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  1. A man is found guilty of keeping live sharks in his pool and offering them for sale online By Maria Morava and Scottie Andrew, CNN
  2. https://www.sciencealert.com/cuttlefish-can-pass-a-cognitive-test-designed-for-children A Cephalopod Has Passed a Cognitive Test Designed For Human Children MICHELLE STARR 3 MARCH 2021 A new test of cephalopod smarts has reinforced how important it is for us humans to not underestimate animal intelligence. Cuttlefish have been put to a new version of the marshmallow test, and the results appear to demonstrate that there's more going on in their strange little brains than we knew.
  3. After getting this puppy home form the $1/gallon sale awhile back I realized it had this sticker on the bottom. Research from others with the same question would indicate it is not tempered. I can't find an indication one way or the other on the Aqueon website. I am trying to dig up a polarized filter for my camera I know I have somewhere but I was wondering if anyone had seen this label and tried drilling?
  4. Warning I've crashed every Daphnia culture I've fed anything except green water. Make sure to start side cultures when experimenting with food.
  5. I was not getting nearly the hatch rate with the Coop eggs as I was with the other major brand, let's call it brand X but we all know it is. Hopefully the secret test will help more but I have gotten it up with a few tricks. 1) they like it hot, if I get it up to around 84 degrees they hatch more. 2) they like more minerals and adding Epsom salt in with the rock salt helps. I am still not getting the same hatch rate. 3) don't overfill the amount of eggs, I hatch 3/4 to 1 teaspoon at most in 1L of water. This is in my standard 1.5L soda bottle hanging setup which is identical to Dean's old setup. I am still not getting the same hatch rate but with the better egg separation its still worth it. My hope is Dean's secret test is not marine salt. I need to pay $5 for 20lbs of salt (big box store pure rock salt) not $20 for 20lbs of marine salt which is the price I see online.
  6. This weekend I drilled most of the 10g aquariums. Turns out it really is easy after all.
  7. Well the Coop carries an internal K1 filter. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/filtration/products/ziss-bubble-bio-moving-bed-filter
  8. I'm struggling to get swords to grow in my 55. To be honest they grew better before I got the Fluval 3. I've got it pretty cranked down with a long photo period. I heard swords like a long day. Not sure. I also give root tabs once a month. The amber and red are to give a more sunrise and sunset look. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. I have had Otos bred on their own in a couple of tanks over the years. I have had them survive when there is plenty of surface algae for them to graze on. If you don't have any in your tank maybe you can put a small piece of wood in something else under intense light to try and grow some quickly.
  10. Unfortunately I have no advice. i love these fish but have not yet kept them. I'd look up similar tetra species if you can't find something on them specifically. I know there are a few techniques for tetras in general.
  11. Nice and lucky. We have so few LFS here and they are all far apart. Every one I've inquired with is always "we take rescue fish only". I am getting into breeding more now and would like a place to send them for re-homing, store credit would be secondary.
  12. So after further experimenting I can control the flow enough with the 1/4" shut-off valves I can put at each tank. It's maybe not ideal as it leaves room for human error but I can still always try the restrictors later without changing anything else. Here's a mock-up:
  13. Thanks that is very interesting. I had not come across those constrictors before, I'll lok into them.
  14. Thanks that is very interesting. I had not come across those constrictors before, I'll lok into them.
  15. I am setting up my filtered fresh water system to my new multi-tank rack . Right now I am using a Senninger 25 PSI pressure reducer for 3/4" line pressure (about 50psi according to the gauge) to 1/4" irrigation lines running to the tank. At 25 PSI it is coming out way to fast unless I have multiple valves open. Only thing is I want the ability to fill just one tank at a time too. They also have 10 and 15 PSI reducers. I am interested if anyone has any experience or advice setting up these systems. Thanks in advance! My system (pressure reducers at bottom):
  16. Supplyhouse.com I did a lot of research for pvc fitting online retailors and they had the best deals and good customer service. I got everything except the pipe from them. My local big box almost never had what I needed. I don't think posting their link is a conflict of the forum policy as thier is no overlap in products with the Coop but moderators please let me know.
  17. Thanks! The sump pump manufacturer strongly recommends it so I figure I better for warranty reasons. There does seem to be standing water in the vertical section of the pipe once it shuts off. I think the check valve will help keep it from turning on/off repeatedly. The path from the pump to the sink is a highly sub-optimal so it is what it is.
  18. Step by step progress. I am trying to do a big push during this, the slowest week of the year. Yesterday I got the fill system mostly done from the thermostatic valve, through the filter to the manifold. The thermostatic mixing valve is on a temp mount I need to redo. I need to finish gluing the mainfold and add more support brackets. The OXO meat thermometer is reading the water as 3-4 degrees hotter than my infrared thermometer does so I'll have to figure that out. The pressure gauge works great and was only $3.45. I also finished the drain sump pump with a fancier check valve and got it all glued up.
  19. I have learned a lot that would apply to a larger fish room too. One reason I am adding in a version of all the systems. That and I really need them for 16 tanks.
  20. Not very sexy but I finished getting the drain line rigged to the 5g bucket that holds the sump pump. Now I'm starting the run from the pump back to the sink drain.
  21. It's a tricky balance between a pure corporate forum only about the companies products, think Quickbooks, and a pure hobbyist run forum, like say a model train forum. I appreciate that @Cory is trying to find that balance. However there is always going to be confusion and these questions will keep coming up as new people join. It's just going to be an ongoing thing and confusion should be expected. The "seasoned" members should try to help clarify for the new members whenever we can.
  22. Well he was just trapped. I hap to rip up the sponge to get him out.
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