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  1. I am thinking through tubs for this spring and one thing I have been noticing is that people seem to be doing fine without an air stone, has that been your experience? I have a shallow container (over 30 gal) that I want to use for white clouds but will have some difficulty running air to it... I am also tempted to try a dirted substrate capped with a mixed gravel, would I need sand also/instead?
  2. @JettsPapa is right, looks like a shrimp molt and they will eat it.
  3. If you keep watching that ammonia, making sure you don't have any dead fish in the tank (good call dad), you should be on the right track. Once it cycles you will likely not need to do as many water changes. Keep up the good work, most people here have gone through similar situations at one point.
  4. Clown killies. I am waiting till spring to move around some fish and have to find a seller...
  5. If you want to expirament and have a planted tank you can not strain and pour the water in the tank. I only harvest a small amount of BBS so the water is only a couple tablespoons but it gets dumped in my 20 and maybe a tablespoon of it in my 8gal.
  6. The mysteries of a mystery snail. Mine disappeared daily only to show up later...
  7. It's kinda an experiment like any other fish. I have 7.8-7.6 ph and my betta is all good. I tried mixing him with corydoras and he was attacking and chasing them down so... no tank mates for him.
  8. I use it on a 20 Long and 10gal and have had no problem with bending.
  9. It was hard to get a picture but a family group of Bushtits visited our feeders. It was the first time seeing them around and a sight to behold.
  10. Keep working on it till you like it. One thing is to wait and see how the plants grow in. After a couple months you may want more or be quite happy. The hard scape is nice because you can change it around easily (if you are not happy) until you like it. That's The key for me, making sure I like the tank (so I interact with it) tanks I dislike get neglected (shame on me) but it can take time for it to look how I want especially when it comes to growing in plants. Keep up the good work. Learning is part of the process.
  11. I tried to put my betta with my corydoras and it didn't work... So I re-did the betta tank. The cup picture is after the bullying, waiting for a new scape.
  12. Got some Co-op plants that came in. Plopped them in tanks waiting for my next build along with dropping in some much needed root tabs (also recently acquired).
  13. More messy foods will require more cleaning than less messy.
  14. I understand, I separated my loach and corydoras after a while concerned it was not getting enough though I did notice it on the glass after I turned out the lights. One thing is you can put food in a spot that is visible to you and watch (maybe from a distance) to see if they land on it.
  15. I also feel like hillstream loaches get rounder in the "love handles" aria vs. the belly like other fish. If it looks happy...
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