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  1. I mostly just hatch baby brine but for longer storage I would expect you would want the same perimeters: Clean water (this would look different depending on brine shrimp stocking vs. water volume), oxygen, food (if you want them to last longer), and survivable temperatures (I hatch mine at room temperature). Cory has a good brine shrimp pond thread, you could look into doing a mini one if you wanted, which it sounds like what AnimalNerd98 is doing.
  2. Are you having any luck? I know that the White clouds are not known to actively predate their young but I thought Danios did.
  3. I am breeding Golden White Clouds both in ponds and inside. It is my first time breeding and quite exciting, I think I am hooked.
  4. Cory has said that racoons take chunks out of his sponge filter... maybe yours like to destroy plants?
  5. I remember in previous livestream Cory talking about puffers being known to have internal parasites and having to de worm them multiple times (over time). That may be something to keep in mind going forward.
  6. I throw my hard wood in the dishwasher, haven't had any issues yet though one piece always funguses up every time despite my cleaning (I don't use that piece currently). For my scaping, I allow my self to re-organize the tank if I don't like it. I have a 45 and a 10 gal that have both gone through several iterations since first getting them. Since I am continually learning, this has been instrumental. It allows me to start a project that otherwise I would procrastinate on because of being overwhelmed. I do let them sit for months, to allow plant growth, before deciding if something needs to be changed. Also, I have found that if I am not happy with the scape/tank I don't put as much effort into caring for it. So having an enjoyable setup is important for me. TLDR; Plan it out, have fun, do it and if you don't like it in 6 month, change it up.
  7. You could always layer some dirt on the bottom too as a no cost way.
  8. I have a 70 gal half sunk into the ground and found that dirt is a fairly good "insulator", at least it keeps the temp from big fluctuations. what is your purpose for insulating? are you trying to keep it warmer/cooler?
  9. If you want some more info about swords. Look up Greg Sage (select aquatics). He has some good info about the swords he breeds and has talked about them in videos including the one Cory did of his fish room on aquarium Co-op's you tube channel.
  10. An older article with some familiar names. It motivates me to do more breeding. https://e360.yale.edu/features/basement-preservationists-can-hobbyists-save-rare-fish-from-extinction
  11. @Daniel what fry do you consider small enough to need green water and rotifers? Have you had problems with the hydra eating fry? I saw one (white cloud fry) that looked dead and was head first stuck to the hydras stalk (it hasn't shown back up so I am assuming it is dead).
  12. I was wondering what kind of fry you breed and most importantly what you feed them (the fry). I was scouring the forum looking for White Cloud FRY feeding recommendations and thought that consolidating this type information into one post would be useful for us who are new to breeding (if there is already one please feel free to tag it).
  13. So fry will eat crushed flake? Will they also be able to eat live BB brine?
  14. They look shortfin to me. If you haven't seen this yet, here is a journal that could help. @WhitecloudDynasty has a lot of good White Cloud content. He inspired me to breed White Clouds. I have some in tote ponds and some inside that are producing fry so I have the numbers and can start selecting next year. Good luck!
  15. Yes! I saw this species in an older fish guide and wondered why I hadn't seen it before. Anyone know why this species is not more popular?
  16. For your heat issue, if you can partially bury or insulate the tub that can restrict temperature fluctuations. My 55 gal drum with white clouds swings pretty good between high 60's and 70's with Colorado Springs weather (not buried). I mostly buried a 70 Gal HD tote in the ground for my goldfish "pond" and that has stayed fairly consistent in the 60's. Our air temp went from a high of 100 F to 65F in 24-48 hrs this week. I will say, My barrel pond with 1 male 2 female white clouds has dozens of fry that suddenly showed up this weekend. I have a 45 gal tank to put them but if the trend continues I could easily over populate so keep that in mind. Also. If you really want to breed, go for it. It is ridiculously exciting to see little fry show up.
  17. Probably keep the one Angel. If you are interested in a diverse community you can look into a small group of pigmy corydoras or a cory that you like (some get bigger than others). More of the same tetras would probably be better then a different type.
  18. I think your drawing should/could be posted on the Memes page. The reality is it could be captioned with a "any fish I love" and it would be accurate for everyone here. Love Pooka! Any update on the Bichers?
  19. I am pretty sure they take heat in consideration when shipping and package appropriately. When I received plants in the winter there was a heat pack and insulating bag. Also keep in mind that they refrigerate and use refrigerated containers because of the length of time it takes for them, in bulk, to ship from the manufacturer and how long they are anticipating having to store them.
  20. I'm sure the stocking is fine. I have been dealing with being "overstocked" with my goldfish I bought when first starting out and found that I just can't feed as often. I like your idea for hides as they help to break up visual space too. I say get plants that are available and recommended for your region. Know that any plant matter in the water exposed to the fish might get nibbled on. One thing I noticed with my fish was numbers helped them to be bold. I transferred two to my pond (from a too small fish tank) and I hardly saw them. When I put the other four in the pond, all six were out and swimming boldly. Good luck and have fun!
  21. Are you dosing the tank with ferts? It is hard to tell with the picture (I'm assuming the cloudy is the glass and not the water) but that back string reminds me of when my betta got fin rot. I noticed my betta didn't seem to like me dosing fertilizers and got fin rot a day or two after. Not necessarily the fertilizer, could have been him not liking the nitrates. Silly question maybe but are you dechlorinating your tap water and changing with approximately same temp water (or small amounts)? You may want to stop feeding but if you are that worried drop a single piece of a bug bite and see what happens. If he is not interested, I wouldn't leave it in.
  22. Question, does he have any sign of sickness or just lethargy? Bettas have gills so they can still extract oxygen from water but they also breathe from the surface. Another is, are your parameters stable? fluctuating parameters can cause stress, maybe check the temperature of the tank at night to make sure they are not dropping.
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