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  1. How did you extract them (physically) and with them guarding the cave?
  2. My bettas have been murder fish... I heard pea puffers are also.
  3. Here are a couple different posts to help inspire you
  4. Just spit-balling here but, the buying and QT process is kind of stressful. It could have developed as something too small to notice and only later did it spread. Organisms can be carriers without exhibiting symptoms, that is possible, only to exhibit symptoms later. If you are worried about fin-nipping maybe put more décor (or move it to a more optimum place) to better break up line of sight. I am not that knowledgeable about sword tails but I would expect the mails would be busy with each other not to mention the females.... Best is probably keep doing what you are doing and watch the tank inhabitants and tank parameters.
  5. Small addition, if I remember correctly the facing has to do with building code... a quick search (and multiple sources) indicate that facing acts as a vapor inhibitor (hunker/insulation). It seems that having facing on any exterior walls would be beneficial (plus they are easier to install from personal experience 😉). Good luck on the build!
  6. If you have a known infection in the tank it is best to wait the proper time and recovery of the one fish incase others are carriers with out displaying symptoms.
  7. I def love having corydoras (paleatus) they are fun to watch and have handled my beginner mistakes. They are getting a good size, visible in larger tanks, but I need more so they are comfortable (only have 3 atm). They are hilarious to watch forage.
  8. I put 7 or so ghost shrimp in a 40 gal with a female betta (to see if I could add cherry shrimp). I thought she may get one or two but the rest would be able to hide... The next day there was one left. I don't trust my bettas with any tank mates at this point.
  9. I always considered my self a "Nerm-lite" like Bud or Miller. The other day my coworker was discussing a fish tank she had for child years ago and I started in on the likely hood that the fish were live bearers, another mentioned that she didn't know fish gave live birth and that launched me into a ~5min explanation about the differences of egg-laying fish and live bearers. I came to the realization during that conversation that I was probably a little more than Nerm-lite...
  10. I pulled out 60/70 ~1 month old Golden White Clouds from their 55 gal barrel thanks to the guidance of a certain "Dynasty" with the hope that I can get more fry from the adults.
  11. Can those go in the same tank or do they need to grow to a certain size first? (will 1 month old fish eat 2 week old fry?)
  12. Depending on how little you want to go, you could do comets or Shubunkin gold fish as "koi-look-alikes". I bought some feeder goldfish early on (in my fish keeping journey) and a few turned out to have longer fins (comets?) and fun patterning looking a lot like koi (at least for now, I guess their coloring could change).
  13. I thought eyespot also as soon as I saw it. really cool observation about the differences in coloration and patterning.
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