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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I’ve been trading in fish to my local store building credit for a few different breeding projects. And the last time I called my LFS they told me that had got in a group of the lamp eye Congo tetras (Phenacogrammus aurantiacus) in. A species that they knew I had been looking for over a year. So I Burned rubber over to the store and paced back and forth In front of the tank. debating on pulling the trigger on a group. The store employee and I talked it over and I left with what we Both thought were 2 pairs. They’re currently are in a 20 gal with some meds. I may go back and get 2-3 more but at 40 bucks each this is still up in the air. But to get to the point. I am going to attempt to breed this fish. I have Found Very little information on this subject. The only decent info I’ve found is an AMAZONAS magazine that features African tetras in a few articles. Outside of that I’ve done a lot of research on other Congo tetras sp. but I’m looking for anyone who has experience with this species And or advanced breeding tactics for African tetras. I haven’t taken any pictures of mine yet but you can find some awesome photos online of this fish.
  2. I’m considering getting Congo tetras for my 60 gallon aquarium (4ft). They seem to be very peaceful community fish as long as they are in a large group, of which I was considering 12. My only worry is that they will become fin nippers, even though I’ve heard that they can live with guppies and gouramis. I am asking this because the reason I got the large tank was so that I could house multiple African butterfly fish and a ropefish. I know that the Congo tetras will work well with the ropefish due to their large size, but I worry they may nip at the long ventral fins of the ABF. Based on my research it seems that they mostly nip among their own species, but I want to see if that’s the case in other people’s experience. The other planned fish are 6 or 7 Denison barbs and a group of 10 petricola catfish. The tank is still cycling so I figure there isn’t a more opportune time than now to get your input. Thanks, Jack
  3. I’ve seen Cory’s video saying that Congo’s are hard water fish and everywhere I’m looking they’re soft water. What’s everyone’s experience/opinion about them?
  4. Hey everyone, I would like some advice on stocking my 29 gallon. I know I want to do a school of congo tetras, but I read that electric blue acaras can actually work starting at 30 gallons. Does anyone think a school of congo tetras (like 8, maybe), a solo electric blue acara as a showpiece fish, and a school of something loachy (maybe 5 or 6) for the bottom would work out? It feels like a lot, but idk. I would be going heavily planted, including floating plants to pull out nitrates. Thoughts?
  5. Anyone have any experience with Congo Tetras? They seem like a nice big and colorful fish. I’ve heard they are peaceful but I’ve also heard semi aggressive. I want to add 6 to my 40 breeder. Tank: 75-78 F Hard water (no definitive number but I live near LA so I know it’s hard) Filtration: Tidal 35 and double sponge filter Moderate-heavy planting level Stocking: 8 Glowlight Danios 3 Peacock Gudgeons 1 Honey Gourami 2 Red lizard tail catfish 7 Small Bronze cory doras Will adding these guys be an issue?
  6. I just caught a pair of my congo tetras spawning in my community tank! Was totally unexpected because I thought they were hard to breed but mainly because I had bought a group of six juvenile males. My main question since I now know that at least one, maybe two, are females, should I try to find more females so they don't get too harassed by the four or five males? They have all been growing at different rates, so I for awhile I thought I ended up with just two males. On a side note, I have larger gravel and a decent number of other fish in this tank. I'm assuming there isn't a chance the eggs will hatch and the fry will make it?
  7. My Congo tetras have this extremely annoying habit of biting the tips of my Anubias Nanas and only the Nanas, however I only have another Nana petite which they don't bother. Has any one ever seen this!? How can i get these buggers to stop? I don't want to get rid of them but they may leave me no choice. Maybe something that is done in their natural habitat? Any help will be great. By the way they get fed plenty and yes I have caught them in the act!
  8. I am thinking about breeding Congo Tetras for the experience. I have several fish I would like to mark off my list of breeding and these are one of them. I was just wondering if anyone had done it and was willing to share information that could help me.
  9. Just looking for critiques and maybe suggestions about the tank I’m planning. I’m considering a 75 or 90 gallon tank with a school of Congo Tetras. I’m thinking of having a sand substrate as well. I really want to have a nice group of Cory cats and a pair of Apistos and maybe also a pair of blue rams or kribensis. I’d like to do some low - medium light plants like an Amazon Sword, some Vals and some crypts. I’m also hoping to find a drilled tank and have a sump too. How many Congo Tetras would be good in a 75?
  10. A big hello from Denmark. Sadly my female angelfish past away a couple weeks ago. It took about a year from buying 8 juvenile angelfish to having a pair to lay eggs. Once i was sure i had a pair, i found new homes for the rest of the angelfish. The big dream was having a breeding pair of angels, in the living room tank. It was a sad day when i came home to a dead female angelfish. I have other cold water tanks in my workshop for my overvintering of my mini pond species. But i only have that one tank in the house. Since then i have decided that i want to try my luck at Breeding Kribensis instead. I have considered having congo tetras, siamese algae eaters and maybe some Cory catfish with them. Not sure about the Corys yet. Im not sure about the amount of Congos and Sae's though. What would you suggest? Any other good suggestions on tank mates is very much apreciated too. I think the tank is what you would call medium planted. Not sure though. Kim Esbye Blomberg (Denmark)
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