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What did you get done today?


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On 7/28/2021 at 2:06 PM, Patrick_G said:

The Cardinals look great against the greenery. What do you have in the right corner? Is it a matten type filter? 

Yes. It was actually purchased at swisstropical and they call it a corner matten filter; most people make their own but it was easier for me to have him cut the braces and i was in a hurry.... The tank has been setup for about 2 years; well actually being an aqueon tank it sprung a leak after a year and i had to replace the tank but i removed the braces from the old tank and glued them into the new tank (same sponge). The only stocking in the tank that is close to 2 years are the kuhli loaches and sterbai cory. Yea there are 7 kuhli and 7 sterbai in that tank - guess how many you can find...

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Today, I finally set up my new (used) 125 on the custom stand that I built. It's been a long road to get here, filled with leaky tanks, a home remodel that took way longer than it was supposed to and waaaaaay to much money spent. It's not perfect, but it's pretty close to the tank I've always dreamed of. I can't wait for the plants to fill out and to be able to get some more fish in there.

If I can pat myself on the back for a minute, the idea to put a server rack-mountable PDU (Power Distribution Unit) into the stand was a stroke of genius. It's somewhat difficult to plug things into, but It makes it soooooo much easier to switch things on and off for maintenance, etc.




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Finally found several 3-ft lengths of rigid airline for sale at my LFS.


Bought a bunch of “sus”-looking female guppies. Planning to hit hard with med trio in QT, then place survivors in 20-long with one healthy male from my select line to breed “mutts” and selectively cull until I get enough good ones to sell. My LFS says _none_ of the fish farm guppies survive for more than a week, but all of ours do great. I figure it’s a way to help the hobby an balance expenses.


Got a new bottle of my fav tap water treatment…


And stocked up on some Omega One fish foods…




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This morning I did the usual water changes on my 120,29,29 - with an extra big water change on my 120. However - as usual the more interesting discovery was made in the 40B. I discovered these (first picture is before i took a show; second is after):






Well you have the advantage of enlargements that clearly show my oto have been misbehaving. When I first walked by i thought it might be a guppy fry trapped or dead. Then i looked closer... these guy are about 3/4 of an inch so I guess this means that oto fry don't require much extra care... I have no clue how many might be in the tank - could be just these two or could be 1000's....


Is there even a small chance i am mistaken and they are bn pleco fry ?



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Saturdays are for tank maintenance here. Routine goes as follows:

1 - I test all tanks with the AC strips to determine nitrate levels. So far, the past few months, I haven't needed to do water changes, so it's basically to let me know if I need to dose with Easy Green.

2 - Thin duckweed, if and where needed.

3 - Trim submerged plants, if needed.

4 - Trim emergent plants, if needed.

5 - Top off (TO) with treated tap water.

6 - Add Easy Green (EG), if needed.

Some days, all that's needed it test / TO, which takes maybe 5-10 minutes to do them all. Some days, it's test / TO / EG. Today was all the 6 above. Took me just under an hour to do the maintenance on 2 29g, a 10g, a 5g, and my 1.5g jarrarium. My 5g plant nursery didn't need any maintenance today.

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A day late, but I got my 55g quarantine tank yesterday from PetCo's $1 per gallon sale, for my 90g display tank. Leak tested last night, and we're in the clear.

Placed my order for sponge filters from the Co-Op today to filter the tank.

Baby steps. 

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Water change on 20 tanks, the 21st (the 100 gallon) gets done tomorrow.  Tried for the first time using the turkey baster rubber banded to the siphon tube to squirt loose debris.  Worked just OK for most tanks (have to be very gentle with sand substrates) but worked GREAT for my *sort of* bare bottom (has only pots and rocks) 75 gallon.

Started a gallon jar for green water (hopefully).  Got foil tape put on the edges of the twinwall lids for my 5 gallons x 4 and my 2.1 G cube (the jury is out on whether I keep the twinwall lid on the cube or go ahead and have glass cut).  Got some Buces (unknown species but might be green wavy) glued to small driftwoods.  And last, fed my white worm cultures.

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I got my new nano flipper float in the mail. I really like it. I though the flipping would be kind of gimmicky but I really like it. When it's on the scraper side the only contact points are the blade and two sliders so you can go all the way down to the substrate and not worry about anything getting stuck under it and scratching the glass. 


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40B needed a little; ok a *lot* of tender love and care. Some how a bit of duckweed got into the tank and that needed to be removed. Of course one can never remove 100% of duckweed in a single setting so i'll be working on it for the next 4 to 8 weeks. Also it needed some trimming. I really need some kind of a skimmer but not sure of where i would find one - for now i stuck some mini pumps on the side. Also did a bit of trimming but not enough. Guess next week i will be doing a lot more trimming. Felt like i removed $1000 dollars of plant but still more to remove. One thing is fer sure carolina bacopa sure does smell like clover when you cut it...  Here are the before pictures:





And here are the after pictures:






And a totally unrelated pictures to rest your eyes after the mess above:


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