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  1. Bacter AE is a food intended to feed shrimp - particularly the youngest shrimplets. It's a dry powder. The container says it "adds important microorganisms... and improving the development of biofilms." Would that provide nibbles of food for livebearer fry? Any risk in trying?
  2. So I've looked and I can only buy this product over ebay from out of country. I would love to breed some chili rasbora and for that I need infusoria and I've failed creating an infinsoria culture 3 times and I'm worried if I try a 4th it could cause irreparable harm to my marriage( seriously the look on my wife's face! Omg!) This product could help me so much and I'm sure a lot of other spouses as well. This product as I understand it is very much like brine shrimp where you add product to water and wait and boom you get live food for your fish.
  3. I've got a lot of babies that about 1/2-3/4" right now and I've just been throwing in crushed flake. What else do people feed. They're too small for the hikari nano pellets. is this still "fry food" territory. Is fry food any better than crushed flake?
  4. I made a DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery that only costed me 86cents! Items needed: Pop Bottle (I used a 1 Liter bottle) Airline Tubing Air Valve Tape The only item I didnt have was the pop bottle, which costed me 86cents. (Tip, go to the dollar store and get the pop bottle there) Steps included: Drill a hole in the bottles lid. (Make sure the lid is the same size of the airline tubing) Insert the airline tubing through the hole. (I had to use super glue because I made the hole too big) Cut the Pop bottle into two. Make sure that the top of the pop bottle is taller then the bottom of the pop bottle. The top is what will be holding your baby brine shrimp. Then drill a hole into the bottom of the pop bottle. Make sure that its nearest to the bottom of the bottle as possible. I had to make three different holes because two of them were too high. The bottom most hole is the one I used. The size of the hole does not matter just as long as your airline tubing can fit through. Screw the cap of the bottle that has the airline tubing back onto the bottle. Then place the top of the bottle with the cap into the bottom half of the bottle. Pull the airline tubing through your hole, and attacth an air valve. The airvalve will maintain the baby brine shrimp not escpaing through the tubbing. When its harvest time turn the airvalve open and it will start pooring out. If when cutting the bottle and the cut was not straight, you may need to tape it into place. I have not hatched any brine shrimp yet, but I'm excited to start! I'm going to order some brine shrimp eggs off amazon and I willl update this thread when I get a hatch. The hardest part is finding trustworthy eggs. I live in canada so i cant do the co-op eggs. Any suggestions? The Sanfranciso Bay ones seem to come in such a small conatiner, thoughts?
  5. On @Fish Folk’s recommendation, I got myself a vinegar eel culture to help feed my tiny tiny honey gourami fry. I thought this was a great plan! They’re super easy to keep and definitely tiny. The problem is I’ve never seen one of the fry eat them. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m 95% sure the fry are big enough that they could eat them, but they seem to be put off. They don’t even try to go after them, though they will turn and watch it for a bit when one goes by. I’m not sure if the worms are too wiggly for them? Is that even possible? The other possibility is that the fry perceive the eels as too long to fit in their mouths. “Too long” isn’t a category that seem to exist for my tetras, who I’ve seen down mosquito larvae and VibraBites half the length of their bodies. But I know (and continue to learn) that honey fry are super picky. Is there any way I can test at least the first of these theories by slowing down the eels? If I put them in the fridge, I’m afraid they’ll just perk up as soon as they hit the warm water. What if I let them sit in tap water overnight? Would they half-die and slow down? Just spitballing here. Any ideas are appreciated!
  6. About six months ago I moved some of my older Super Red Bristlenose pleco fry around to other tanks. They were about two inches long when I moved them and unsexable at that size. The two I'd put into my 30 high I'd thought were both males as they chased each other nonstop. A few weeks ago I added seven of the fry from the December spawn into the 30 high to grow out. I wasn't really paying a lot of attention to the two supposed males already in there. They'd largely become background fish who were just there. Yesterday I noticed that one of the two older plecos was getting kind of chubby. A closer look showed that this "male" pleco was in fact a female. The other one is definitely a male, so I've got a young adult pair of Super Reds in that tank now and the female looks pretty ripe. The only real problem is my male in that tank is now largely ignoring her and the caves and just hanging out on the back of the filter tube. I suspect if he showed some interest in her there'd be a new spawn of Super Reds in that tank. She looks primed to spawn, but he's not showing a lot of interest just yet. They're still a bit young, but I suspect I'll see some action there before too long. Neat! I may have to see if I can find some fishy Viagra for the male to speed things up. He's checked out the caves on occasion and was hanging around them for a bit, but now has taken over the filter tube as his hangout. If he continues to appear uninterested I may sneak in a male competitor to fire up the old hormones a bit. A bit of competition tends to stir things up and I've got a lot of males in my fifty who would be only too happy to have a female of their own.
  7. So i ended up just getting some fake plants and pulling them off their weights bundling them all up to create a fry Nursery for when my guppies drop. This will have to work until I can get some live floating plants
  8. Wondering if anyone has experience treating livebearer fry with salt? I read that fry are more sensitive than adults, so I’m nervous to try it. I have a juvenile endler with popeye. It’s been like that for 1-2 weeks. From researching online, I know that popeye can be very serious and also can be caused by a multitude of issues. the water parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate, temp 75, ph about 7.6 and no one else is affected. So I’m thinking an injury or perhaps something internal. Or maybe even a deformity gre was born with but I didn’t notice until he got bigger? I’d like to separate him out and start treating with salt but have been nervous that the stress of being transferred and treated could kill him more effectively than the pop eye. I even thought about culling him and feeding him to my puffers but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I’ve been checking on him everyday and he gets around fine and is eating. The eye hasn’t ruptured yet but does appear to be getting bigger (but so is the fish). sorry for the bad picture.
  9. Looking for recommendations for powdered food to keep on hand for unexpected fry. I have dwarf gouramis, and some other small fish, that breed but I can't keep the fry alive. In the absence of live foods, I think they just starve to death. I have tried Sera powdered fry food, but no luck. Thinking maybe freeze dried daphnia? TIA! 🙂
  10. Hi all, just curious on how people carry out in their pleco breeding process. I have around 15 fry in a cave rn( free swimming) and the male has left the cave for another. I only have snails and the pair of plecos in the tank. Would it be reasonable to move the fry into a plastic breeding box or do people generally let them be and figure out how to find food for themselves. I’ve never seen them outside of the cave myself.
  11. Hey guys I regularly feed aquarium co-ops fry food to my community tank all the fish enjoy it. I want to get into breeding and wanted to know if small fry like rams, corydoras etc can eat the fry food after they consume the egg yolk or do they need more fine food?
  12. So I have what I believe to be a very pregnant otocinclus. I have 5 of them in a ten gallon along with a still very tiny pea puffer. Literally about the size of a pea still. I got the otocinclus a few months ago for the purpose of trying to breed them. Attached is a feeding regimen (I guess you could call it) I found while reading up on another tony catfish. The writer had good luck with the following. Does this seem like a good mix of feed for young otocinclus? Also, My tank has a couple pieces of wood along with about 1/3 of the bottom with fluval stratum heavily planted and the other 2/3 are just sand where I have the wood and some lava rocks with moss, will this be adequate space for the fry to hide from my pea puffer? I got a breeder box to put the puffer in temporarily if he's gonna eat all the fry. Any advice on rearing these up or any other input would be much appreciated. This is my first time with baby fish and I want to get it right.
  13. Was at LFS saw a different dry fry food. Picked some up to try it out. It’s 100% Antarctic Krill and it’s 250 micron. It’s like powder about the size of baby brine. My guppie and molly fry tore it up. Has anyone else tried this. https://www.amazon.com/NorthFin-Starter-Formula-Fish-Food/dp/B01LZP2OUW
  14. Matt_

    Fry Food

    I am so happy to have just received my first 1 lb refill of the aquarium coop fry food. Do any of you clean out the squeeze bottle before refilling them and if so what is the recommended cleaning method? I am thinking of just rinsing the squeeze bottle out if I clean it because I am concerned about contamination from soap or from the aquarium on all my cleaning brushes.
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