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A friend sent me a link to the aquarist podcast recently, I listened to a few of those and that let me here. I am primarily a goldfish breeder, but also dabble in other fish. Right now I have 2 fantail spawns, 1 ryukin spawn, and one 1 pearlscale spawn that I am working on. In addition to goldfish I am breeding black tiger dario with mixed success. I recently setup some tanks full of bumble bee ottos, danio erythromicron, and blue neocardia shrimp, so hopefully I can get them reproducing as well. Oh and I am an aquascape/plant tank nerd, burnt out but slowly getting back into it. I am not sure if I need another forum in my life but I like the premise behind this one so let's give it a shot. Cheers, happy to new year.

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