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  1. So I have a 20 gal tank with a few fish in it and plenty of plants , one of my platys kind of just floats around the top of the tank , manages to swim to the bottom but mostly at the top of the water it looks like it is not using its tail . Been like this for two or three months now this fish is usually stiff as a board but no visible signs of infection or bloating . Does like to eat the co ops fry food tho . Any thoughts ?
  2. I diddnt get anything done today , this tank basically takes care of itself . Can't see the pleco in there he's hiding I move the light so there's dark areas for him to chill out In seems to like it
  3. A week later and fish are doing great even the fry made the trip excuse the mess haven't found a permanent spot for the tank yet
  4. It's transport day to our new house , if only I had the easy bucket I wouldn't have to use this hardware store one , hope this goes well
  5. Update : havent had the chance to change water because we are moving but parameters are holding , the mini green killing machine took at least 5 days to show any improvement , I cut the lighting hours to 4 hours a day and the water is crystal clear , I have to do maintenance but that will happen when we move the tank. We also now have three known fry from out yellow and orange/ reddish platys Turned off the uv but still using the pier head for circulation for now
  6. Will post a picture later but so it's been almost two weeks with the 3w uv light , I have to do some tank maintenance the water is getting clearer and we also saw another fry so that's two fry in there now and my daughter wants to name it taco 🌮 ... We're gonna need a bigger boat
  7. I have the mini green killing machine on order the 3w one . Gonna try it . When it clears up I'll remove it and change the game plan . Should be here tomorrow . I'll follow up in a day or so that k you all for the info . I'm not the best fish keeper but I am trying to learn because it's my daughter's tank and she love her fishys
  8. The uv light was a suggestion from the LFS , it's not something I would plan for long term use , tanks getting overhauled once we move just wanted to get any sort of idea what's going on
  9. That many critters , plus two adult snails one newborn snail and one platy fry the others got eaten lol doesn't get sunlight , gets the aquarium light for 4 to 6 hours a day this is some thing that just started happening over past 3 months had the tank for about 2 years now
  10. Ok so my 10 gallon tank is producing so much green water I can't keep up with it , within two days of doing major water changes you can't even see into the tank , I tried a hob filter that diddnt work I tried turning the light off , it got worse , I haven't dosed ferts in a month , will a uv filter help ? And will it be safe for my fish ? Other ideas are welcome , on a good note we had some platy fry show up in the tank out of no where
  11. I ran the nano pump off a $7 WalMart cashier area rip off back up phone battery bank the size of a credit card . For three days . Just saying . I also charge that thing at work to get the maximum output lol .
  12. Is there a video on how to use vita chem ? I purchased it to add to my fish food but it looks like it just leeches out once I put the food in ? Is there a recommended food for this & or detailed instructions other then " apply directly to the forehead " ? Lol . Also ryobi be trippin
  13. We got more plants in the tank and some new friends
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