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  1. A 75 would be phenomenal if it's the standard size - 48x18x21. Would be gorgeous all laid out with discus in it. 🙂
  2. Beautiful tank setup for the classroom! Also, how cool that you were able to make feeding as easy as possible for your young pet sitter. 🙂
  3. Though the extra length and height would be great to show off discus, I'm not sure the 12" deep will be enough for full-grown discus to be able to move freely. Seems like most folks I know with discus get tanks that are like 18" or more deep, with the nice height and length, too. Hopefully someone more up on discus will pipe in and offer some guidance.
  4. Yep. I "overfeed" the tank to make sure, so plenty reaches the bottom for them, as well as the shrimp. I also drop in pellets for bottom feeders a couple of times a week. Since ammonia and nitrites stay at zero, and I can't get the nitrates to even hit and stay at 10 without Easy Green help, I'm not too worried at this point about overdoing the food in the tank.
  5. @KBOzzie59 That's a brilliant idea! It NEVER occurred to me to use a pepper grinder. Would make it SO easy to deal with fry and nano fish.
  6. Woohoo! Mysteriously vanishing cory #6 reappeared with his schoolmates this morning! I thought for sure he was a goner, since I've only seen the school alternate between 4 and 5 individuals since I added them to the tank about 3 weeks ago. But all 6 are present and accounted for! Also, seeing more shrimp molts, and the girls are so big! Love watching them. Most are cherries, but there are a few oddballs in there, since I got a mixed color batch last time to include. So every now and then, one of those different colored ones put in an appearance, which is cool.
  7. Yep. Bladder snail, aka pond snail. They make for a great little clean-up crew. If you overfeed, they WILL take over, though. I like having them in my tanks. I view them as not only great little cleaners, but also a good early warning system. Because they respond very quickly with a population explosion when there's food in the tank, they not only provides a heads-up about overfeeding, I've seen their population explode when fish die and the body's in hiding or when plants die off for some reason. Some issues can hide in the back of the tank or behind decorations, so I let these little snails alert me to issues I can't readily spot with routine maintenance.
  8. That's good to know. I've been able to get female Endler's from one source, but the source that has the colors I really would LOVE to have only sells males. I've debated ordering males from them to add to the females I already got, but I wasn't sure whether I'd get anything that resembles the males. I won't hesitate next time I place an order to get those males I want! Thank for the info.
  9. Plants and shrimp would be my go-tos for such small tanks. I haven't found fish I'd want to put in that small amount of water.
  10. @HobbitIf you attend rabbit shows, you'll probably run all over folks who are looking for angora fiber for spinning. I remember talking to folks like that at rabbit/cavy shows when I was still raising and showing Abyssinian guinea pigs. 🙂
  11. What you show on the fish, I would've pegged instantly as Ich. But on the moss and decorations? I've never seen ich show up ANYWHERE but on the fish. Even in pet store tanks. Are you sure the white spots on the decorations/plants isn't the Maracyn. I noticed it looks like that until it dissolves. If that's not it, I'll be curious to see what other responses you get as to what might be going on.
  12. Finding all sorts of mixed information online on the topic. So, those of you who now have, or have had, both, are they safe together? Yay or nay? Do they work in certain types of setups and not others?
  13. I read, write, bead, crochet, cross stitch (though not recently), and do photography when I can get out into nature and enjoy it. @Trish Fellow spinner! I haven't been able to do it since we moved to where we are right now, since my wheel and all is in storage. Looking forward to getting back to it when I can. I have lots of fiber I need to use up!
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