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  1. Gonz

    Neon tetra disease?

    Well I just move them out of quarantine 2 weeks ago. bummer. thanks for the advice. Gonna add the salt for the 5 I moved back into quarintine tank. will watch the others for signs. if I see anything i will move them over and treat them. hopefully I can prevent losing any of them. Thank you for responding to my post.
  2. Is this neon tetra disease? How do I treat it. Only one of 15 in tank. Should I quarintine him with 2 others or by himself. 2 to 3 days since I noticed. Appreciate any help in advance.
  3. Just sharing this cause thought it was very interesting. There is also a part 2. Apologise if it was already shared.
  4. for my 20 gallon long with breeding albino bristle nose, it is 1 or 2 water changes as week. My 29 gallon is once every 2 weeks and my 75 is once a week. However if I test and the nitrates are below 30ppm I let it ride to the next scheduled day.
  5. Believe it is mopani. I got it from petco.
  6. Finally got my 3rd tank set up. 29 gallon community. Dwarf guorami as my centerpiece fish. He looks angry all the time so my daughter named him buzzkill. Tank also has 16 neon tetra's, 2 albino beistlenose pleco's and 2 otto's, I have a hang on back filter and a sponge filter. With the fluval 3.o plant light. Not sure of the plants due to I lost my receipt. I really like the tank layout and wanted to share with the community.
  7. I finally set up my 29 gallon tank for dwarf gourami.
  8. This the basic settings I use on my 75 and 20 gallon long. Haven't had an algie breakouts since I went to this. I do have low light plants so you can adjust if needed. The bacopa in my 20 gallon grows very fast. Also my tanks are in a basement so no real natural light from windows.
  9. There is a video on YouTube. "Treating Amazon Puffers...Meds and methods." By Dans Fish. It may help you.
  10. Pearl danio's in quarintine.  2 more weeks and then in the 75.  Hilarious how the hid under the lava rock. 🤣   


  11. Yes, tannins from the wood. I like the look and depth it gives the tank.
  12. Hello all, I have 2 active tanks. 75 gallon community tank with schools of black skirt tetra's, serpae tetra's, salt and pepper cory's, 2 rhino pleco's and rose line shark/barb. Also have a 20 gallon long with breeding albino bristlenose pleco's. I am currently working a 3rd tank, (30 gallon). By slow I mean at a snail's pace due to I built a stand but didn't level out the top correctly. Need to add spacers so the tank sits even. Been active fishkeeping for last 7 years but adding tanks the last 18 months. Hope to learn alot from the community on this thread and help with post from time to time. Hope you all have a great day and God bless.
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