change and slowly start feeding again. I observe the fish for roughly 4 to 7 more days until everyone appears happy and healthy and are eating and pooping. This method has worked and I havent seen any unhealthy/sick fish in my show tank. I have lost 2 fish while in quarantine. I lost 1 otocinclus from a group of 6 and I also lost 1 Rasbora Het. that was part of a group of 6. I also throw all new plants in the QT tank as I do not want "pest" snails in my show tanks. If buying from a local hobbyist, I also use Irene's alum dip on the plants to assist in keeping snails out. I like snails and keep nerite snails just dont want any that may breed of out of control as I feed heavy. This is the process I use and am curious to read how others do it or do not.
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