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  1. OMG you win!! 😂 I don't drink coffee, so I'm safe from that.
  2. Duckweed really does spread - into the dogs' water somehow! My tanks have lids... 😂
  3. I love watching pictus cats. I don't know if I'll ever be able to properly house them, but I like to admire them. In general I am fascinated by catfish, but I don't focus too much on that because my biggest tank is a 40b, and I'm not obsessed enough to go to the lengths that would be required to collect more. I do enjoy my otos and trilineatus cories though!
  4. Has anyone had success with floaters with a lid? I prefer to not have quite so much evaporation, but my lids aren't tight. I misaligned them to allow more air flow, but there is still some condensation. BUT, I'm also not having tremendous success with floating plants at the moment, and I think, if I'm remembering correctly, that they did do better before I got the lid on the 40b. They did OK under the lid of the 20 hex, but that was mostly plastic... hmmm..... Water level is a couple of inches low, and I've been remembering to fertilize more, but no spectacular improvement, @Seattle_Aquarist, do you just have this mineral knowledge in your head or is there a place to look it up? I'm in Ohio with hard water, but I don't really know the components. It would be simpler if I just didn't like floating plants!
  5. Water lettuce of what I've kept, but I'm looking for red root floaters to try those too. Just got my first azolla. And I'm appreciating duckweed more and more these days since I grew too many nitrates in my quarantine tank. My chickens love the excess.
  6. If you use a UV sterilizer, it sounds like you may want to do extra water changes. I do NOT claim to know what I'm talking about lol, but I'm catching up on podcasts and that's how I get the live streams (thanks Cory!). In the one I just listened to, Cory mentioned that someone used UV to kill off an algae bloom, which worked, but all of the suddenly-dead algae led to an ammonia spike which killed the fish. I'm 99% sure it was the Nerdy Fish Questions Live Stream:
  7. In case I don't know I need to heed your advice, can you be more specific about when you'd advise more plants? Thanks!
  8. Irene's video linked above covers it well. I also keep and extra sponge filter and/or intake sponge in my established tanks to put in when I start up a qt tank, to start the bio filter.
  9. One of my favorite things about that site is that the shipping rate is posted at the top of every page. I hate having to go look for it! Currently it's free at $59+, but I think Cory said in a video that he's been playing around with it a bit in order to try to do what's best for customers, the Co-op, and the environment. I don't remember where else it's been set in the past.
  10. And to top it off, the shipping confirmation email hit my inbox less than 2 hours after the order confirmation. You guys are awesome.
  11. Also, I don't know for sure if fish food is the same, but in dog food, if "whole chicken" is the first ingredient, that means that it is the largest proportion by weight - but it's also full of water. All of that water comes out to make it into dry food, so there's no real way to know the accurate proportions "as fed" - i.e. everything dehydrated and made into food. I had totally forgotten about the NLS story. I just bought my first container of their food in hopes that my otos would like it, but they don't and I won't buy another. I try not to support people who mistreat others.
  12. I just used the generic clear tubing I've had forever, but I recently cut the outer rim from the lid of a plastic takeout container, which is sort of a rounded-corner rectangle, and I like that better. I'm hoping to make my water lettuce and salvinia happier so I put the "ring" around the HOB filter intake, and it's long enough that it encompasses the outflow too. (The filter is in the corner so it can't float over to the wrong side.)
  13. I have serious collectoritis, but minimal extra time for live or frozen foods. I did venture into frozen bloodworms finally, and the fish were very happy! For dry foods I'm rotating among First Bites, Bug Bites, Xtreme Krill Flakes, Vibra Bites, Hikari Micro Pellets, and New Life Spectrum algae wafers. And I have the Coop's fry food in my cart. I have a whole basket of fish food in my freezer lol. What I'm feeding is in a 7-day pill container since I'm actually only feeding 4 tanks. 😅 I don't tend to be terribly brand-loyal in animal foods. I rotate my dogs and cats among the brands I trust too, just in case any one formula has imbalances that are hopefully counteracted by others. I'm more loyal with horse and chicken feed, but the horses mostly eat hay, and the chickens get to forage too. And chickens probably have some of the best-researched nutrition requirements of any species. Dogs and cats somewhat less so, and the variety of fish species in my tanks even less.
  14. Thanks @Cory! The Coop's customer service is the best. For me, it's not a huge deal if you need to prioritize installing skylights or something, but I'm also guessing you want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy stuff from you!
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