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  1. I can't edit the giant blank space out, every time I try the browser crashes. Anyway to delete the post and start over?
  2. I was given a few plants for my aquarium about eight months ago and they have all taken off but I've never figured out the name of my main plant. Can anyone help me out please.   
  3. My favorite is this cobalt aquatics, after I started to use it the colors really started to stand out more. On top of that all the plant trimmings and algea trimming goes into a dehydrator then I crush it up and feed it back to them with mixed flakes (they go nuts for that stuff). Swcond favorite is these mini pellets since they take a long time to sink so the endlers have ple ty of time to eat them. Do you have endlers yourself? Or another type of community fish? The cobalt flakes are specifically for community fish and it really is a great product.
  4. I started with one ten gallon and three female endlers and two male. That quickly grew into around 70 and since then I've been providing my local fish store with endlers. I now have a 20 gal and another ten gallon all with endlers. This is my first 10 gal i havent changed much since I first set it up except for the addition of Co2. The male yellow tiger endler is the father to all the tiger endlers I have (including the orange tiger endlers in my 20 gal) and is the only remaining male out of the original two, the other was a black bar endler and has responsible for all my other black bar. I trim the algea every week during water changes but leave the rest of the algea for my two nerite and my endlers who feed on it all day. This is my second aquarium that is also a 10 gal with a mix of yellow/orange endlers and black bar. These go to the pet store about every month and a half so it'll have its population reduced by 3/4 (they breedlike crazy). I have no clue what the plant is called that is growing out the top. I got it at petsmart but the label was missing and no one knew either. Finally my 20 gal with six orange tiger endlers, one nerite snail, and four Amano shrimp. This like all my aquariums has Co2 and was the first one to be set up with it. It's been going for four months now and only recently got stocked. I have 12 female endlers coming into the pet store so I can keep the gene pool fresh. I also have a few pothos growing out of the top of this tank, trying to get a good set of vines going.
  5. Thank you for the help. The info on endler livebearers is kind of minimal, and when I look them up it's always mixed with guppies info even though they are different breads. I quickly went from eight fry to five so I had to move them to another set up since one of my females keeps eating them. I'm crossing my fingers that the fry belong to the yellow tiger endler versus the basic orange one but I guess I'll have to wait for color to come in.
  6. One of my females started having fry today and after having about 6 of them she pushed out these yellow transparent sacs so far four of them. I know they don't lay eggs so what are these? Also looking to find out how long until the color comes in on new fry since I have two different males in the tank I want to see what breed I'll have.
  7. I feed these ones once a week, they have lots of algea that grows crazy fast but I'm keeping feeding down to help thin the hydra.
  8. This was meant to be a shrimp tank but I got a horrible hydra outbreak. Because of all the plants I couldn't do chemicals or heat to get rid of them. The local pet shop I go to offered me these endler livebearers about a month ago to get rid of the problem naturally. I like these fish though and I read they could be extinct in the wild now so I'll probably keep them. Still have a slight hydra problem though.
  9. Thank you. I'll leave it be and just keep an eye on it. From what I've seen the others don't bother it when it swims up to them. I'm just surprised there is only one unless the others are just really good at hiding.
  10. So I woke up this morning to notice one endler baby swimming in my tank, I looked for more but haven't found any. Is there a chance they were eaten? And should I remove it from the tank and put it by itself? One of my females still looks very pregnant but I'm not sure how long it takes them to birth their young.
  11. Since I've had it, it has come and go but this was the first time I seen it turn to a liquid like that. Lots of new things to learn, this being one of them. Thanks for the help.
  12. So am am on a little over a month on my ten gallon and my wood piece has a nice layer of biofilm on it. About an hour after I did a water change I noticed this white thin line coming off the top of the wood and was running off of it like smoke and into my sponge filter. My first though is I just melted the biofilm with the water change but I want to make sure of what it could be. Here is a picture of my piece of wood but I didn't get a pic of the incident in question.
  13. I read up on those but cannot tell if they are or not, I can't see the arrow head just a straight line. I've read up on de-wormer but the one everyone recommends us clout but seems to be unavailable. I have nothing in the tank now so this would be the perfect time to rid the tank of anything.
  14. Perfect it's going to be a shrimp tank, right now its going through its cycle (about a month in now) once it has finished ill be adding cherry shrimp. They probably came in on some of the plants I bought that were in a shrimp tank at the store.
  15. Just wanted to find out exactly what is in my tank. I thought the smaller dots were copepods but in the second image the larger white dot is for sure a copepod. Then the worm looking one in the first image has me stumped. I know a lot of these things are great for tanks I just want to make sure I have nothing bad in there as well.
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